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Intimate men's haircuts that women like
Intimate men's haircuts that women like

What intimate haircut do women think makes a man sexier and hotter? Not only women take care of their bikini area, but men have long taken up intimate haircuts and receive increased attention from the fair sex.

Modern men have long recognized the need to take care of their appearance in all directions. The groin area is an important part of a man, especially his sex life. Leaving jungle or thickets there is no longer decent among the modern generation.

An intimate haircut visually enlarges a man's penis and women are satisfied with the fact that their partner has an impressive penis. What do women want to see from a man below the waist and what kind of intimate haircut makes him sexier?

Popular intimate haircuts for women

We have long been accustomed to the fact that the pubic area of women is well-groomed and neat. Almost 90% of women groom and shave below the waist. 42% of women completely shave their pubic hair. 31% of women do a little trimming, leaving a neat, intimate haircut. 17% of women have a Brazilian intimate haircut in the form of a narrow strip. About 10% of women do not shave their genital hair.

Recently, sexologists have been recommending that women shave their hair less to zero. Doctors advise keeping some pubic hair. This will save you from irritation, keep your genitals warm and improve sex. Small pubic hair is more arousing for men than no hair at all. There is some kind of piquancy and taboo in this. And a higher vaginal temperature helps a man maintain a stronger erection.

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This is shaving hair or shortening it only on male balls. 28% of women supported such a haircut.

2. Intimate men's hairstyle "to the thighs". A similar haircut with trimming or shaving the hair on the thighs. The groin is slightly shortened and trimmed. 21% of girls want to see such an intimate hairstyle on their boyfriend.

3. Intimate men's haircut "Brazilian". Very short and neat hair is left on the groin. This short pubic hair style was favored by 18% of women.

4. Intimate men's haircut "zero". The male genitals are completely exposed. 17% of women want to see naked male cock and balls.

5. Intimate men's haircut "savage". The man leaves the bush as it is. 16% of women prefer to leave the man as it is.

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Women like having an intimate haircut for men. Such men look sexier and hotter in the eyes of women. And men feel more confident.

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