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How to roll up to a girl: 350 beautiful phrases to roll up to a girl
How to roll up to a girl: 350 beautiful phrases to roll up to a girl

How to approach, how to flirt and how to meet a girl you like? Who said the pickup stopped working? You need to drive up to girls beautifully, correctly and in an original way. There are effective first phrases for getting started with beauties that are good for pickup on the street or by correspondence.

Any acquaintance begins with the first phrase or the first message. If you wait for a miracle, you will never find a soul mate or you will have a boring life. The girls themselves will not come up to you, and even more so. Learn to show initiative and activity yourself if you want to have a personal life full of sultry beauties.

How to roll up to a girl
How to roll up to a girl

How to roll up to a girl you like

Finding a girlfriend is a skill that should be improved. If at the age of 16 it is difficult even to talk to a girl, then at an older age such a problem disappears. It's all about experience, because you have already practiced on different girls. Over time, the success of dating will only increase.

If you like a girl or a stranger on the street, then you should immediately take the initiative. Life is such that often does not give a second chance or the girl will already find herself someone else. The girl will leave, and you will never know what would have happened if you tried to glue her together.

In love and personal life, there is only a moment now. As soon as the slightest opportunity arises, then use it. You would rather regret that you were afraid and did not come up than if you were turned off. Tricks to girls often end up on dates, little affairs, good relationships, and even love.

How to drive up to a girl you like? Gain confidence, positive mood and courage, and then go ahead. Use a favorable moment to tackle the beauty that fate has thrown at you. If one girl dumped you, it doesn't mean that other chicks won't want to give you a gift.

How to roll up to a girl you like
How to roll up to a girl you like

Beautiful phrases for tackling girls. How to drive up to a girl?

You could have met her on the street or found her on the Internet, but it doesn't matter. How to approach or drive up to a girl you are interested in? Choose a few tackle phrases that you think are most suitable for the situation and the girl.

Approach with these phrases to different girls that will be interesting to you. You'd be surprised how well they work, and the girls make contact. After all, if a girl is free, and she likes you, then there is no reason for you not to try to stir up something together. Save the list of tackles to the girls so as not to forget.

How to start chatting with a girl? 200 examples of tackling girls
How to start chatting with a girl? 200 examples of tackling girls

1. Hello! I took the first step and now it's your turn.

2. Do you think we have a mutual friend who can get to know us with each other?

3. You are not a relative of Nikola Tesla? I feel like a spark has slipped between us.

4. Do you have a name or can I call my baby?

5. Can you give directions on your Instagram?

6. I love the way the meat wraps around your skeleton.

7. Sorry I'm late. Have you been waiting for me for a long time?

8. Can you help me? My phone is broken and it doesn't have your number.

9. You looked at me so that I, as a decent person, must get to know you.

10. If you want to go on a date with me, then smile. If not, then do a back somersault.

11. You have a lot of beautiful curves, but a smile is the best of them.

12. You are so beautiful and delightful that I forgot how to meet people.

13. Is it hot in here or are you hot like fire?

14. I am your Google, because I have everything you were looking for.

15. Girl, stop seducing me. Wow, you're doing it again, bully!

16. What does a gentleman like me do without your phone number?

17. I am escorting you so that all sorts of men do not bother you.

18. I'm not used to approaching strangers, but your smile invited me to talk.

19. It is not my fault that I came up to you. This is the handiwork of your beauty.

20. I was told that you were looking for me.

21. Titanic! Now that the ice between us is broken, let's get to know each other.

22. You have something stuck to your back. This was my view.

23. I want to tell you a secret! The spaces between your fingers are for my fingers.

24. Do you want to try what my mom cooked? Me.

25. I want to wish you good night. What phone can I do this?

26. I'm lost. Can you tell us where you live?

27. Look at me again so that our toothbrushes will stand side by side.

28. Allow me to flirt with you a little.

29. Have you already been told today that you have beautiful and delightful eyes?

30. Here I am. What are your remaining two wishes?

31. Do you have room in your mouth for an extra tongue?

32. Tell your bust not to stare at me. It's just indecent.

33. I'm not Hachiko, but I would wait for you.

How to start a conversation with a girl: 120 phrases to start a conversation
How to start a conversation with a girl: 120 phrases to start a conversation

