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The mistakes of our youth
The mistakes of our youth

When you become old and wise, many mistakes will be made. Men and women were asked to talk about their unfortunate mistakes of youth, which they regret. What shouldn't you do when you are young so as not to regret it later?

"You must always learn, even from the enemy" Publius Ovidy Nazon

Not all mistakes of youth will do you good. Some would be better prudently avoided. The most popular mistakes of youth that adults regret.

Errors of youth

1. Don't put off important things

The biggest mistake of youth is not what you did, but what you didn't try. Try not to put off the goals you have for your life. Learn to play, draw, change jobs, travel, start a business, start a family, have children. It's easy to put off important things, but opportunities and time can be wasted. Don't put off important things for tomorrow!

How to be motivated?
How to be motivated?
Errors of youth
Errors of youth

2. Save money

It's boring, corny and dull, but right. Some of the income you earn should be set aside, and reasonable savings will help in the future. The ability to manage money needs to be taught, which many lack.

3. Go in for sports

Go in for sports, go to the gym and don't gain weight. It's easier to keep fit than to lose fat accumulated over the years. It is better to live a short life beautiful and sexy than to be ashamed of your body.

4. Make time for impressions

This is one of the offensive mistakes of youth. Collect impressions if you do not want to wake up on the same day with a bunch of useless things that you have accumulated over the years. Go after impressions, not things. Consumerism and shopaholism is a modern ailment that has plagued most of the planet. Many things that you spend money on are useless and not really needed.

5. Quit smoking

Avoid smoking or stop if you are doing it right now. Shortness of breath, yellow teeth, cancer, unhealthy complexion are just some of the troubles. You will thank yourself in many years. Health and extra money will not hurt anyone. Throw it!

6. Fill your life with the right people

Relatives and friends will accompany you all your life. Take care of them. Create an environment for yourself that you truly enjoy.

7. Lead a healthy lifestyle

This is one of the mistakes of youth that can ruin the rest of your life. You can make money, but you cannot buy health. Give up fast food right now. Regular and healthy eating will save you from many problems in the future. Try to live a healthy lifestyle. For this, you will say thank you to yourself in 5 years.

How to live an adult life?
How to live an adult life?

8. Do good

Do good deeds even if you are not asked to. Making the world a little better, isn't it wrong? We must leave something positive and important behind. You yourself understand this.

9. Chat with loved ones

Try to build healthy relationships with your parents, siblings, and other loved ones. Living in a quarrel, resentment or hatred with loved ones is disastrously bad. There may be a moment when there will be no one to put up with. Don't waste precious time making this worst mistake of youth.

10. Read books

Read as many good books as you can. This will not only expand your horizons, but it will also be a good method of self-development if you have chosen the right books.

11. Take care of your teeth and mouth

Don't delay going to the doctor. Heal your teeth until you have to put crowns and implants. But even in this case, do not delay. This affects your sex appeal and health.

12. Travel more

Almost all adults talk about this mistake of youth. You will forget a new smartphone, clothes or other expensive item that you bought. But you will never forget a trip to the ends of the earth. Traveling is real adventure and a little risk. This is a new chapter in your life that will open up a second wind. Travel will name you, inspire you and give you a new look.

Errors of youth
Errors of youth

13. Be grateful

You may not be a millionaire or a star, but be happy. It is more important than world success to live in harmony with oneself. Thank life for the present and be a full-fledged happy person.

If you are stumped, then you are not doing what you should
If you are stumped, then you are not doing what you should

14. Avoid the sun

Exposure to the sun without a protective cream is harmful to the skin. Early wrinkles, thin skin, or potential cancer? Dismiss!

15. Don't compare yourself to others

You can envy, worry, compare yourself to others, or try to impress. But with age, you realize how stupid and empty it all is. This is another youthful mistake that is so troubling, but not worth a damn. Live your life and enjoy it before it's too late.

16. Buy yourself a house

Buy and build yourself a monastery. It can be an apartment or a house, or so and so. Try to pay off while you earn enough. Do not put off such important things for old age. Don't be the dragonfly from the fable that missed every opportunity.

17. Be curious

Step out of your comfort zone for adventure. Don't stay at home, try, take reasonable risks, challenge the world. Excessive caution and laziness can make any life dull, insipid and empty.

18. In a hurry to love

Fall in love, confess your feelings, do ridiculous romantic acts, have sex. This is one of the popular mistakes of youth, about which the American writer Mark Twain wrote: "On our deathbed, we will regret two things: that we loved little and traveled little." Love is beautiful even if hearts are breaking. It's worth it. Every minute, every hug, every kiss and every word "love".

Examples of life experiences
Examples of life experiences
Errors of youth
Errors of youth

All the mistakes of youth cannot be avoided, but it is better to make some other than these. Why break your forehead when you can go through life a little more fortunate, happy, healthy and successful?

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