10 personality traits for dating a girl
10 personality traits for dating a girl

We will tell you how to become a true legend! Stop being the wrong one, become the best and win the hearts of the girls around you.

Men already know very well where to meet a pretty member of the opposite sex, from bars to the grocery market. But the behavior and the emotional mood itself often do not allow to successfully meet or bring the started acquaintance to a logical continuation.

Women feel much better and more confident if the acquaintance takes place in ordinary conditions, and not in a bar or other institution, although there a person is initially aimed at acquaintance. They are used to trusting more in everyday life and treat men easier when they do not set goals of a love nature, which are saturated with places for potential acquaintance. Meeting on the street, in a summer cafe or queuing in the library is more relaxed and natural from the point of view of both sexes.

That is why sometimes it is not so much trips to certain places that are important, but the correct attitude, behavior and lifestyle.

10. Always look your 100%

We do not encourage you to wear a tuxedo when you take out the trash or spend a couple of hours in front of the mirror before this event, as women's magazines advise. Although it is understandable that shaving for the sake of such an all-important occupation is not worth it, you should not brag about torn sweatpants in front of a charming neighbor.

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real

Wardrobe items such as socks or underwear should be in excellent condition to avoid the awkward situation of having to undress somewhere.

Remember the head of the World Bank American Paul Wolfowitz, who got into embarrassment, taking off his shoes at the entrance to the mosque. The banker who earns three hundred thousand dollars a month has become famous all over the world for his holey socks.

Looking in any situation, be it a morning run or work, should become a habit.

9. Go to the gym

Doing sports will allow you to look not only fit and cheerful in life, but also charge you with healthy optimism. A person who maintains an excellent shape feels more confident and attracts the opposite sex.

Often, gyms and fitness clubs are the places where very often you have to intersect with the opposite sex, and this may be just what you need there. Going to the gym should not turn into a search for a new fit girlfriend, but if an acquaintance is possible, logical and does not smell like tension, then "Why not?" (Why not?)

8. Feel free and be sociable

Only freshmen and ladies from the Institute of Noble Maidens can blush, stutter and lower their eyes in search of cracks on the floor. In men, insecurity and inhibition is an unpleasant sight. An open and self-confident person who is able to adequately behave in any situation, whether it be talking on the phone or talking with drunken hooligans, is highly rated by the weaker sex.

Women will never understand what it is like to be a man
Women will never understand what it is like to be a man
10 personality traits for dating a girl
10 personality traits for dating a girl

7. Be a gentleman

Do not be rude to the driver, saleswoman or strangers. But not because it is simply not good, but because you lower your price by negative behavior. It is worth keeping your brand and being a gentleman, even when you step on a cat. Remember: no matter what you do, curious female eyes are watching you.

People around you will surely notice your ability to maintain dignity and your willingness to come to the aid of strangers. You help carry the bag to an elderly lady, take your grandfather across the road, or help the kids in the yard to get the ball from the tree - if it's damn wrong, then at least it looks beautiful from the outside. Perhaps, seeing this, the fair sex will try to get help from you for completely different purposes.

6. Keep a couple of stories in reserve

Girls often ask the question: "Tell me something interesting." In order not to moo and feverishly not to remember the bearded anecdote, have a couple of curious life stories, poems - for romance and songs - for a noisy company.

5. Amaze people and become a legend

Let friends and acquaintances tell about you, but this should not be a banal story from the next Sabantuy, it should be something special.

Stand out with something interesting: bring a fifty-kilogram boulder in your backpack from the south instead of a souvenir; learn Chinese; Learn to perform the national dance of the hot mountaineers, or run through the forests with Cambodian guerrillas.

The strongest character traits
The strongest character traits

They will definitely talk about you, but not as a guy with stupid boots or a red scarf, but as a real legend! Women will be crazy about you!

4. Learn to approach and meet girls correctly

It was only Anka who appreciated the combat cavalry pressure of Vasily Ivanovich. Sometimes women do not like too explicit and arrogant pressure. It is optimal to find a balance between persistence and indecision, which is achieved through training.

Often, acquaintance begins with eye contact and the exchange of a couple of smiles, female eyeballs, or other signs. The main thing here is not to miss the moment and come on time.

3. Expand your social circle

Many girls dream of meeting princes in life, but move exclusively between the sofa and the refrigerator or study (work) and home. The chances for such beautiful ladies are minimal, so you should not be like them.

Lead an active lifestyle, expand your social circle in any way, from driving courses to a local macrame club.

2. Don't miss the chance

Whoever said what, but most likely you will not have a second chance. You are not Bill Murray from Groundhog Day, and it is usually unrealistic to correct a mistake and get a missed opportunity back.

If there is a chance, then act or you will regret it, like a bear cub from the cartoon "Far, Far South", which did not have time to watch the chestnut blossom. Act so that the beauties do not "bloom" without you!

Tips for seducing girls that work better than a pickup truck
Tips for seducing girls that work better than a pickup truck

1. Smile and more positive

A gloomy or problem-ridden face contributes little to familiarity. Smile more and look people in the face, and not at their feet, otherwise how will you notice that a beautiful stranger winked at you?

Straighten your shoulders, do not walk as if you have a load of problems behind you, even if it is true. Tune in to a wave of good mood and someone from the fair sex will definitely want a piece of your healthy optimism.

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