34. Either you are the most beautiful girl on the planet, or I do not travel much.

35. You are not hotel slippers, but I want to steal you.

36. You are like a virus. My breath caught in my throat and my temperature rose.

37. I don't trust love at first sight, so I looked three times to make sure.

Beautiful phrases for tackling girls
Beautiful phrases for tackling girls

38. Hello! Are you accepting applications to be your boyfriend?

39. Are you undressing me with your eyes or did it seem to me?

40. I don't know how you do it, but I want to meet you.

41. Betting for a kiss, why didn't you argue about a kiss?

42. Am I cute enough or do you need a little drink?

43. You look at me as if your parents had left for their dacha.

44. I hope you know how much courage it takes to approach a beauty like you?

45. My mother said not to talk to strangers, but for your sake I am ready to take a risk.

46. Sorry! How to roll up to a girl if she has a great smile?

47. Something is wrong with my phone. Can you call him so I can check?

48. Can you borrow a kiss? I promise I will bring it back.

49. Hi! I came to steal you from this boring place.

50. Don't you work for NASA? Your beauty is definitely not from this planet.

51. You are probably the cause of global warming. You are so hot.

52. I canceled everything as soon as I saw you.

53. Let's have some coffee together? There is no ulterior motive here, I just want to sit with you at the table until we fall in love.

54. I'm not Harry Potter, but I invite you to ride my broomstick.

55. Do your future children need a father?

56. I would like to be cross-eyed to see you twice.

57. This is a robbery (aim with your finger). Quickly chase your phone number and a heart into the bargain.

58. I lost a teddy bear with whom I slept in bed. Can you replace it?

59. I heard rumors that you liked me.

60. Your hand feels heavy. Can I help carry it in?

61. I want to join your fan club. Can I get your number?

62. I can no longer pretend that you are not interesting to me.

63. Do you have a dictionary? I saw you and I ran out of words.

64. Do you remember that tomorrow we are going on a date?

65. I came up to you. What's next?

66. I hope you know how to do artificial respiration, because my breath caught.

How to flirt with a girl? Examples of correct flirting
How to flirt with a girl? Examples of correct flirting

67. I saw you staring at me. I'm ready to meet you.

68. I will kiss you, but promise that you will return the kiss.

69. We can make you happy, but first, let's get to know each other.

70. If we have not met before, then this is easy to fix.

71. I want to offer you my hand and heart, because my hand is already tired of being alone.

72. You have a spare heart, otherwise some stranger stole mine.

73. Seeing your smile, I forgot where I was going.

74. I wanted to say a compliment, but there is no word in the dictionary how good you look.

75. I don't have time to explain. Let's kiss right away.

76. I came from the future to save you from loneliness and give children.

How to drive up to a beautiful girl?
How to drive up to a beautiful girl?

