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Dirty pickup phrases: 170 examples of tackling girls
Dirty pickup phrases: 170 examples of tackling girls

Glue girls funny, defiant, daring and dirty? These dirty pickup phrases are both good and bad. The girl can laugh, slap, send away, or end up in bed. But you never know how your pickup phrase ends until you try it out in practice.

In the series "Policeman from Rublyovka" the hero Grisha Izmailov suggested to many girls: "Maybe we will sleep?" Using natural charm, the hero managed to surprise, amuse and seduce many girls with a simple pickup phrase. It's like in an anecdote with Lieutenant Rzhevsky, who seduced the ladies with the phrase: "Madam, let me vpendyurit you?"

Roll-ups, pick-up and rent girls

There is no need to look for difficult tackles where they are not needed. Many girls are already in the mood for sex, and you just need to relieve them of responsibility and push them to bed. You can groom a girl for months, but not get sex. Or, on the first evening with a stranger, you can behave insolently and vulgarly, but at the same time fry the beauty. I came, I saw, I got it. This is what a modern Guy Julius Caesar would say. Dirty pickup phrases will help make the seduction process faster.

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

The very first thing in a pickup truck is not a hanging tongue, but your appearance. When you roll up to a beauty, she does not know anything about you, but sees only externally. A person who rolls up to girls in plain, gray and inconspicuous clothes has a low chance of success. Try rolling for a week in casual clothes, and a week in a suit, shirt and expensive watch. You'd be surprised at the difference in girls' attitudes. The very first thing about a pickup truck is to look like a million dollars.

Dirty questions to a girl
Dirty questions to a girl

Confidence is the next step in a pickup truck. How firmly, boldly and decisively you roll up. When a man plays the game confidently, the girls immediately feel it. Without confidence, it is difficult to establish an acquaintance, and it is impossible to seduce at all.

In the pickup, either pan, or disappeared. There is a concept of quick seduction, when everything is given one evening, one hour or one date. Seduction of a girl always consists of two parts, when you first elegantly have her brain, and then her body. If a girl goes with the usual "hello", and then normally maintains the conversation, then everything is fine. But if the girl is running away, busy or ignoring, then pick the next girl. You will definitely fry it.

A girl perceives three types of information when seduced:

  • Eye contact when he sees you and evaluates you.
  • Auditory contact when listening to your tackles.
  • Kinesthetic contact, when a girl feels touch with her body.

Here's a list of phrases for an extreme pickup truck. But I do not recommend entering this phrase when meeting. It is better to say these phrases a little later, when already at the stage of seducing the chick.

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

Dirty pickup phrases for girls

1. You're so hot. Let's make Love? Damn, did I say that out loud?

2. Tell your boobs to stop looking me in the eyes.

3. Perhaps you do not want to have children now, but we can improve the technique of making babies.

4. Why pay for a bra if I would love to support your boobs all day for free?

Anal sex technique
Anal sex technique

5. Let's save water by taking a shower together?

6. What is such a sweet and beautiful girl doing in my dirty thoughts?

7. Let's play a game in which the one who undresses the fastest wins.

8. They say kissing is the language of love. Can you talk to me?

9. Come to me to study mathematics. Add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and multiply.

10. You look so good in your clothes. Probably even better without her?

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

11. What time do you usually undress? I'll come over.

12. I watched yesterday a horror movie that since then I am afraid to sleep alone. Can you save me?

13. I know a great way to burn the calories we consumed in this drink.

14. I have a headache, but the best cure for this is sex. You have to save me.

15. What is the difference between epee and erection? I have no sword.

16. I am a freelance gynecologist. Today I can help you watch for free.

17. Your clothes are very pretty, but will look better on the bedroom floor.

18. You are selfish. You've had such a cool body all your life, and I want to get it for the first time.

19. You have an angelic face, that body of a sinner. You seduced me.

20. You remind me of the army, when everything is at attention with me.

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

21. Was your father a baker? You have a great set of buns.

Sex solves most male problems. Why do you need whores and where can I find them?
Sex solves most male problems. Why do you need whores and where can I find them?

22. I am a programmer. Do you need to reinstall Windows tonight?

23. My magic clock says you are not wearing panties. Heck. They are in a two hour rush.

24. You look like an Oreo cookie. I want to split them up and eat them in the middle.

25. Alcohol is not the only strong thing here.

26. Never change. Just take off your clothes.

27. I would like to kiss your beautiful and juicy lips. And the ones on the face, too.

28. I will show you my tan lines if you show yours.

29. I have a flash drive that your body will define as a new device.

30. Remember my name. You will shout it a little later.

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

31. You are my homework. I'll make you tonight.

32. I have lost my virginity. Can I take yours?

33. Fuck me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

34. I would tell a joke about my penis, but it's too long.

35. Your smile is as big, warm and pleasant as my penis.

36. Do you believe in karma? I know several postures of their Ka "r" masutra.

37. I just took a DNA test. We are compatible in life and bed.

38. You came out like out of the oven. You are so hot that you urgently need to fry.

39. The only reason I'm going to kick you out is to get fucked on the floor.

40. I think you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency me.

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

41. Don't you make mixing concrete? You make me hard at one glance.

How to breed a girl for sex?
How to breed a girl for sex?

