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25 beauty tips for men from women
25 beauty tips for men from women

Anyone who says appearance is not important has never been handsome. How to look handsome in women's eyes and please them? What advice on beauty and attractiveness would women give to men? Valuable advice from the fair sex on male beauty.

You don't have to have a lot of money and be a sugar daddy to be liked by girls. You can have a lot of feminine attention with only masculine attractiveness. How to become more attractive from an ordinary guy? For a man, it doesn't take much effort. How to become handsome in the opinion of women?

25 beauty tips for men from women

1. Take care of your teeth. There is nothing better than a beautiful smile and fresh breath.

2. Balm for chapped and dry lips. Dry lips are not good for kissing.

3. Take a shower every day and wash every part of your body thoroughly.

4. Trim your nails so that no sharp edges remain. All 20 pieces.

5. Toilet water. Do not underestimate the effects of a pleasant scent on women.

6. Pay attention to the eyebrows so that the hair does not grow in all directions and between them.

7. Keep your hair, beard or stubble under control. The girls will appreciate it.

8. Moisturize the face with the cream to keep the skin attractive, healthy and youthful.

9. Do not use 2 in 1 shampoo or shower gel. Only separately.

How can a man be more attractive? 40 tips from women
How can a man be more attractive? 40 tips from women

10. Men have too rough hands. Use hand cream.

11. Wash your clothes regularly and keep your shoes clean, this is important for women.

12. Take a shower every day and change your underwear afterwards.


13. A remedy for problem skin care is a must if you have one.

14. Wash your hands after going to the toilet or coming back from the street.

15. Get rid of nose and ear hair. It turns women off immediately.

16. Sunscreen is a must if you are constantly working outside.

17. Clean your home, otherwise dirt and bad smell will cling right away.

18. Clean your ears. Too many men forget about it, but women do not.

19. Get rid of underarm and groin hair. It's cool and hygienic.

20. Find out which shampoo suits your hair.

21. Change your sheets once a week to keep your skin healthy.

22. It is pointless to wash and then dry yourself with a dirty towel. Erase them.

23. Don't dress like old men. There are many cheap and good brands out there now.

24. Go in for sports. We like sports guys.

25. Appearance is important, but no less important is a man's confidence and masculinity.

Girls know how to please them. Do you want to be handsome?

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