77. You are a lot like McDonald's. I just like him very much.

78. Apchhi! I'm allergic to pretty girls.

79. I noticed that you did not notice me, but I want to change that.

80. Hello stranger! Enough for you to be a stranger, and to me a stranger.

81. You can help me, otherwise you embarrassed me, but did not have time to get to know each other.

82. I am not ice, but I melt next to you.

83. Sorry miss. But you're just adorable.

84. YOU met at a charity meeting to help homeless ponies.

85. I am writing a book about phone numbers. Can I take yours?

86. Can I have your photo so that I can show you a gift for Santa Claus?

87. You can pinch me to make sure that you are not dreaming of me.

88. You are so cool that I forgot all the pickup tricks.

89. Are you lost girl? After all, heaven is so far away for such an angel.

90. If you were an exam, then I would study like crazy.

91. Finally I met you. You look like the girl of my dreams.

92. You are like old wallpaper that you want to peel off.

93. Kiss me if I'm wrong. A fish can fly, can't it?

94. Help! How to roll up to a girl if she looks unapproachable?

95. I think we would look great in photographs.

96. I'm not drunk, but you are already stunningly good and beautiful.

97. I know you from somewhere. Oh, exactly. You're out of a dream.

98. What else are you doing besides looking so great?

99. I can find out your name, I want to try it on to my last name.

100. I have an arrhythmia or because of you my heart beat faster.

101. I am willing to make an effort to win your heart.

102. I do not want to fool you with phrases for acquaintance. Let's just get to know each other.

Adjectives compliments a girl
Adjectives compliments a girl

103. You won't have a card? I am lost in your beautiful eyes.

104. Can you tell me how you can drive up to a girl?

105. You are so beautiful that you would have been burned in the Middle Ages.

106. If you were us a flower, then I would be your bumblebee.

107. I'm new to this city, can you give me your phone number?

108. If it was a crime to be beautiful, then you would have a life sentence.

109. We are unfamiliar, but we can easily correct this annoying mistake.

110. Can I tell you a poem, because you deserve it.

111. Did you say something? No? But we can still start a conversation.

112. Excuse me, but the place with you is vacant?

113. If you are here, then who controls the heavens?

114. Let's start with the candy-bouquet period?

115. Will you kiss me or will I have to lie to my diary?

116. My mother needs a daughter-in-law.

117. You were not engaged in martial arts? After all, you are simply stunning.

118. I wanted to remain a bachelor until I met you.

119. You're driving my dopamine levels crazy.

120. Girl, you dropped something. This was my peace.

Pickup on the street
Pickup on the street

121. If you are interested, then my heart is free.

122. I have a pen, and you have your phone number. This is an opportunity.

123. Do you have an inhaler? I caught my breath at your appearance.

124. Dinner first, or will we go straight to dessert?

125. I saw you and decided that you are worthy of me.

126. Kissing is the language of love. We can start a conversation.

127. I hope the police are not around here, because I want to steal your heart.

128. I'm not an excellent student in mathematics, but give me your number, I'll see what you can do.

129. Did an earthquake just happen or did you shake my inner world?

130. Do you have a job? I need a girl who can support me.

131. You are not my second sock, but I have been looking for you for a long time.

132. You look like a railway station. So tempting, juicy and very dangerous.

133. Girl, if we were at school, I would pull your pigtail and carry your backpack.

134. If you were looking for someone to meet the sunrises, see off the sunsets and admire the stars, then I am here.

135. Let me fix your weekend plans.

136. Girl, are you not ashamed? You stole my heart in front of everyone.

137. I want to invite you to the wedding as a bride.

138. I'm from parenting services and would like to ask you out on a date.

139. I give you permission to live in my heart and not pay rent.

Funny phrases for dating girls. TOP best pickup phrases
Funny phrases for dating girls. TOP best pickup phrases

