Time for extreme dreams
Time for extreme dreams

As soon as you go for your dream, you will awaken and everything will be filled with meaning. If you want to live a fulfilling and fulfilling life, you need to realize your dreams and your strengths. So buckle up, it's time for some extreme dreams!

To create his own reality, a person needs to understand what he really wants and what his talents are.

This article is about exactly that - how to find your passion, enthusiasm, talents and dreams.

So buckle up, it's time for some extreme dreams!

“If you want to live a fulfilling life, you need to find some meaningful direction for it. As soon as you go for your dream, you will awaken and everything will be filled with meaning."

In the face of change

The trend is clear: we are a nation of experts - consultants and entrepreneurs. Many work from home and are paid for specific projects according to ability.

And who will shine brilliantly in the face of change? Those who are ready to turn what they love into their own niche - a niche in which they will succeed. Never before have we had such a strong need to define our talents.

“Your real, your own meaning is as pure and unique as you were in childhood. We don't know where it comes from. It seems like your personality, it just is. You don't need to create it, you just need to open it."

Goals, dreams, desires
Goals, dreams, desires

Make broken compasses a thing of the past

Families, communities, and even entire cultures in which we are all brought up fill us with their expectations. Sometimes these installations scream like loudspeakers: “Learn. Start a family. Earn money. Buy a house. " And sometimes they are veiled - and quietly creep into us. And they remain. And they never get out into the world where they could be well examined and either discarded or openly accepted.

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down the names of all family members and people close to you. Under each name, write down what kind of life this person wanted for you. Misunderstood expectations have influenced you as much as correct guesses. Consider what these people wanted from you? Caring and love can be shown in many ways. You realize that your parents only wanted the best for you. But in order to live a rich and fulfilling life, you need to look for and do not what others expect from you, but what is right for you personally.

“All other people's expectations are broken compasses. Leave them in the past"

Be an ace

Place your watch in front of you. Now turn into a master of aerobatics for thirty seconds and tell about it so exciting that anyone wants to be in your place. “I am an ace pilot. Enjoying freedom in the sky is wonderful. Most of all I like to hover over the mountains and follow the river beds, flying between the rocky walls. I love the roar of the engine and the feeling of power."

How much money were you paid to give up your dream?
How much money were you paid to give up your dream?

Got it? Try it yourself and start with an ace pilot - purely for fun. Then repeat again and again, but with different characters. Be a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theater, an Antarctic explorer, a cheetah photo hunter. Come up with anything, and then become an active promoter of it. If possible, gather your friends and try together. We promise you will like it.

“Time flies - that's bad news. The good news is you are a pilot. " Michael Altshuler

Remember the 3 main childhood dreams

You were a great explorer as a young child. They wanted to touch, collect and disassemble what they could reach. And what happened to you? Where has the enthusiasm gone? You hid it to save it. Let's remember what you dreamed of and give you back your enthusiasm.

List everything that you enjoyed as a child. Make a list. Cross out all but three things. Reduce the list until it hurts, and only then will you understand what the most essential elements of your past life are. These are your cornerstones on which to build the future.

“This, in fact, is the ability to take risks. Not stunt-like stunts, but the courage to want what you talked yourself out of when you were a kid. The courage to try. " Barbara Sher

Make a 95-year plan

Divide the sheet into 4 columns:

Age (5, 10, 15 and so on, up to 95).

Main event.

What have I learned.

The most amazing thing I've seen.

The harsh truth of life
The harsh truth of life

Until your current age, you need to fill in these columns with actual important events - you went to school at the age of seven, moved to Moscow at twenty, got married at 25, etc. Continue to the present and then move on - plan for the future: at 50 you went to Tibet, at 65 you went back to university. Make your 95 year plan! Let your imagination run free! After completing the exercise, write down what this imaginary path taught you in a hundred years. It is possible that the meaning of life will open to you.

"As impractical as it may seem, figuring out what your heart is most about is the most practical thing in the world."

Life is too short to live without a purpose. Life is too boring to live without passion. A true genius lives within you - one of a kind, inquisitive, with great potential. Deep down, you dream of an adventure. What do you want to do with your life? What should you do with it?

Whatever you decide, inspiration and fair wind to you!

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