Why don't we get enough sleep
Why don't we get enough sleep

You can sleep for a long time, but feel sluggish, sleepy, and do not get enough sleep. How to get enough sleep in a short time and under any circumstances? Secrets of good sleep and well-being.

Almost every one of us in our life has come across situations when a person seems to be sleeping for a long time, almost until lunchtime, but still feels sluggish, sleepy, and did not get enough sleep. On the other hand, sometimes a person can sleep for three to four hours, and his health is excellent, vigorous, lively. How so? Why is this happening?

Because it’s not about the number of hours you spent in a dream. The quality of sleep depends on the completeness of the sleep phases!

Many people probably know that our sleep consists of two phases - "slow" sleep and "REM" sleep. REM sleep, also called REM sleep, is the time when a person sees dreams. The dream lasts about 10-20 minutes (on average 15 minutes), and an outside observer can easily track this phase of sleep - a sleeping person shudders in a dream, his facial expression changes, his eyes move quickly under the eyelids, sometimes he even makes some movements, says something or mumbles something. The slow-wave sleep phase lasts longer (1, 5-2 hours), this is a "normal" sleep: when a person lies calmly and breathes evenly.

Creating a healthy lifestyle
Creating a healthy lifestyle

It is believed that during REM sleep, the brain "digests" the received impressions, as if "reloading" and ordering the received impressions, and during slow sleep, physical strength is restored. The sleep cycle consists of a fast and a slow phase, and this cycle repeats 2-5 times per night. The usual duration of a whole cycle is 1.5-2 hours, and you can easily determine the length of your own cycle if you track the time between bouts of sleepiness during the day, which is common for most people engaged in sedentary work.

So there you go! A person feels well slept, vigorous, energetic only if he wakes up immediately after a REM sleep - within 5-10 minutes! Not during REM sleep! Not during slow time! And right after the dream!

In fact, during this period, a person wakes up himself - he begins to hear the surrounding sounds, begins to feel the temperature, air movement, light. However, if he does not get up, but decides to “sleep for another five minutes,” “another half hour,” then he will go further - into the phase of slow sleep and enter the next sleep cycle.

Why is it bad to wake up in the midst of slow wave sleep? The fact that you will be lethargic, sluggish, tired.

What happens if you wake up in the middle of REM sleep?

Well, waking a person up during a dream is very difficult. He does not hear the alarm clock, he may, without waking up, answer the person who wakes him up, but in fact, everything around him is simply built into his sleep - both the alarm clock, and the conversation with you, and morning sounds, smells, movements. And even when he gets up, he can inspect his sleep (this is especially true for children), unable to get involved in the environment.

How to become more energetic, active and strong?
How to become more energetic, active and strong?

If, nevertheless, we manage to wrest a person out of a dream, we will get a person “terribly wanting to sleep”, not just sluggish, but very irritated.

Although all that is needed is to let him sleep for 10-15 minutes, to allow him to "watch the dream".

(Here I would like to note that there are people who deny that they are dreaming.

Indeed, a person remembers his dreams only if he was awakened in the middle of a dream or within a few minutes after its end. 10 minutes after the end of the dream, any memory of the dream, as a rule, has already disappeared from his head.

People who do not remember their dreams can often be found among those who do not hesitate to "oversleep". I want to congratulate them! They really protect their sleep and do not allow anyone - not an alarm clock, family members, or work - to disrupt their natural cycle.)

Have you already figured out how to get enough sleep in four or six hours?

It's very simple - you need to wake up immediately after the end of two to three or four sleep cycles, most importantly - within 5-10 minutes after the dream!

That is why, waking up at five in the morning, you can feel better than after getting up at half past seven at the alarm clock.

Study yourself - set your alarm at six in the morning, and then shift your wake-up time by 15 minutes each time. And then evaluate your state of health: "your" is the time of awakening or not. If the call takes you out of your dream - congratulations! Now you can set your alarm 15-20 minutes later - and get your ideal time to wake up. It's even better if someone can help you track your REM sleep and wake you up a few minutes after the dream ends.

How to sleep well? 21 secrets of a sound sleep
How to sleep well? 21 secrets of a sound sleep

If you follow this simple rule, you will gradually learn to get up yourself, without an alarm clock: according to the principle "Woke up - Get up". Your body knows best when it's time to get out of bed - listen to it.

Sleep cycles are more or less constant. This means that if it is natural for you to wake up at seven in the morning today, then this time will not change tomorrow either. And if every morning you need to get up not at seven in the morning, but at half past six, for example, then the body will meet you and gradually (in a few weeks) shift the cycles so that you can watch the dream until half past six.

Using this knowledge, you can establish rest in the middle of the day. During the day, it is the brain that gets tired more often. And this is expressed in the fact that he refuses to think - thoughts wander somewhere or get stuck on one thing. Often times, you are drawn to sleep uncontrollably. Usually, such attacks of drowsiness occur after 14-15 hours of the day, but with intensive work they can occur earlier. The optimal solution for such fatigue is to give the brain the opportunity to process / settle the impressions. Just give the opportunity to see a dream. The dream will take 10-20 minutes, and after it the person will be refreshed, his working capacity will be restored. (It is important that you do not need to sleep for 2 hours during the day, but simply go through one phase of REM sleep).

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