140. Can you tell me what it's like to be the most attractive girl in the world?

141. Choose: you marry me or we marry.

142. I am not a photographer, but I can introduce us together.

143. You are not a kindergarten, but I want to leave my children in you.

144. Girl, I would never play hide and seek with you, because you can't find this anywhere else.

145. How to roll up to a girl when she's just an unapproachable beauty?

146. May I hug you to show off what a soft sweater I have.

147. If I were an octopus, I would fall in love with you with all three hearts.

148. I'm not a thief, but I would steal your heart.

149. You have a few minutes so that we can exchange contacts.

150. I think everyone in the world descended from monkeys, but you are from angels.

151. Girl, do you have a beautiful smile, like yourself?

152. I wanted to drive up to you, because of your beauty I forgot my name.

153. You are not a bank loan, but I want to take you.

154. I am not a doctor, but I can easily offer you my hand and heart.

155. There is no time for different nonsense. Let's just go on a date.

156. Let's give Cupid a chance to strike our hearts.

157. I am not butter, but you melted me.

158. Hello! I came to save you from loneliness!

159. They say that a human heart is expensive, but I'm ready to give you a gift for free.

160. I liked you, so let's go straight to flirting.

Beautiful phrases for tackling girls
Beautiful phrases for tackling girls

161. You are like my first wife, but I was not married.

162. If you love water, then you already like me 80%.

163. I had a bad day. Can you have coffee with me and save him?

164. You have such an attractive gait that I could not pass by.

165. This is the first time I see such an extraordinary girl, and these need to be preserved and multiplied.

166. Girl, I'm taking you. What for? My parents told me to follow the dream.

167. If I were a cat, then I would spend all my nine lives with you

168. I am not a genie, but I will fulfill all your wishes.

169. You may not know how to fly, but you can fly from me.

170. Hello! We met with you in dreams.

171. You are like a bank loan. Seeing you, I cannot forget anymore.

172. I am writing a book about a happy family, but I need practice. Will you help me?

A girl doesn't respect a guy or a man
A girl doesn't respect a guy or a man

173. Let's not waste time, because our children will not appear by themselves.

174. I think we would look great together on a wedding cake.

175. You are like Wi-Fi, because there is an invisible connection between us.

176. I want to kiss you, but if you don't like it, you can return the kiss to me.

177. Aren't you a time traveler? I saw you in my future.

178. If you lost a guy, then I was found.

179. Can you take a photo with the most adorable girl in the world?

180. What are we going to tell our children about how we met?

181. I've never met you before. Have you been lost in heaven?

182. You are so hot that I lost my speech.

183. I am planning to drive up to one girl. Can you help with advice?

184. I invite you for dessert, you have an ideal figure that no cake can spoil it.

185. My cat told me not to return home without a girlfriend.

186. Do you like me already or should I walk again?

187. People like you should be in a museum, because you are a real work of art.

188. Girl, you did not see the jaw, I lost it when you appeared.

189. Have you and I met at school before in class? I feel, between us, some kind of chemistry.

190. You are not Wi-Fi, but I want to join you.

191. When we get married, you will fry the potatoes, and I will fry you.

192. I am sure that you are a kind person, because you give everyone around you free and lovely smiles.

193. If you want adventure and a happy relationship, then I'm here.

194. Did you get up in line for beauty three times?

195. Let's toss a coin. If it's tails, then we go on a date, and if it's heads, then we go to a cafe.

196. You are not a T-shirt, but you would look good on me.

197. You can give me the number of your parents, I want to tell them that they created a real beauty.

198. You can be the cure for Alzheimer's. You are simply unforgettable.

199. When nature created you, it boasted.

200. Girl, do you need a great man?

Slides to girls
Slides to girls

201. As a decent man, I am ready to marry you.

202. Aren't your parents bakers? Otherwise, where did they get such a sweet pie?

203. Wow! When nature created you, it showed everything that it is capable of.

204. You are not an energy drink, but my heart began to beat faster.

205. What kind of dragon must be defeated to subdue such a princess?

206. You are not a dictionary, then you definitely add meaning to this world.

Neghit phrases to seduce girls
Neghit phrases to seduce girls

207. I was not ready for a relationship, but I will make an exception for you.

208. May I offer you my umbrella and my company?

209. Girl, you are responsible for the one you fell in love with.

