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Phrases for dating a girl on the Internet: TOP 150 best first phrases
Phrases for dating a girl on the Internet: TOP 150 best first phrases

All beautiful girls are constantly running somewhere or avoiding offline dating. In real life, we meet less and less often when online dating has become a habit. If you want to find yourself a girlfriend, girlfriend or future wife, then go to the Internet. It is there that all the most attractive, free and interesting girls that you are looking for are sitting.

It is difficult to get to know each other well on the street, transport or in another public place. In most cases, the girl will be in a hurry on business, already in a relationship, or afraid to meet. The most convenient, simple and effective method of dating is the Internet. All the girls are used to finding a friend there.

Phrases for online dating
Phrases for online dating

How to meet online?

Go to social networks, apps and dating sites. You can meet girls on social networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. There are many real accounts and real profiles, but it is difficult to understand how free a girl is and is looking for a man for herself.

Install dating apps: Tinder, Mamba, Badoo, MyLove, Bumble, FriendVokrug, TopFace, LovePlanet. Installing the dating app will be more efficient. It is there that there will be free and seductive girls who are ready to chat and go on dates. If you want, you can go on dates every day with different beauties.

Flirting correspondence with a girl: a list of messages
Flirting correspondence with a girl: a list of messages

Rules for communicating with girls:

  • Be persistent and confident, not pushy.
  • Don't be rude and don't go, but don't be nice either.
  • Don't ask trivial questions and avoid cliches.
  • Show a sense of humor and have a positive conversation.
  • Have a conversation with several girls so as not to waste time.

Treat dating girls online as a pleasant pastime. This will help you enjoy communication, and will also make you more attractive to the fair sex. Girls love men who feel like a fish in water when flirting.

How to meet online?
How to meet online?

Phrases for dating a girl online

Often men do not know what to say to a girl they like in order to turn her eyes to themselves. How to get a girl's attention? Use a cool, original and funny first line to hook the girl.

1. Do you have an Instagram? My parents said to follow the dream.

2. You were not hit on the head with a bag of sugar as a child? You look so sweet.

3. How can I know so many things in the world, but I don't know the phone number of such a cute creature like you?

4. You are so good that I want to take you home right away and show you to my parents.

5. I usually choose an eight, but today I will stick to 10. You are a beauty!

6. I'm not a mathematician, but I understand numbers. Give me your number, I'll see what I can do.

What to write to a girl to answer?
What to write to a girl to answer?

7. I want to bet with you on a cocktail that you look even better in life.

8. What is a gentleman like me doing here without your phone number?

9. Besides the fact that you are drop dead beautiful, what do you do in life?

10. In a past life, you told me to find you in this one. I did it!

11. Hello! We seem to be both busy people, but let's add each other to the organizer.

12. I'm new to this city. Can you tell me the way to your house?

13. Do you have an ugly and tough boyfriend? No? Do you want one?

14. You have beautiful legs. Wow, you have two.

15. Hello. I am a person not of words, but of actions. Therefore, I invite you for a walk.

16. Hi, my future girlfriend. What are you doing here without me?

17. Do you want to test my memory? Tell me your phone number and I will remember it.

18. Hello! I came from the future to save you from loneliness and make children with you.

19. You look like a fisherwoman. Why? It's easy to get into your charming nets.

20. After I diligently looked at your photos, I simply have to marry you.

Phrases for dating a girl online
Phrases for dating a girl online

21. In the Middle Ages, you would have been burned for such stunning beauty.

22. Aren't you Australian? You are so cute that you probably know all the koalas.

Romantic words to your girlfriend. 120 romance words
Romantic words to your girlfriend. 120 romance words

23. You won't tell me where the cardiology is, otherwise my heart sank at the sight of you.

24. They say that Disneyland is the best place in the world. They haven't stood next to you yet.

25. I've already seen you somewhere! Where? Remembered! Your photo was in the dictionary next to the word "Pretty Woman."

26. Do you have a ruble? I want to call my mom and say that I met the girl of my dreams.

27. It is interesting to know what kind of soul you are. In the sense it is interesting to know what is in the soul and soul.

