Thinking rich and poor
Thinking rich and poor

Rich and poor people differ not so much in the amount of money as in the difference in thinking and habits. How to think so that you always have money, and life is on the crest of a wave?

What do you think, what kind of thinking do you have ?! In this article I will tell you about the attitude of the rich to money and the perception of the world, and of the poor. And how to think so that you always have money and life is positive!

Thinking of the Poor

Find at least some job to stay afloat.

With annoyance to go every day to an unloved job.

He scolds the state, politics, other people that he is poor.

Deceive the seller or conductor by underpaying or running away.

Save money for a rainy day.

When buying clothes, choose cheaper clothes.

Think of money as evil, bringing only troubles and so on.

To throw mud at rich and successful people (to envy them).

Complaining to everyone about how hard life is. That everything rises in price. That life becomes unbearable.

Consider yourself unworthy of luxury, a better life and an easy life. To believe that all life is one ordeal.

If from these points you can attribute anything to you, at least 2 - 3, then you need to change your thinking from these points to the points that I will give below.

Correct self-presentation in life
Correct self-presentation in life

The psychology of the rich and the difference from the poor

1. A rich person will look for a job in a profession or a job where he could realize himself and his potential. After studying for four years or more, young people go to get a job, and once they are refused, they get a job outside of their profession, mainly in the service sector. But if one door was closed, it does not mean that others are also closed. It just takes patience. Think about what kind of work will bring you the realization of yourself as a person, and feel free to get such a job.

2. For a wealthy person, work will bring joy and pleasure. And he will gladly come to work. This point is a continuation of the first. Doing a hated job, a person experiences irritation and stress, which will certainly affect health and prosperity. He wakes up with the thought that today he will go to this "stupid" job. All his strength disappears already in the first half of the working day. And in the evening he throws out his irritation on loved ones. Earning and promotion usually occurs among those people who come with joy to work, invent something, improve, try and learn with interest everything new. So, if you don't like your job or your team, it's time to think about changing jobs, at least for the sake of your health.

How you handle money is how it treats you
How you handle money is how it treats you

3. The rich blame himself if something happened to him. Everyone is to blame - and I'm the only one so good, very comfortable position. Why are you poor - because it is impossible to earn money in our country. Why do you have a small salary - because the boss is bad. Why don't you go to another job - because it is impossible to find it in our city and with our policy. As soon as a person takes control of his life, he begins to consciously do actions, value himself, choose a job and set goals. What I am worth is what I earn, that's right.

4. A rich man will always pay all his expenses, he will also show generosity. Here you can say: "Well, of course, he has a lot of money." But he has a lot of money because he pays for everything in full. Boomerang's law applies here. Everything will return to you in a doubled form. Having robbed someone, they will take it away from you. If someone is underpaid, you will be underpaid. Sometimes it seems to be saved - and then suddenly there are unexpected costs, and even more money is spent. This is no coincidence. Do not rush to “grab it for free”, remember free cheese only in a mousetrap. You have to pay for everything.

5. The rich save money for happy events and purchases. Money is energy, very strong energy. And you put them off for a rainy day, you will definitely have rainy days. Postpone for joyful events - joyful events will occur. If you buy a thing with the money that you put aside for a rainy day (for example: buy household appliances), then it will not last you long, or it will break down altogether right away. By thinking about a black day, you attract troubles to yourself, and the money will only go to cover the costs of unpleasant life circumstances. Save money for joyful purchases, they will bring you much more joy and benefit.

How to stop giving up halfway through?
How to stop giving up halfway through?

6. A rich person will prefer one, but high-quality thing, instead of two cheaper ones. Cheap clothes look beautiful only until the first wash, the manufacturers ironed them, starch them. But one has only to wash it, as the colors fade, the fabric begins to stretch and tear. Bottom line: in such clothes you no longer look presentable and beautiful. You have to buy either a new thing. Or walk in these clothes, not feeling delighted looking in the mirror. Plus clothes - more expensive, it will look just as beautiful as the first time you put it on. In general, the miser pays twice.

7. The rich think of money as an opportunity. The opportunity to try this or that product, see the world, live easier and more joyful. For the poor, the root of all misery is money. Well, that's why they don't have them. After all, how do they think: without money, they have no trouble. There will never be money with such reasoning. Those who see money as an opportunity to improve their lives will earn money: for travel, for improving living conditions, for pleasure. In general, convince yourself: Money is good! And you will have money.

8. A rich person, seeing people richer than him, admires them and sets himself the goal of reaching the same level or even becoming even richer than they are. By throwing mud at rich and successful people, you again let the world know that you are happy with your current situation. Envy is a very bad feeling. She puts a block on your own future achievement. To say that the rich did not earn this money by working and plowing 24 hours a day means that this is the only way you imagine the options for earning. And it will be so with you. What you earn, you spend on improving your health. Be happy for those who earn more, wish them luck (sincerely). And you will have income too.

How to treat money so that it is? Millionaire Tips
How to treat money so that it is? Millionaire Tips

9. A rich man says that life is beautiful, and argues that if expenses have increased, then there will be new sources of income. Hearing complaints from barely familiar people and close people, I think, is not very pleasant. But it's another matter to complain yourself. By describing life in black, with a pessimistic attitude, you anger the Universe, not giving it a chance to make your life better. Man himself is the blacksmith of his own destiny. So it was, is and will be. And no financial situation will hurt if you take responsibility, the responsibility to earn as you want. Take a course on all the big fees and salaries, and your salary will rise.

10. The rich thinks that all the best in this world is for him. Who and when determined that some people are worthy of luxury, while others are not. There is luxury for everyone in the world. The main thing is to see yourself next to her and consider yourself worthy of the best. Expensive equipment saves time that can be spent on pleasant activities, a new car does not need to be repaired, unlike a used one, which leads to savings in time and money. Etc. Trust me - you deserve all the best that life has to offer. You just need to think correctly. Life is beautiful, and there is a lot of joy and positiveness in it. Open up to happiness and enjoy!

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