210. Maybe I'm rushing things, but you will look great on me.

211. Are you a sorceress? When I look at you, all others disappear.

212. Do I know you? You are like my next girlfriend.

213. You are hotter than my laptop.

214. You are like a witch. There is something magical about you, as if you have fascinated me.

215. You are so beautiful that all my thoughts flew out and heads.

216. They say that miracles and angels do not exist, but what about you?

217. It is a pity that I did not buy health insurance, because I was just struck by Cupid in the heart.

218. I am not a whirlpool, but you would be sucked in.

219. You sold your soul to the devil to become such a beauty?

220. Do you often come here, otherwise I got lost?

221. If your girlfriend was Aphrodite, then you would be her beautiful girlfriend.

222. On the inside, you are also beautiful and delightful, as on the outside?

223. How to roll up to a girl if she is stunning?

224. I'm going to the movies tomorrow. Will you keep me company?

225. You are so sweet that you distracted me from everything.

226. We have not met yet, but this is easy to fix.

227. Your eyes told me everything except your phone number.

228. You have been waiting for a long time for the man of your dreams to find you, but you waited.

229. I'm not Tik Tok, but you can rub your finger over me.

230. Your lips look lonely, but I plan to introduce them to mine.

231. Are you free tomorrow and this life?

232. I didn't know that angels can fly so low.

233. I see that you are frozen. Here is my jacket.

234. Don't you have a twin sister? So you are the most beautiful girl on the planet.

235. You can help me to spend my salary, otherwise I cannot cope alone.

236. What do you need to say to get acquainted with such a beauty?

237. If we remain silent for a long time, then we will not get to know each other like that.

238. I was not going to roll up to you, but my body no longer obeys.

Pickup Phrases
Pickup Phrases

239. You can tell, otherwise I got lost in your beautiful eyes.

240. If they gave me a dollar, when I met such a beauty, then I got a dollar just now.

241. You have a beautiful dress. Can I ask his mistress out on a date.

242. With me coffee and cake, and with you the company.

Rides to girls from Tik Tok. 200 phrases for TikTok
Rides to girls from Tik Tok. 200 phrases for TikTok

243. You look like a girl who behaved badly, which means she will not receive a gift from Santa. Can I give you something?

244. I tried to figure out how to drive up to a beautiful girl, but decided to immediately offer my hand and heart.

245. You do not have a compass, otherwise I am lost in your fabulous eyes.

246. Did the sun come out or did you smile?

247. You are not a fire, but you burned me.

248. Can you help me? One beauty knocked me down with a glance.

249. I like you, my name is … and you?

250. Allow me to steal your phone number?

251. You are so hot that even the devil would sweat.

252. I try to blink less often in order to admire you more.

253. Why are you sitting on the bench and not on my face?

254. Don't you want to be my beloved wife?

255. If you were looking for the perfect man, then I am here.

256. As you guessed it, I liked you.

257. According to the constitution, a person has the right to happiness. Can you help me start a family?

258. I think we will have beautiful children.

259. I'm afraid to sleep alone. Can you help me?

260. Have you been looking for the perfect man? I'm here.

261. Can you tell me? How to drive up to a girl when she is in a hurry and does not look around?

262. How about flirting with serious intentions to get married?

Flirting with a girl
Flirting with a girl

263. Didn't you go to boxing? You are just a stunning babe.

264. I tried to restrain myself, but your beauty forced me to take the initiative.

265. Today is the perfect day to get to know each other.

266. I find you very interesting. Let's get acquainted.

267. Are you lost? After all, paradise is far from here.

268. Let's not miss the chance to get to know each other.

269. Have we met you in the Maldives on our honeymoon trip?

270. I will accompany you, because it is dangerous to be so beautiful alone on the street.

271. You may be busy, but you can add me to your organizer.

272. If you have a boyfriend, then call him and tell him you found a better one.

273. How about a dose of lightweight flirting?

274. Can you give me first aid? I just got hit by Cupid right in the heart.

275. I am a thief and I came to kidnap you on a date.

276. Did you find out? Am I the man of your dreams?

277. I cannot help but tell you that you are beautiful.

278. You are so sweet that my teeth hurt.

279. I'm not a diver, but may I dive into your depths?

280. You are not a picture, but I would press you against the wall.

How to approach a girl to meet a girl: 120 phrases for dating a girl
How to approach a girl to meet a girl: 120 phrases for dating a girl