28. All people are descended from monkeys, but you are one from an angel.

29. You are the millionth visitor to this site. You won a date with me.

30. Your perpendicular legs are awesome. I'm trying to be nice. Am I doing it?

31. I'm tired of waiting for the first step from you, so I'll get to know you myself. Hey!

32. You are like a snowflake. After all, you are so unique and beautiful.

33. If beauty were time, then you would be eternity.

34. You increased my dopamine levels. How can I pay you?

35. There is no time to explain! Give me your phone number, I'll call you.

36. You look very familiar. We didn't go to chemotherapy with you? I can feel it between us.

37. You look like pizza. Why? You are so hot that you want more and more.

Ponty girls
Ponty girls

38. Hello! If you were given terms for beauty, then you would be on life.

39. Was there an earthquake now or did you just shake my inner world?

40. Do you know how much an iceberg weighs? Neither do I, but it breaks the ice between us.

Tackle the girl
Tackle the girl

41. You look sweeter than honey, how do you do it? Are you looking for Winnie the Pooh?

42. I remember you, by the way. Where did you see it? I met you in my dreams.

43. If you are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, then I will add you to my list of desires.

44. Blinded by your beauty. I need to see a doctor, which means I need your name and phone number.

45. Hi, I'm writing an article about how we met and would like to interview you.

46. I think I know when your birthday is. October 10! Why? You're 10 out of 10.

47. Here I am! What are your other two wishes?

48. How about a blind date?

49. Pink unicorn! They say that you need to say original phrases. I don't think anyone told you that.

50. If we were socks, we would be a great pair.

51. My mom told me not to talk to strangers, but for you I will make an exception.

52. I don't believe in love at first sight, so I looked at you three times. True, the last two were superfluous.

I want to date a beautiful girl
I want to date a beautiful girl

53. Can you help me? What phrases for dating a girl online now work?

54. I have serious plans for you. My job is to warn.

55. You are not of this world. More precisely beautiful, as if not from this world.

56. I tried to come up with a good psychological tackle, but the old man Freud did not tell me anything.

57. I want to invite you to dinner or do you prefer dessert?

58. Wow, did the sun come out or did you smile?

59. Do you need to wake up with a kiss or do you need to kill some dragon?

60. Are you a time traveler? I see you in my future.

Pickup girl
Pickup girl

61. Hello! Can we tweak your weekend plans?

62. If you like adventure, then I invite you on a date.

63. Priyivveett! I lost my speech when I saw you.

64. Hello! You can wake me up tomorrow with a call, otherwise I'm afraid to oversleep.

65. Give me a place in your heart, and I will solve all your problems.

66. I don’t write to unfamiliar girls first, but for your sake I want to make an exception.

67. Are you really that beautiful or do you have a professional photographer?

68. You know me for sure! I am your future boyfriend and husband.

69. I want to flirt with you a little. Will you give me your number?

70. I'm lost. Can you tell me the way to your heart?

71. Cupid has done his job, now it's up to us. Let's get acquainted.

The Shocking Truth About Nice Guys
The Shocking Truth About Nice Guys

72. I think there is chemistry between us, that we can try to do biology.

73. My cat accidentally liked you. I just have to get to know you.

74. And when you're angry, are you just as irresistible?

75. Aren't you a blogger by any chance? I saw you somewhere.

76. My heart suggested that there is something special about you.

77. Your photos are flawless, but they miss me.

78. I want to invite you to the registry office, but maybe a cup of coffee first?

79. Do you remember me? You dreamed about me.

80. I want to invite you for coffee with the most serious intentions.

Meet a girl
Meet a girl

81. Hello! Do you want to fulfill any of your wishes?

82. Canceled all plans for life to make room for you.

83. How many idiots have you already turned off?

84. I just ask how you are doing and take a phone number.

85. I am writing a book about what girls want. Can you tell me?

86. Hello! I'm taking you for a trial period. Say your phone number.

87. I looked at the photo and forgot to meet you.

88. Do you want to tell about you by what your favorite fairy tale was in childhood.

89. If we delay further, our children will not appear.

90. Not that you hurt me in the heart, but shook me for sure.

91. What are you doing tomorrow night? I have an interesting idea.

How many times in your life do you love?
How many times in your life do you love?

