Love as the best strategy for success
Love as the best strategy for success

Are feelings and love distracting rather than motivating? Many people believe that love will come when you are at the pinnacle of success. It's time to go beyond the usual behavior and actions.

Why are we so persistently reluctant to accept that love is a factor in success? Because this idea contradicts many of our preconceptions about success. We are told that feelings and love are distracting, not motivating. Is it so? Dan Waldschmidt, author of the bestselling book Be the Best Version of Yourself, will help us figure this out.

We all want to become better, more perfect. That's why we set goals, go to the gym, try to stick to a healthy eating system and live a healthy lifestyle so that we can live as long as possible. We strive for the best. And the desire to be better and to achieve more is a completely different matter than the desire to just survive, isn't it? You need to do other things. You need to think differently.

You need to go beyond the usual behavior and actions in search of something extraordinary. Believe it or not, the "extra" you are looking for is love. Yes, it’s love. We call it differently: kindness, empathy, compassion, selflessness. But, in fact, these are the names of the same thing - love. However, this does not become apparent immediately. On long reflection, such a thought may even seem ridiculous. It's just hard to believe in her.

Girls with whom it is unfashionable and embarrassing to date
Girls with whom it is unfashionable and embarrassing to date

Scientists: love heals

Yet love is the most transformative of all the powers we know. Scientists have even managed to register how the manifestation of love literally brings the dead brain substance back to life. When the neurochemicals released in response to compassion and kindness enter dead brain cells, they revive them. If love can resurrect dead cells, then what can you do with your life? With your relationship?

Scientists have also found a direct link between love and the health of the body's immune system. Love increases a person's ability to heal his body and psyche. Love immerses you in powerful healing states, which forces the brain to make the most optimistic predictions under any circumstance.

Think about something enjoyable - like your graduation from school, your wedding, having a baby, a stunning sunset and the beauty of nature. You remember a lot about this special moment. How it happened. How did you feel and why this moment was so important to you.

Just think how much transforming power there is in this feeling! You can even heal your own pain with love. When you give or receive love, your brain literally reboots.

The fifth element of success

No plan, strategy, and money can replace the benefits of kindness and compassion. Love changes everything around.

To succeed in life, you need to develop an interpersonal strategy. It should be based on love for people. It contains the source of vitality and inspiration that sets everything in motion. You know that pain and fear govern people's behavior. You can use this knowledge to manipulate them. Or you can identify these fears and concerns and balance them with love.

Throw out all unnecessary from your life if you want happiness and dreams
Throw out all unnecessary from your life if you want happiness and dreams

Love is the basis for real change, real progress, real relationships. Love is a reliable long-term strategy. It works in any situation. And this is one of the few differences that you can actually achieve right now. Today.

3 tips for filling your life with love

1. Be vulnerable

Put yourself in a position where it is possible to experience heartache. It is not easy, but one of the best ways to allow opportunities to find you. If you truly care about others and they feel you are responsive, they will lend you a helping hand and want to help you succeed.

2. Be honest

If you hurt others, offend them, it's easy to hide from the truth. But you’re only lying to yourself. And lie and love in the same way of life are incompatible. To learn to love, you must be extremely honest with yourself about your limitations and growth potential.

3. Be single-minded

Consciously plan to influence the lives of others. Try your best to be generous and judicious. Don't wait for someone to stumble and fall to rush to their aid. Look around and actively encourage those who may be suffering in silence.

Based on the book "Be the best version of yourself"

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