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How to remove the smell of fumes quickly?
How to remove the smell of fumes quickly?

How to hide the signs of alcohol intake and not burn yourself with the smell of fumes? Effective methods of disguising fumes from a girlfriend, wife, boss, colleagues, child and acquaintances. How to avoid trouble, remove the smell of fumes and pomegranate quickly?

- Sorry, the smell of acetaldehyde.

- Whatever fume you name, it will not become more pleasant from this.

Fume is a sign of the degradation of ethyl alcohol. The smell of fumes persists as long as the body has the remains of alcohol. Signs of a burnout can give out a person for 3 to 24 hours. Alcohol residues are passed through the lungs, skin, and urine. The smell from beer can be removed as long as from vodka.

The unpleasant smell of fumes can give out to others that you took a good walk yesterday and went over alcohol. This may be noticed by the boss, colleagues, acquaintances, friends, child, parents, girlfriend or wife. Why do you need it? How to Avoid Trouble and Hide Signs of Alcohol Consumption? These methods help to hide the signs of burnout and reduce hangovers. How to remove the smell of fumes quickly?

1. Toothbrush against the smell of fumes

Remove the treacherous and unpleasant odor in an effective way. Brush your teeth well and thoroughly to reduce the level of unpleasant amber. Better to choose a mint scent for your toothpaste.

How to remove a hangover?
How to remove a hangover?

2. Chewing gum from the smell of fumes

In addition to a toothbrush, you can use chewing gum. She interrupts the smell of fumes, but not for long. It is good to change it periodically to keep your breath fresh. Although chewing gum sometimes unmasks a person who was drinking yesterday.

3. Rinsing the mouth after drinking

Rinse your throat with water and a mouthwash to remove odor from the mouth where your toothbrush cannot reach.

How to remove the smell of fumes quickly?
How to remove the smell of fumes quickly?

4. Flavors will mask the aroma of alcohol

Use fragrances to hide traces of fumes. Suitable for this are parsley, nutmeg, lemon balm, mint, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves and seeds along with the husk. You can use onions and garlic. They hold up well and remove traces of alcohol. Pepper speeds up the metabolism and helps the body to cleanse itself.

5. Drinks will help with a hangover

Have coffee, tea or juice. Coffee hides the fume smell well, especially if you drink it without milk and sugar. Tea can be drunk with honey, ginger or bergamot. The juice removes toxins from their body. When you drink a drink, it is better to keep it in the mouth. This will allow you to more effectively hide the smell of fumes. Drink as much liquid as possible throughout the day, this will quickly cleanse the body of traces of alcohol.

6. Food for a hangover and fumes

Eat well. Eating a large meal will help you process the remaining alcohol in your stomach faster. Try to choose non-fatty foods that will be bad. The right food is soup, scrambled eggs, meat steak, jellied meat, fish broth, yoghurt, seafood, rice porridge.

How to get rid of helicopters after alcohol?
How to get rid of helicopters after alcohol?

7. Medicines against the smell of fumes

Special products are sold in pharmacies and shops. They are designed to reduce the signs of a hangover and to get rid of the fume smell. These are Antipolitsay, Geksetidine, Givalex, Decatilen, Stopangin, Geksoral, Hepilor.

8. Taking a shower or bath

Warm water will open your pores and help flush out any remaining alcohol. A contrast shower improves metabolism. Water helps to recover well, sober up and get rid of the smell of fumes.

The complex use of all these funds will remove the smell of fumes and reduce the level of hangovers.

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