10 steps to a successful day
10 steps to a successful day

How to spend less time on work, and more on yourself and your loved ones? How to be more productive, successful, efficient and happy? A few steps to make your life easier.

Having mastered these simple 10 steps, you can easily find sources of vitality and strength. Thanks to them, you will spend less time on work, and more on yourself and your loved ones. You do not have to always follow all the steps, but they will provide the best result.

1. Start your morning by letting go of self-talk

Sit comfortably and breathe deeply in your belly for a few minutes, concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. Energize your body and visualize clearly how your day should go.

2. When you get to work, start solving your planned tasks right away, focusing on the results you want to achieve by the end of the day

Be aware of the context as you reach your goals - your beliefs, motives, and values. This is your vision of what and why you want to do. For example: "Today I will notice and use new opportunities to lead an active lifestyle."

Set aside at least one hour to “eat the frog” - this is the part of your work that really propels you forward.

3. Form an intention for each task. Use bursts of concentration as you work

Feel like a failure
Feel like a failure

The concentration limit can be from thirty minutes to two hours. During breaks, do stretching exercises to relieve tension and improve blood circulation. When you return to work, remind yourself of your intention and continue to do what you started.

4. Maintain your work rhythm by managing your energy and minimizing distractions

It has been proven that every time we are distracted by something, it takes us about five to six minutes to get back to what we are doing and pick up the previous pace of work.

The best way to isolate yourself from distractions is to close your email and internet browser, turn off your phone, or at least activate call forwarding.

Use a productivity timer. If your job involves solving many small tasks, set a goal for yourself to complete one task before the timer goes off for 5-15 minutes.

5. Don't forget to rest, especially the lunch break

Make it a goal to spend your lunch break so that you can return to work refreshed and recovered.

6. Replenish energy reserves as needed

One of the foundational skills for filling the body with energy is proper breathing. Watch as you breathe. When inhaling and exhaling, the abdomen should rise and fall, and the chest should be practically motionless.

The following technique can instantly cheer you up. Imagine something that will surprise you. For example, imagine dipping your face in pure snow.

Positive attitude: down with a dull existence
Positive attitude: down with a dull existence

7. Spend the last hour of your working day doing things

Set boundaries for yourself and don't let new challenges break them. At the end of the day, take stock, complete current tasks and make a plan for the next day.

8. After work, relieve stress, acknowledge your accomplishments, and free your mind

Remind yourself of your accomplishments: after all, only by recognizing the results can you

evaluate your productivity.

To relieve stress, meditate, de-stress your brain with freewriting, and do body relaxation exercises.

Body Relaxation Exercise

During abdominal breathing, transfer attention in turn to each part of the body - calves, knees, hips, buttocks, abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, forearms, hands, neck, head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Pay special attention to the skull and brain. Talk to your body like a child, soothing, caring, but authoritative.

Another great cure for fear, anger, and negative beliefs is recognizing your worth and the worth of others.

9. In the evening, have fun and enjoy life

Do something that makes you feel great, pamper yourself, spend time with loved ones.

ten. Sleep well

Take some of the time before bed to relax. The intention to get a good night's sleep will give you a lot of rest. If suddenly you have not slept, deliberately find reasons for joy and encouragement. This will help you cope with periods of sleep deprivation.

A guide for those who want to change everything, rather than sit and wait
A guide for those who want to change everything, rather than sit and wait

Use the ten steps above to create a great day. Start your morning feeling well, maintain your work rhythm and manage your energy throughout the day, and relax after work. This will help you end the day with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

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