42. Do you want to try the Australian kiss? It's like a French kiss, but at the bottom.

43. Tell me what time your legs open?

44. Don't you like casual sex? I'll wear a tuxedo to keep the sex official.

45. Why don't you surprise your roommates or parents? Just don't come home today.

46. Let's play strip poker.

47. I will be a good veterinarian, because I know exactly what your pussy needs.

48. My allergies are getting worse. Every time you're around my cock swells.

49. If I kiss you in the rain, you will get wet twice.

50. You have a nice shirt. Can I try it on after sex?

51. Nice dress. Wish I had to rip it apart.

52. Only latex will stand between our love.

53. May I borrow your body and soul for the evening?

54. On my to-do list for the evening, you are in the first place.

55. Lie on the bed and imagine that your legs hate each other.

Dirty pickup phrases
Dirty pickup phrases

56. Pizza is my second favorite dish in bed. Do you want to try the first one?

57. I am a traveler and I want to explore your cave.

58. You look raw, but I will fry you to the desired condition.

59. If we were both squirrels, would you let me put my nuts in your hole?

60. What has 64 teeth and is holding the Hulk back? My pants zipper.

Sexual entertainment
Sexual entertainment

61. I can see the future. Heck. We are having hot sex.

62. Smile if you want to have sex with me.

63. I have sleep problems and insomnia. Can you sleep with me?

64. Madam, may I give you a favor?

65. Maybe we'll sleep? To you or to me?

66. I think that one must sin in order to have something to remember in later years.

67. Are your parents not farmers? Your melons are above all praise, and now I will eat them.

68. I love sex position 68. You will give me a blowjob, and I will give you cunnilingus … I will owe you.

69. I heard that girls hate oral sex. I was deceived and there are those babies who love?

70. Don't you have telekinesis? You just looked at me with your beautiful eyes, and something began to stir in my pants.

71. Your legs are like a cloak. I will throw them on my shoulders with great pleasure.

72. Can I give you some advice? Have sex with me. This is a good decision.

73. There will be only latex and rubber between our love.

74. I am hiding and I need to cover my penis. You look like a great hideout.

75. I can see that you have cool boobs. Or I'm wrong?

76. Aren't you out of the oven? You are so hot, and everything is smoking with me.

77. You are a cool horse that finishes abruptly first. I'll take care of that.

78. You look like a general, because everything is at attention with me.

How to touch a girl so that she likes it?
How to touch a girl so that she likes it?

79. Sit on my knees. I have a gift for you, and you will feel it tactilely.

80. Are your parents not cooks? Your buns give me an erection.

Dirty words to a girl
Dirty words to a girl

81. Aren't you a doctor? You just cured my erectile dysfunction.

82. I am a pirate, and I have to take your treasure.

83. With great pleasure. I mean, I have a lot, but you enjoy it.

84. Your ass has found adventure for itself. Take off your clothes.

85. I'm not like that, but you persuaded me. I'm ready for sex.

86. I could have asked heaven to send me an angel, but I wanted you more to be an angelic-looking slut.

87. Do you like to play billiards? I have balls and hit. In the sense of the cue.

88. I have lost my virginity. Can I take yours?

89. I can kiss your navel. From the inside out with the tongue.

90. Smile if you want sex with me.

91. You look like a plumber, because my tap is dripping.

92. You do yoga, but I do not believe that you are flexible enough. How can you prove it to me?

93. It's time to sin so that you have something to tell in confession.

94. I want to fall to your beautiful lips. The one on the face, too.

95. I have a very soft bed, but you are not on it.

96. Let's play cowboys. You are my chick, and I will ride you.

97. I am not an angel, but I can poison you to heaven with one sex.

98. Didn't she run horses? I mean, you're definitely a great rider.

What makes a man sexy?
What makes a man sexy?

