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Correct male manicure
Correct male manicure

Whom to entrust men's hands to, how to do a manicure correctly, are there any differences with women's "grooming"? Correct manicure for men. Men's manicure with your own hands.

Good people can be

And think about the beauty of nails:

Why is it fruitless to argue with the century?

The custom is a despot among people.

"Eugene Onegin" A. Pushkin (1799-1837)

Taking care of their appearance, men sometimes forget or deliberately bypass one of the parts of their body that needs care no less than the rest. These are strong, sometimes calloused, male hands covered with small scars. Probably, after the face, this is the next part of the body, which carries the maximum information shade and tacitly talks about the activity, character and, if you believe fortune-tellers, then the fate of a person. Whom to entrust men's hands to, how to do a manicure correctly, are there any differences with women's "grooming"?

Well-groomed and neat is what is regularly watched. If all your manicure, like most men, comes down to shortening your nails, you should seriously think about whether this is enough and how good do your hands look? Women have long understood the pros and learned how to handle with nippers, cuticle sticks, various nail files, achieving beauty and honing the art of manicure to automatism. Men's hands do not require such hassle as staining with colored varnish, drawing (nail art- decorative manicure) or the imposition of false nails. To maintain the image, the absence of burrs, the presence of neat nails and well-groomed hands are enough.

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How to shave your dick and balls correctly
Correct male manicure
Correct male manicure

The structure of the nail and some features

The nail consists of a body and a root. The root is the part of the nail plate above the posterior nail fold and protrudes slightly as a whitish semicircle. The root lies on the nail bed and is called the matrix. The nail plate consists of keratin, between the layers of which there are layers of fat and water, which give the nails shine and elasticity.

On average, fingernails grow by 1 mm per week, while on the legs they grow by 0.25 mm.

On the way to the right manicure you need to decide whether you yourself will do it or not. With any choice, it will be useful to come to a special salon to see a manicure specialist. It is the master who will help to more accurately determine the shape of the nails, the methods of caring for your hands, taking into account the specific features.

Male manicure in a beauty salon

There is a myth that men are rare visitors to beauty salons and their appearance in the female kingdom causes a commotion and, as a result, awkwardness with manicure. This is not conservatism, the stylish courage of some of our ancestors can sometimes be envied, rather naivety and ignorance. Today there are special men's spas, in which strong representatives of this world can completely relax and put in order not only their hands. In addition to them, ordinary salons are also always glad to see a visitor - a man. If you have excessive modesty, you can choose one of the nail salons for one person, which are found in abundance in sleeping areas, and stay with a specialist one-on-one.

How to dress well for a man
How to dress well for a man

There are various manicures for men: solar (with oil peeling), hardware, hot (using warm lotion for brittle and flaking nails), French, classic and European manicure. Most often, men ask for a European edged.

The specialists who do the manicure for men and women are mostly the same, but the approach is completely different. In men, the shape of the nail is chosen depending on the pad of the finger and repeats it. Exceptions are rare and can look ridiculous. Male nails are stronger and delamination is rare. In men, the capillaries are more closely spaced, and the cuticle is stiffer and cutting it requires more accuracy. The operation often looks like this:

The nails are filed with a file from the sides to the center of the nail, starting from the little finger and ending with the thumb. After steaming in a special warm bath, cuticles are trimmed and the shape of the nail bed is corrected. Sometimes they are smeared with cosmetic oil to soften the skin around the nail. If you agree, a peeling is done using a scrub and a hand massage with a moisturizer. This is a very pleasant procedure that allows you to relax, get unprecedented pleasure and should not be avoided. To strengthen nails, you can apply transparent varnish and, although many are afraid of this, there is nothing wrong with that. To preserve naturalness and in order to avoid shine, men are applied matte varnish, and not shiny, which is often used by show business stars. Finally, the masters recommend visiting them at least once a month.

Image and reputation in the life of a man
Image and reputation in the life of a man

Men's manicure with your own hands

A proper manicure requires a pair of nippers, a cuticle stick, a regular nail file and a polisher. The procedure for performing a manicure is similar to a salon one:

  • It is not advisable to cut with scissors, it is better to file the nails with a file (emery type) from the sides to the center.
  • We make a bath, after which we cut the cuticles with tweezers or a cuticle stick. We move the rest to the nail with a stick, achieving a well-groomed appearance of the hands.
  • Using a polishing file, we bring the beauty of men's hands to perfection, giving the nails a healthy shine.
  • We use cosmetics: smear with cosmetic oil or cream.

The modern world dictates its own laws, and there is nothing wrong with that. Male manicure is not the prerogative of specific metrosexuals, but real men. Men's hands can chop trees with a huge ax, fly a sailboat under a merciless wind, knock enemies to the ground, drive a powerful car to the finish line, and much more. They deserve a little attention in the active life of the powerful. But what about the women? Handsome male hands are allowed, if not everything, then very much that a modern man can wish for.

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