281. It seems to me that you are hungry. Can I buy you something?

282. You seem to have swallowed a magnet, because I am strongly drawn to you.

283. Could I see you on the cover of Vogue?

284. You have a very beautiful dress, but you are even more beautiful.

285. Aren't you ashamed? To outshine everyone with their beauty.

286. No wonder the sky is gray today. All the color is in your eyes.

287. I saw you on the internet. Let's get acquainted.

288. You are not a garage, but I want to drive into you.

289. I am sure that behind your magnificent breasts there is no less beautiful heart.

290. Life without you is like a broken pencil. She's just meaningless.

291. Will you go on vacation with me?

292. You are not a quarantine, but you can sit on me.

293. Can you tell me the secret of your beautiful smile?

294. Perhaps I am in heaven, since I met such an angel.

295. I like you too, which means we won't waste time.

296. Tell me how you can impress you?

297. What dragon should I defeat so that the princess would pay attention to me?

298. You have blinded me with your beauty. May I know your name?

299. With me wine, and with you company.

Pickup phrases
Pickup phrases

300. I will look at you like a chocolate cake.

301. You are not a shower gel, but I want to wash with you.

302. Did you say something? No? Then let's get started.

303. If I were in your place, I would give me a chance.

304. Girl, you have something on your pope. Oops. This was my view.

305. You are amazing, can we turn to you now?

306. May I borrow your lips for a kiss?

307. Let's only let the latex stand in front of our love.

308. Should I pass in front of you again, or have you already realized that I am your future soul mate?

309. Girl, can you help me? Your lips are too far from mine.

310. Your pretty dress would look great on the bedroom floor.

311. Do you have a boyfriend? Let me know if you want to date a real man.

312. Is it hot in here or do you just have amazing breasts?

313. I do not know which is more beautiful today: the sky or your eyes. Although definitely the latter.

314. Do I know you? You look exactly like my next girlfriend.

315. If Internet Explorer is bold enough to ask you to be the default browser, then I dare to ask you out on a date.

316. I will cook breakfast for you, and you will prepare dinner for me. How do you like the idea?

317. You should be arrested for disturbing the peace in the pants of men.

How to meet in a cafe or fast food restaurant: 31 pick-up phrases
How to meet in a cafe or fast food restaurant: 31 pick-up phrases

318. Girl, I put you on my to-do list today.

319. Want to see a canvas in my bedroom?

320. It seems to me that you will be asked to leave here. You make other women look bad.

321. With my mind and your beauty, we can make super kids.

322. I thought diamonds were beautiful until I met you.

323. Can I touch your navel from the inside?

324. You remember me, I was on a horse in your dreams.

325. You must attend my wedding! After all, a wedding cannot take place without a bride.

326. What is the difference between a fishing rod and an erection? I have no fishing rod.

327. Are you busy today at 2 am?

328. If kisses were snowflakes, then I would send you a blizzard.

329. Something got into your eye. It seems that it was a spark between us.

330. I do a reportage about the most beautiful girls. Can you do an interview?

331. If you get cold, you can always use my jacket.

332. You are so beautiful that you don't need keys to turn me on.

333. If you were a Youtube advertisement, I would not miss you.

334. Aren't your parents bakers? You have a great set of buns.

335. My job is to warn you: I like you.

336. Girl, not one step further or I call the police. I'm sure it's illegal to look so pretty.

337. You're pretty, me too. We can be a great couple.

338. You are like a charger for my phone. I would have died without you.

339. You won't have a pen? I want to erase all the past and paint our future.

340. Hello, beauty! Did I win the competition for the crappiest pickup truck?

341. I do not look at your body, I look at your heart.

342. You are not Netflix, because I could watch you for hours.

343. It seems that you are not busy. Can you add me to your to-do list?

344. Has the sun peeped out or did you just smile at me?

345. If falling in love was illegal, would you become my accomplice in a crime?

346. What kind of pizza do you like: Hawaiian or pepperoni?

347. Sorry I was late. Hey!

348. I think that the gap between my fingers was meant for yours.

349. Do you have a couple of minutes for me to pester you a little?

350. Let's have breakfast together tomorrow: should I call or wake up?

The main thing in life is not to miss the chance, because you can be happy for life if you try. How to drive up to a girl? Take any beautiful, funny or original phrase and then take action. Champagne for broodershaft with a beauty is drunk by the one who dares.

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