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Confidence and iron balls
Confidence and iron balls

Nothing in this world is given just like that, but you have to take everything yourself. In most cases, men do not have enough courage and big eggs for great things. How to have the biggest and most iron eggs?

“If a man is confident in himself, he can be absolutely anyone! To go against all the canons of beauty, kindness, strength … There are cases when women loved men who would not even be looked at by a wild beast! " Ivan Urgant

Failure is due to fear, weakness, and insecurity. It is the weak who receive alms, and the strong receive the prize. Nobody will teach you to be sure, but this is the secret of the powers that be. How to succeed with more eggs than Chuck Norris? How to become confident in yourself?

Confidence and iron balls

1. Confidence is action

Fear paralyzes one, and the other begins to act. It's not about character here, but about the ability to overcome fear. Afraid to approach the girl? Afraid to fight back the rude person on the street? Afraid to jump with a parachute? Our ancestors believed that people become confident and courageous through action. Fight your fears every day. Do the one thing that scares you the most.

12 Ways to Build Confidence and Boost Your Self-Esteem
12 Ways to Build Confidence and Boost Your Self-Esteem

2. Confidence is belief in yourself

According to research, about 30% of successful people consider themselves to be impostors. They see themselves as cheaters who do not deserve success. But this is not true. Why are you worse than the rest? It's time to believe in yourself, in your competence and strength. You want, which means you can.

3. Confidence is ignorance

Everyone feels sorry for the weak, and envy must be earned. People around you will often try to stop you. Gossip, reproaches, envy and ridicule. Ignoring other people who only undermine self-confidence is the right step. If successful people paid attention to the opinions of others, they would never reach the top.

4. Confidence is a demonstration of a grin

Use swear words or show your displeasure in another way. There is no need to be kind and fluffy. Show your anger, irritation, and ability to fight back. This does not mean barking like a little dog for any reason. Roar and show your fangs like a hardened lion. When the jackals become impudent, they must be besieged.

You can be a loser, or you can have the biggest and most iron eggs …

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