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Dirty tackles to girls: 120 pickup phrases for a successful acquaintance
Dirty tackles to girls: 120 pickup phrases for a successful acquaintance

Modern girls are being led to phrases for which in older times they would have given in the face or covered up with a slap in the face. It is good to shock girls when they meet you, so that at first they are indignant in surprise, then they laugh, and then they give you a phone number or something. Dirty phrases for the pickup of modern girls, acquaintance with which will end with a slap in the face or a kiss, or maybe all together.

The world does not stand still. If not long ago the girls blushed at the first sounds of the mat, but now they themselves pour dirty words, joke and smile, when they hear obscenities. When you roll up to a girl, she grimaces if you say some boring, hackneyed and dull cliché.

But if you shock a modern girl with a dirty tackle, then she will not run away in tears and will not climb to fight. If we talk about a vulgar tackle with a smile, then the girl will be surprised at first, and then laugh. She will understand that this is just a tackle, and you yourself are quite adequate and just want to get acquainted. But it is this gamut of feelings that will cause a girl's increased interest in you.

This list of dirty and dirty tricks will help you meet a cute girl and then stir up something interesting with her. It’s good to talk like this in a noisy club, at a party, in a bar, at a concert, at a festival, on the beach, on the street and in other places. If you drank a little more, then dirty dating phrases generally go well. Phrases are suitable for vulgar tackles on social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Tik Tok), dating applications (Tinder, Mamba, Badoo, LovePlanet).

Why doesn't the member stand up or is standing badly? Causes of Sex Problems and How to Fix It
Why doesn't the member stand up or is standing badly? Causes of Sex Problems and How to Fix It
This list of dirty and vulgar tackles
This list of dirty and vulgar tackles

Common pickup phrases

Often men are embarrassed to start right away with dirty and vulgar tackles to girls. You can practice tiptoeing first using common pickup phrases. Once you have a little confidence, you can use more bold phrases. Here is a list of funny, original and funny phrases for dating girls. The chicks will love it!

  • You seem to have dropped something. Oh no, that was my jaw.
  • I love the shape of your skeleton.
  • You look like Venus de Milo if you have your hands hidden.
  • If your bank account was the same as your phone number, how much money would you have?
  • There is enough internet for today (you put your phone away). Hey!
  • You dropped something. These were your standards for men. Let’s buy you a drink.

Start with these phrases if you rarely approach girls.

Common pickup phrases
Common pickup phrases

Dirty tackles to girls

The bolder, dirtier, bolder and more vicious phrases work even better. The main thing is to smile, be confident and be active. These vulgar phrases will make the beauty blush a little, flare up and fall for you. These tackles are a little shocking, but they work great.

Here is a list of funny and naughty examples of hot babes that you can use. If you say them all to different girls, then you will definitely do something nice in bed this evening. Dirty tackles to the beauties who will not leave them indifferent and dressed.

Strengths of girls in sex. Secrets of Good Lovers
Strengths of girls in sex. Secrets of Good Lovers

1. How did you get through security? You are a real bomb!

2. I don't need one sex from you. I need all your sex!

3. If COVID has not put you to bed yet, then I will.

4. I lost my teddy bear. Can I sleep with you now?

5. Why do you need a bra if I am ready to wear your breasts for free?

6. Do you love Game of Thrones and dragons? I have two eggs for you.

7. If I kiss you in the rain, you will get wet twice.

8. Do you want pizza and sex? Don't tell me you don't like pizza.

9. Tell your tits to stop looking me in the eye.

10. You look like a gravestone. After all, I want you to be on top.

eleven. Seeing you gave me such dirty thoughts that we need to take a bath together.

12. You've got something on your ass. This is my view.

13. Do you like jazz? If so, I want to show you my saxophone.

14. What is the difference between a hot samovar and an erection? I have no samovar with me.

Dirty tackles to girls
Dirty tackles to girls

15. Sit on my face and I'll guess your weight.

16. I am a caver. Don't you have a cave for me to explore?

17. My ears are cold. You can warm them with your knees.

Children interfere with sex? Children are not a hindrance to sex
Children interfere with sex? Children are not a hindrance to sex

18. You are so hot that I would fry you…. Heck. Did I say that out loud?

19. The government wants to steal my friend. Can I hide it in you?

20. They say that men cannot focus on two things, but I look at your luxurious breasts.

21. You look like a vampire, and I have to put a stake in you, and more than once.

22. Are you against casual sex? I will put on a bow tie that it will be official.

23. I lost my girlfriend. Can I look for her under your clothes?

24. You have the face of an angel, but the body of a great sinner.

25. You misbehaved this year, and Santa Claus sent me to spank you.

26. Aren't you Medusa Gorgon? It's just that part of my body has become stone.

27. I am a pirate and I want to take away your treasure that you hide under your clothes.

28. I am sure that behind your beautiful breasts there is no less beautiful heart.

Pickup girl
Pickup girl

29. Hi! Do you want to play lovers in love?

30. You look like a microwave. You are so hot!

31. Do you want to watch adult films with me in my new mirror?

32. I'm not a mathematician, but I love your seductive curves.

33. I'm afraid of pregnancy. Let's drive over to my place and test my condoms for strength.

34. I bet you have beautiful tan lines.

How to touch a girl so that she likes it?
How to touch a girl so that she likes it?

