10 most shocking future projects from Elon Musk
10 most shocking future projects from Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk, creator of PayPal, Tesla and Space X, has often proven wrong with many researchers about the reality of risky projects.

We invite you to get acquainted with the most intriguing and frightening projects for some, initiated by Elon Musk.

1. Transport system Hyperloop

If Elon Musk succeeded, then we would have already traveled in capsules for 30 people through special pipes at a speed of 1223 km / h. Travel in the Hyperloop transport system is carried out on the principle of air travel, but on the basis of an air cushion and with less turbulence. The project will cost $ 60 billion, and Musk plans to fund it himself.

2. Electric motor with supersonic speed

Modern airliners are responsible for massive air pollution, for large airports that require runways, and therefore environmental destruction. During one of the television meetings with Elon Musk and entrepreneurs, it became known that the billionaire is interested in a way to create a new generation of jet aircraft. They will fly on electricity, take off vertically and reach supersonic speeds. In addition, planes will be less hazardous to the environment, and flight times will be reduced.

3. Project "Autopilot" from Tesla

In collaboration with Google, Elon Musk decided to completely change the concept of how a car is driven. While Google is developing cars without a steering wheel, Elon Musk is successfully introducing the idea of using autopilots in cars. Unlike the laser sensors offered by Google, Musk believes that computer-controlled optical sensors will be more efficient than a radar system.

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4. Charging station for electric cars Coast-to-Coast

In order to bring Tesla's green car project to fruition, Musk wants to install a series of quick-charging stations for electric cars, which will enable a seamless journey from Los Angeles to New York - coast to coast - without the need for gasoline. It costs $ 300,000 to install each station, which guarantees a car charge in just 30 minutes. They will be installed in Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Oregon, and Vancouver, Canada. In total, they plan to install 100 stations, and the project participants will be able to charge the batteries of their cars for free.

5. Robot operators of gas stations

In order to improve Tesla's projects, not only in relation to the new standards applied to the creation of vehicles, but also in the provision of service, Musk decided to create robotic operators of gas stations. They will be responsible for charging Tesla's lithium-ion batteries. Customers will be able to purchase 450 kg battery charging services for the price of regular gasoline filling. Each automatic station will cost $ 500,000, and the first have already been installed in California.

6. Space rockets reusable

Elon Musk's Grasshopper project from SpaceX is dedicated to the creation of advanced rockets and jet aircraft. Usually, while taking off and landing, rockets lose their parts, which fall into the ocean. The Grasshopper rocket is capable of avoiding losses and is always ready to take off again, which leads to cost savings. She is able to land safely in an upright position.

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7. Space port for intergalactic flights

In order to carry out all projects related to space travel, it is necessary to build not only the ship itself, but also the cosmodrome. This will allow many private companies to rent rockets and jet planes for business missions, people and cargo. Musk and his team have already chosen the location - Brownsville, TX. This spaceport will be an alternative to Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg.

8. Galactic currency

One of the sources of Musk's fortune, PayPal, in collaboration with Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is solving the problem of creating an intergalactic currency. This system will officially adapt the Earth's monetary system for use in space, allowing businesses and tourists to transact business using their home accounts. This system can be used by aliens to buy souvenirs and food.

9. Internet services in space

PayPal Galactic plans to establish an Internet connection between Earth and Mars or another planet that tourists like. About 700 small satellites have already been launched into orbit, which will provide the entire Earth with high-speed Internet, including the poorest and most remote corners of the planet.

10. Colony on Mars

Elon Musk wants to die on Mars, so he is developing a project to colonize the planet. The Martian colony will number 80,000, starting with only 10 volunteers setting up infrastructure for those who arrive later.

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