Three things that annoy men
Three things that annoy men

I do not want to offend anyone right now. On the contrary, I even dream of helping. Therefore, guys, you don't need to scream right away, recognizing yourself in the mirror, better take my criticism correctly: repent and reform. Then your life will become completely different.

The absurdity of our men spoils, first of all, their own lives. If they behaved differently, correct in themselves at least the main moments that annoy us, they would live completely differently - not with tattered cats and useless chickens, but with beautiful wives.

Yes, other things being equal, the man behaved a little more adequately, he would not sleep with that fucking shit with whom he woke up today. In the evening, he would have crumpled not that flabby carcass that is crumpled now, and he would have a chance to pretend to be a woman of a higher class. The one that is in demand and snapped up by those who understand a lot about life.

He who has ears, let him hear, they drove away.

1. Having jumped a carefree goat up to 30, 40, 50, and sometimes up to 60-70 years, our man considers himself to be the best. And, interestingly, the older he gets, the more his confidence in his irresistibility.

Objectively, this inadequate assessment of oneself and one's place in the world of sexual relations is explained by a demographic imbalance. From the age of thirty, the male population is actively beginning to die out in our country, and accordingly there are two relatively normal men for ten women.

What annoys women the most about men?
What annoys women the most about men?
Women call the same brutality, so that they, fools, are not abandoned.
Pretentious girl: how to communicate with pretentious women
Pretentious girl: how to communicate with pretentious women

Uncleaned teeth - and that's what it is, well, I didn't have time! Unwashed body - too lazy to take a shower today! Smelly socks and wrinkled clothes - they don't change them every day, who will wash them?

At home, they walk around exclusively in shorts and an old T-shirt with traces of ketchup. Having married, they can stand in front of their mother-in-law and scratch their eggs. No, not for the purpose of masturbation, but because I haven't bathed for a long time.

They tear the tender female cheeks into blood with bristles and emery, they don't use a toilet brush, calling traces of shit … No, I'm sorry, I can't go on, I'm going to vomit now.

I call all this - everyday rudeness. Not only princesses do not poop, but princes should not leave traces of shit in the toilet. Only a housekeeper can live with a sloppy person, mistakenly considering herself a wife.

A normal woman, she will drive a fart schmuck out into the cold. However, he will not kick him out, but simply never contact him.

Well, here, draw your own conclusions, guys. Did you recognize yourself? Well done. If there is something in the brain, correct it. But no, so start screaming in the comments about how evil I am, and you and such are loved.

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