35. Your drink has a lot of calories, but I know how to burn them.

36. Your beauty is unforgettable, but they say that it always comes from within. I haven’t been there yet.

37. You are probably from hell, since you look so hot and devilishly seductive.

38. I would steal your chair so that you sit on my face.

39. You can slap me in the face, then I would prefer a longer contact with you and not so fast.

40. Do you have real breasts? I don't believe it, let me check.

41. Are your pants from space? It's just that the ass in them looks just cosmic.

42. Shall we have sex? But first a date.

43. If you were a grenade without a check, then I would lay down on you to save others.

44. You look like a power outlet, because I want to stick my fingers in you.

45. Do you have telekinesis? I only looked at you, but something stirred in me.

Roll up to the chick
Roll up to the chick

46. I want to shoot you with our future children.

47. Do you want to have sex! It's not a question.

48. I have not only a long tongue, but also a friend, which is doubly good.

49. Do you like stars? I have a very nice telescope right there with me.

50. I love the part of your body where the legs lose their name.

51. Your smile is big and hot, like my penis.

Girls' thoughts at the first blowjob
Girls' thoughts at the first blowjob

52. You have beautiful shoes. Do you wanna get fucked?

53. My penis has passed out from your beauty. Can you give yourself artificial respiration?

54. Do you want to sin so that you have something to tell your friends?

55. I can breathe with my ears, which means I will be useful to you in bed.

56. Don't you serve in the army? Seeing you, part of me stood at attention

57. My friend is frozen. Can I warm it in you?

58. Your chest reminds me of mountains. Can I conquer them?

59. Would you like coffee or tea in bed in the morning?

Dating a girl
Dating a girl

60. I have lost my virginity. Can I take yours?

61. You are so innocent, but I have such vulgar thoughts.

62. Aren't you a dog? I want to throw you a stick or some.

63. You look so hot that I want to kiss you on the lips, and then higher … on the navel.

64. The dress looks great on you, but I will look better.

65. I'm not a thief, but I will open your back gate.

66. If I said that you have a beautiful body, would you take off your dress and dance for me?

67. I want to pick you up and beat 2-3 children out of you for us.

68. You are a girl that is necessary and anywhere, as I can see.

69. I have a headache, and the best medicine is sex. Can you help as a brother?

How to seduce a girl into sex?
How to seduce a girl into sex?

70. Aren't you a nurse? You just cured my sexual dysfunction.

71. I'm not a plumber, but I can see your pretty pipes.

72. Do you like billiards? I don't mind if you take a cue and play with balls.

73. Do you want a Mexican kiss on the lips? It is similar to French, but in the lower lips.

74. I just drank Viagra and we have one hour with you to get home. Or right here?

Dating a girl
Dating a girl

75. Is this seat taken? (pointing at the girl's ass or grabbing her ass)

76. We're going to have sex today, so don't get far.

77. I will kiss you on the navel from the inside.

78. Let's play a game, which of us will undress faster.

79. You have a beautiful dress, but it would look better on my bedroom floor.

80. I am embarrassed about your clothes. You have to take it off.

81. I want to kiss you on the lips. On the face that too.

82. Let's play squirrel, and I'll hide my nuts in your hollow.

83. I lost my peace. Can I look for it under your dress?

84. I hope you are a plumber, because at the sight of you it dripped from my tap.

85. I think our clothes are limiting us. Let's take it off?

86. You are hot, but not enough. You need to fry well.

How to seduce and seduce a girl?
How to seduce and seduce a girl?

87. If you are not ready to have sex with a stranger right away, then I’m ready to wait 5 minutes.

88. Do you know why we want to have sex? Because I am stronger than you.

89. Do you know what I like the most about you? My penis.

90. You look so indecent and defiant that I have no other thoughts than violent sex with you.

Beauty in nature
Beauty in nature

91. I want to be a cat charmer. Because I know what your pussy needs.

92. Smile if you want to have sex with me.

93. You look great on clothes, but I think even better without them.

94. I would tell a joke about my penis, but it's too long.

95. What time do your beautiful legs open today?

96. I have a nice shirt. You can wear it in the morning after sex.

97. Do you do yoga? I want to test your flexibility.

98. Let's play strip poker.

99. Alcohol is not the only hard thing that you will try today.

100. Don't you want sex with a stranger? Wow, we have a rape role-playing game.

101. Your pretty ass is on an adventure. Take off your pants, I'll get the adventure now.

102. My watch says you are without panties. Are they on you? The clock must be in a hurry.

Girl pickup acquaintance
Girl pickup acquaintance

103. You will not believe, but I can guess the future. You and I will sleep at least once, but maybe much more.

Signs that you are being taught by the horns. 50 signs of female infidelity
Signs that you are being taught by the horns. 50 signs of female infidelity

104. We will have sex as if I would take your virginity a second time.

105. I have something for you, but it is indecent to show it in public.

106. I bet you have beautiful breasts. By the way, when can I have a look?

107. I can read minds. Now I will answer your dumb question: I will sleep with you, baby!

108. I did not ask heaven to send me an angel, because I chose you to be a whore.

109. Your body will be with you all your life, and I only want it for one hot night.

110. Remember my name. You will scream him later in bed.

111. Let there be only an elastic band between us.

112. We may not want children right now, but we can practice the technique.

113. I am an amateur gynecologist, I am ready to arrange an examination for you free of charge.

114. Let's save water and shower together.

115. Karma will overtake all people. But you and I are the Karmasutra.

116. I want you to be the one who will take my virginity.

Hot girl
Hot girl

117. I have problems with insomnia. Can you help brighten up the night time?

118. My condom is about to expire. Let's not let him go to waste.

119. I have lost the joy of life and love. Can I take a look in your panties?

120. Can we sleep?

Remember, dirty tricks on girls work if you're good enough, athletic, positive, and talkative. Use vulgar, cocky and vicious pickup phrases so that all the girls go straight to your bed. Say all these phrases for a month to different girls. You'd be surprised how much sex you get. There will be slaps too, but they are worth it.

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