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What is growing up
What is growing up

Learn to get up with a smile in the morning and strictly at the alarm clock, without cursing the whole world on what it costs. Learn to love your job and the business you do. Improve life, stop fussing and feel happiness. For all this, it is important to grow up in order to learn to live in the moment, and not to tear your soul apart and be unhappy.

At one point, life suddenly grows up and you realize that there are things more important than various nonsense, which is shown on TV. All these stars, millionaires, cars, yachts and other nonsense are part of the bait for young people with which they force you to run like a driven horse. In life, it is important to learn to live in the moment and enjoy it.

What is growing up for us?

This is a revision of life values, when other priorities, desires and dreams appear. When you learn to enjoy simple things, and not imposed nonsense from the outside. Now you can see many videos, how the idea of learning to enjoy every day of an adult is ridiculed.

  • How I “love” to get up early in the morning for work!
  • How I "love" to wash with cold water, because there is no hot water!
  • How I “love” to spend my time and youth at work!
How to live an adult life?
How to live an adult life?

But all these comedians forget that they have a job that allows them to maintain a certain standard of living. Turning off hot water means that it usually happens, which is also far from everyone's.

For some reason, some people believe that their life should look like a picture in Hollywood, but only a small fraction of a percent of the whole world live this way. You should forget about this nonsense when you are the most average family on the planet. You live better than the median family on the planet, so is it worth it to drive too hard?

As you grow up, you realize that your life is not as bad as it seemed in your youth. You have more reason to smile than to be sad.

What is growing up for us?
What is growing up for us?

One moment you will grow up

At one point in your life, you will grow up, as if you would be doused with cold water. Growing up will come suddenly, when you get some life experience, you develop and get your share of adversity. Your first wrinkles and gray hairs will hint to you that nothing lasts forever, but you are already completely different.

With age, you begin to understand that your life is good, so that you do not think for yourself and do not show it on TV. If you have a good enough job that allows you to buy things, relax and support your family, then everything is fine. If you have a family and a relationship, then that's great too. Health and wellness are also expensive.

Time to act
Time to act

Signs of growing up

With age, you learn a lot that was inept in youth. What is growing up? This is when you do the right thing and enjoy it.

1. You start going to bed earlier to get enough sleep, feel good and get up calmly.

2. You no longer hate the morning, but you catch the joy that a new day has come, like a blank sheet.

3. If you don't love, you start to treat your work normally, which gives you bread and a decent standard of living.

4. You learn to say goodbye to an unfortunate past, to forget sorrows and omit it all.

5. With age, you put life in order, train discipline and prefer to do everything according to plan.

6. You fill the voids with something important and real, instead of stupid desires or pipe dreams.

7. Learn to be a good person and be kinder to others.

8. You run away from sadness, depression, melancholy in a positive direction, choosing optimism, smile and happiness.

Signs of growing up
Signs of growing up

9. You begin to rely on yourself more often and believe in yourself than in those around you.

10. You find the dependence of cause and effect when your actions lead to a certain result.

11. More often you postpone the satisfaction of short-term desires in order to get more later.

12. What is growing up? You understand the importance of work, hard work and perseverance. Freebies are only in a mousetrap.

13. You begin to take responsibility when the result depends on your actions and planning.

Second 20 years. What to do in middle age?
Second 20 years. What to do in middle age?

14. You try more to please yourself than to please others. It makes life a lot easier.

15. Setting the right priorities, organizing and planning is now all about you.

16. You learn to resolve conflicts, avoid confrontations and control the situation.

17. Get rid of prejudice, prejudice and taboos. You start to think wider and deeper.

18. You begin to understand that self-destruction and alcohol is a road to nowhere.

19. Choosing a healthier diet and a healthy lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits.

20. You develop communication skills and empathy when it becomes easier to find the language.

21. Carefully choose your surroundings and those with whom to be friends.

22. You stop waiting and biding, preferring active actions.

23. You take your girlfriend, relationships, love and family more seriously

You are more serious about your girlfriend, relationship, love, and family
You are more serious about your girlfriend, relationship, love, and family

24. You are engaged in self-improvement for the reason that you yourself begin to like it.

25. You learn to accept life and enjoy it in all the little things.

What is growing up? Growing up is a long journey that we all come to.

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