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Secrets of a Successful Dating at Tinder
Secrets of a Successful Dating at Tinder

Do you want to find yourself a girlfriend for a date, relationship, love or one night's adventure? The best place for this is the Internet. Secrets of successful dating in Tinder and any other place on the Internet. Communication in dating apps is very popular and now everyone is doing it, especially girls. In dating apps like Tinder, it's easy to find a girlfriend. It could be a girl you can have fun with, have a permanent relationship, or have sex for one night.

Tinder is the most popular dating app. On average, a typical user spends 35 minutes a day on the app. You need a Facebook profile to register. He takes information about age from there. If you want to be younger, change your date of birth on Facebook. Dating tactics in Tinder are quite simple, but have some peculiarities.

Secrets of a Successful Dating at Tinder

Complete your profile thoroughly and leave no gaps.

Choose a full-length photo, where you were photographed as if by accident, and not by a professional photographer in the studio.

Write to more girls at once. So you will not be bored alone.

Mention the name of the interlocutor in the message, so she will understand that you are not sending all the girls the same thing.

Try not to make grammatical mistakes.

Analyze additional information from the girl's profile that you can catch on when talking.

How to hook a girl?
How to hook a girl?
Secrets of a Successful Dating at Tinder
Secrets of a Successful Dating at Tinder

Don't send the standard first message like "hello" or "how are you?"

Be original, avoid platitudes and clichés when communicating.

Do not send more than two messages in a row. Three is already bad manners.

Wait for her to write and do not rush to answer at the same second. Answer a little later.

Use unique tackles and forget about standard pick-up phrases.

Praise the girl, but not her looks. She already heard it 10 times today.

Ask original questions to learn more about the girl.

Do not be angry if you did not receive an answer, there are free chicks in the application, there are enough for everyone.

Arouse the girl's curiosity to make it interesting for her to talk.

Flirt, bully and tease the girl a little.

Be open to communication, but not too approachable.

Create feedback with the girl and talk about yourself, but leave room for mystery.

Do not rush to pull the girl out on a date before you know a little.

Don't fuss or look like a desperate guy who needs a girlfriend.

Avoid vulgar jokes and innuendos so as not to look preoccupied.

Don't offer sex and send nude photos. Do not send a photo of your member.

Don't talk bad about other girls and past relationships.

Try to joke more and be positive.

Don't send your number hoping she'll call you back. Never!

Do not drag out too much time and offer to transfer the acquaintance to real life.

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