How to warm up before running
How to warm up before running

Many people neglect to warm up before jogging and completely in vain. To avoid injuries that will take time to recover from, it is best to warm up your muscles before jogging.

When starting a run, be sure to take a few minutes to warm up to avoid injuries, tears and sprains, which can waste a lot of precious time recovering from them. Even in physical education lessons, we were taught that before going in for sports, it is necessary to warm up, but often adults neglect this rule. Someone does not want to stand in the cold for a long time before a winter run, someone is afraid to look ridiculous in the eyes of others, and some are so eager to fight that they do not want to waste time on a procedure that is useless, in their opinion. My advice: endure the cold, overcome complexes, turn off emotions for a while and stretch your muscles properly.

Warm up from top to bottom: neck, arms, back. Pay special attention to the muscles below the waist. Stretch your thigh muscles, stretch your knees and ankles - from personal experience I can tell that these parts of the body most often suffer from a lack of proper warm-up.

What exactly needs to be done? Make circular movements with your head, swing your arms. To stretch your back, bend your body forward, backward, and sideways.

To warm up your lower body, place your legs wide and try to touch your forehead to your knees without bending them; in the same position, stretch your forehead to the ground. You can also put one leg forward, bend it at the knee and, without lifting your back leg off the ground, sit down several times.

How to restore vital energy?
How to restore vital energy?

To avoid damaging your knees, do a few full squats. Also place your feet together and make circular movements with your knees. In general, the knees are a very sensitive place for any runner, especially if you regularly run on the tarmac. Therefore, be careful with them.

Pay special attention to the ankles, especially if the surface on which you are going to run has irregularities in the form of holes, roots, branches. If you stumble unsuccessfully, chances are good that you will injure yourself, regardless of whether you did a warm-up or not. But in any case, after warm-up, the ligaments can work correctly and not suffer. Stand on your toes and lower back down, do this exercise several times. Place one foot on your toes and make circular movements with your ankle.

All of the above exercises for warm-up are probably known to you. Now that you have refreshed your memory, the main thing is not to neglect them. Even a minor injury (and here I too am based on my experience) can cause so much hassle and frustration that then you will definitely warm up before each workout. But why bring to this if you can immediately start doing everything right?

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