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Monday is the best day
Monday is the best day

It's time to grow up, grow wiser and be above prejudice! Monday is an interesting, fresh, wonderful, promising and promising day. We argue?

"It seems they are not idlers and could live, They would have to take and cancel Mondays" The song "The Island of Bad Luck" from the movie "The Diamond Arm".

We don't do drugs, as you might think, but we still believe Monday is the best day. Stop treating the first day of the week as your enemy. Love him and he will reciprocate you.

Monday is not a bad day. This is a stupid and overused cliché. It's time to grow up and be above the days of the week. 1/7 of your life is Monday. Do you want to consider a significant part of your life bad and difficult? This is silly. Time to reconsider perception by the first day of the week.

Why Monday is the best day

Monday is the best day for employment. It is easier to get a job on this day than on the rest. About 30% of applicants get a job, and on Saturday only 15%!

Monday is the best day to quit smoking. This is said by experts from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine). On this day, the mood and determination are at a high level, which will allow you to get the maximum chance to fight nicotine.

What gestures and signs betray liars?
What gestures and signs betray liars?
Monday is the best day for surgery. Imperial College London confirms that better operations occur early in the week. This is especially true on Mondays.

Monday is the best day for scheduling work and not hard. The authors of the study from the American University of Stony Brook believe that Monday is quite a normal day. This day is less busy than Tuesday or Wednesday. There is more work planned than done on Monday.

Monday is the best day
Monday is the best day

Monday gives a lot

Monday is frank. Don't like working on Monday? The truth is, "Mondays are not that bad, you just have a shitty job." If you think your job is unbearable on Monday, then you probably chose the wrong job. This is a reason to think.

Monday is filled with memories. If you have not spent your weekend in vain, then you have something to remember. Memories warm and sink into the soul better.

Monday is promising. Monday is the start of a new week. It allows you to start a new stage in life, take on other goals, make plans, make another attempt, implement ideas.

Monday prioritizes. On this day, it is easy to part with pink glasses, get rid of cockroaches and throw out the old rake.

Don't you like Monday? Maybe you haven't learned to live yet? Truly happy and successful people feel great every day of the week and any time of the year.

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