92. I think that fate will not give another chance. Let's use it.

93. I have a movie invitation. Are we going?

94. Do you like red or white wine?

95. Judging by the photos, you also like to travel.

96. Now I understand for whom I registered in this application.

97. Do you believe in love or Santa Claus?

98. Let's chat or go on a date.

99. Hello! I am your fan. Where can I meet you for an autograph?

100. You can see from your photos that you are a girl with character.

Rides to beauties
Rides to beauties

101. Girl, you shot me right in the heart. Give me first aid.

102. You are so cheerful that you stand out among everyone. What's your secret?

103. I feel that you were looking for me.

104. You have a spare heart, otherwise I only have a girl who is not like you, she kidnapped him.

105. In my life I missed two things: you and your phone number.

106. Have you ever walked on rooftops? I invite you.

107. Panda and koala. I read that you need to start a conversation with something cool and cute.

108. I am an employee of the family happiness service. I want to help you arrange your personal life.

109. Until I met you, I did not believe in angels.

110. When I saw you, I forgot all the phrases for dating a girl on the Internet.

How to please a penpal girl: simple tips
How to please a penpal girl: simple tips

111. I have come to adjust your plans for life.

112. Aren't you bored here? Let's go for a walk and sit in a cafe.

113. Hello! What fairy tale did you come from?

114. They will not fool your head with nonsense and a pickup truck, but I will offer to converge for a walk and chat.

115. I want to make you happy, but first let's go on a date.

116. You have a busy life, like mine. I think it will be interesting for us together.

117. Can you tell me the way to your heart, or at least a phone?

118. Your flawless figure will not be spoiled by coffee and cake tonight.

119. I wrote you a huge text, which describes all my merits, but they turned off the light and everything was gone. Therefore, simply: "Hello."

120. I have very serious plans for you. It remains to find a place in your life plan.

Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl

121. I know something about you that you yourself do not know.

122. Save our correspondence, then we will reread it together in old age.

123. Do you remember me? We went to the same garden.

124. I'm afraid of the dark. You can take me to a nice cafe.

125. How do you feel about the proposal to start the candy-bouquet period?

126. Well, where have you been hanging around all my life?

127. Can I borrow a kiss from you? I promise to return with interest.

128. With me coffee and sweets, with you a smile? How do you like the deal?

The unspoken rules of a happy and good relationship
The unspoken rules of a happy and good relationship

129. Do you want to go to a cafe or take a walk in the park?

130. There is too little beauty in the world. Add more of your photos.

131. Wow, you're happy. You are lucky to have met me today.

132. Can we get out of the Internet and go for a walk, since the weather is so great?

133. Hello! What a blessing that I am not married.

134. I tried to come up with a tackle to you, but I want to be honest with you. So I suggest we go out on a date.

135. All I need from you is love, family and children.

136. Do you have natural beauty?

137. I was asked to tell you that you are very interesting and beautiful. Who? My heart.

138. I will be short and direct. We have a date tomorrow at 18.34.

139. I am ready to save you from annoying gentlemen and invite you on a date.

140. What feat is required to accomplish to drink coffee with you?

141. Usually I do not ask for a date right away, but I could not resist you.

142. What time is it convenient for you to meet tomorrow?

143. Do your future children need a father?

144. I am running for President of the Galaxy. You can leave me your phone, I want to talk and meet with voters.

145. He promised his parents to find a good girlfriend. But you are even better than dreams.

146. Want to meet the coolest guy in the world? Still the most humble?

147. How about flirting with serious commitments?

I earn less than my wife or girlfriend
I earn less than my wife or girlfriend

148. Wow, I have not seen people like you yet.

149. You cannot spoil such beautiful eyes by sitting on the Internet for so long. Let's go for a walk.

150. Where have you been for so long? I've been looking for you all my life.

Phrases for dating a girl on the Internet will help you quickly get to the girl, arouse some interest, and then make acquaintances. More confidence, positivity and initiative. The more girls you drive up to, the faster you will find yourself a girlfriend, girlfriend and even wife. Move forward towards adventures and adorable girls.

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