99. You look like Medusa the Gorgon, who looks like a stone in my pants.

100. I drank Viagra and you have 3 seconds to undress, otherwise it will turn into rape.

101. The dress looks great on you. But I will look more organic and orgasmic.

102. I am a cat charmer. I know what your pussy needs.

103. Don't you feel like having sex? Wow! We're playing rape today.

104. You look like a rock climber, and I have a very high instep in my pants.

105. Each person will be overtaken by karma. But the Karmasutra will overtake us.

Dirty tackles to the girl
Dirty tackles to the girl

106. I am a professional speleologist who is currently exploring your deep cave.

107. I will insert the plug into the outlet so hard that stars will fall.

108. Do you know what I like most about you? My penis.

109. I have a map where your G-spot is.

110. Tell your depraved body not to crawl into my thoughts.

111. Do you interfere with cement at the construction site? Everything was hardened for me.

112. I want you to be the one who will take my virginity. One more time.

113. You are an unbroken horse, but I will saddle you.

114. You're not a bitch, but I'll throw you a stick right now.

115. If you are not yet ready to have sex, then I am ready to wait another 5 seconds.

116. Call me lollipop or lollipop. You will suck me.

117. My ears are frozen. Can you warm them with your knees?

How to hint a girl about sex
How to hint a girl about sex

118. I'm a real burglar who will sneak up on your back door.

119. You are the girl that you need and wherever you go.

120. You have a gorgeous smile, but you look even better without clothes.

121. Looking at you, I feel you are a boss who was given a promotion right in his pants.

122. What time are your legs bred, like St. Petersburg bridges?

123. I have plans for you today. I'd love to watch you undress.

124. Do you have a headache? I know how to fix this. Take off your clothes!

125. I would kiss you in the rain, but you are already wet as strong as ever.

126. Your boobs are like mountains, but I will conquer them.

127. I will make a map of your erogenous points.

128. You misbehaved, and I will rip you off like the last bad girl.

129. Let's save water and shower together.

130. I have lost peace, pleasure and pleasure. Can I look in my panties?

Dirty tackles to the girl
Dirty tackles to the girl

131. I may be a pain in the ass, but let's add some passion and some lubrication for more fun.

132. Why conventions? Take off your clothes and spread your legs for adventure.

133. You want to be a vampire who will suck me, but not blood.

134. If I were you, I would not waste time, but already undress.

135. My penis looks like it is losing consciousness. Can you give him artificial respiration?

136. I want to hear your breathlessness and wet body.

How to lure a girl home for sex? 45 phrases to invite a girl to visit
How to lure a girl home for sex? 45 phrases to invite a girl to visit

137. Do you often kneel? You will spend tonight on them.

138. I have a USB connector for you, and you are about to discover a new device.

139. You are not a whore, but you look the most depraved of all of them in the world.

140. Do you have insurance for pets? Your pussy is going to get hurt today.

141. Do you know what is the difference between us? It seems to me that you have a lock, and I have a barn key.

142. Bet I get undressed faster? The loser is doing oral sex.

143. With you Viagra is not needed even by an impotent pensioner.

Dirty words to a girl
Dirty words to a girl

144. You look like a vampire, and I have to put a stake in you.

145. My condom is about to expire. Can you help me use it?

146. How deep can you deepthroat?

147. I will put you on myself, like glasses, throwing them over my ears.

148. Let's see that I will fuck you so that you will always be mine?

149. You are like a springboard on which you want to jump all night.

150. You look so stunning that I want to kiss you on the lips, and then higher, in the tummy.

151. Today you will moan my name so loudly that the neighbors will smoke everything.

152. I won't get your virginity, but I will get the packaging from her.

153. I'm a burglar, and you have to give me your panties right now.

154. My balls will definitely beat against your ass.

155. I am terribly uncomfortable that you are wearing these clothes. Take it off immediately, but preferably slowly and with music.

How to get a girl to bed?
How to get a girl to bed?

156. You are so innocent, but I have such vulgar thoughts.

157. You look like a dog, but I want to throw you a stick. But it is better to several at once.

158. Your pussy today will be punished and rewarded at the same time.

159. I don't need one sex from you. I need all your sex.

160. Let's throw a coin? If it's tails, then to me. If an eagle, then to you. But, and if it hangs in the air, then go home.

161. I lost my keys. Can I look for them under your dress?

162. Your body looks so defiant that it is indecent.

Dirty tackles to the girl
Dirty tackles to the girl

163. I asked for luck to send me a girl with an angelic face, then the body of a sinner.

164. Do you want to sin so that you have something to tell your friends?

165. I have a caramel. Do you want to suck?

166. I do not know how you do it, but I agree to have sex, you persuaded me.

167. You look like a plumber, because when I see you, it starts dripping from my tap.

168. I am beautiful, and you are also good. Let's get to know each other quickly and have beautiful kids.

169. I have plans for you today, so don't go far.

170. I am embarrassed that our hope limits us. Let's take it off?

Do you want to seduce a girl quickly? Switch to vulgar topics as quickly as possible and touch your chick more often. Use dirty pick-up phrases to make you laugh and scout the situation in combat. Have sex now instead of saving for retirement or family times. Sex makes life more beautiful, brighter, more interesting and happier.

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