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How to shave below the belt
How to shave below the belt

Girls also hope to see a man's groin groin well-groomed, rather than retro porn stars. Girls may not want to have sex with you again or to give you a blow job. The still shaved groin area visually increases the size of the penis.

How to shave penis, genitals and penis for a man?

Many men have long begun to shave under their armpits and are looking closely at the groin area. Nowadays it is not fashionable to look like the guys from retro porn movies. Are you also unlikely to be turned on by the girls with the wild thickets of the Amazon?

According to a survey conducted in Europe, more than half of young girls prefer to see a man with a complete or partial absence of vegetation in the groin. You can scare the girls with their bushes, but they may not want to have sex with you at least once. And you can not even dream of a blowjob.

How to shave below the waist? How to shave a penis, genitals or cock for a man? For those who want to leave a little hair in the groin, only 3 points should be completed, and who completely epilate the intimate area - all 4.

How to get beautiful?
How to get beautiful?

1. Prepare to remove groin hair

Take a shower first. Warm water will wash away soften the skin and wash away dirt. This will relieve unnecessary infection and irritation while shaving the hair on the penis. Don't try chemical hair removers. The skin on the penis and testicles is very sensitive.

2. Choose a place

Choose a place to calmly epilate your penis hair. You do not need unnecessary witnesses, as well as unnecessary anxiety at this moment. Better if it is a bathtub that is sufficiently lit and secluded. You can remove hair while sitting in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, standing on the floor or in the shower.

3. Cut the long hair on the penis and testicles

Long hair is difficult to shave with a razor. Use scissors, a trimmer or an electric shaver with a 0-1 attachment for this. Gently shave off any hair on your penis and testicles. A short intimate haircut is much better than impenetrable thickets. Sometimes you can limit yourself to this. Your short hair in the groin area looks well-groomed and attractive enough for the fair sex. But if you decide to completely shave your penis and testicles, then go to step 4.

4. Shave and fully epilate the penis and testicles

When shaving your hair to zero in the groin area, you should use a machine, not an electric razor. Apply lather to the groin area. It is necessary to use foam for sensitive skin. Use new attachments or a razor, or better a disposable razor. Shave the hair on the penis and testicles with short, light strokes. Do not rush. Shave your hair in the direction of growth, not against it. Shave the hair on all sides of the penis and separately the testicles. Their wrinkled skin can be a bit of a hassle for you, so be careful.

Beautiful men's skin. How to have healthy and clear skin?
Beautiful men's skin. How to have healthy and clear skin?

Some tips for shaving your groin:

  • Security measures! In case of a cut, rinse the area with warm water. Apply a tissue or toilet paper to the cut.
  • Irritation and itching are removed with creams. Use aftershave lotion.
  • Thoroughly clean the tub after you.
  • You don't have to shave off all of your groin hair. For example, girls like to do Brazilian hair removal or something similar.
  • Shaving your penis and testicles for the first time will cause discomfort. After the third time, not only your girlfriend will like it, but also you.

Hygiene, fashion and convenience do not stand still. Stop scaring girls with thickets of dashing retro. Be popular with girls in bed!

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