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How to make a girl pay attention and win her heart
How to make a girl pay attention and win her heart

Such as is, you will be loved and accepted only by the military registration and enlistment office. How to attract a girl's attention and please her? A few tips for real conquerors of women's hearts and their beautiful bodies.

Getting a girl's attention seems as daunting as climbing Mount Everest, but it doesn't have to be! Follow our tips to get that special girl's attention and you will be irresistible.

How to make a girl pay attention

1. Grab attention with your personality

1.1 Be funny, but not vulgar. Everyone loves to laugh. Making a girl laugh will most of the time grab (and hold) her attention. This doesn't mean you need to turn yourself into a comedian like Jim Carrey, but you still need to determine what kind of humor you are a pro. It doesn't hurt to remember that you don't have to be funny every second, but occasionally inserting a funny line into a conversation is a great way to get a girl's attention.

No matter what kind of humor you use, never pause for laughter. Quick and witty humor with instant pause - that's how it should be. If she thinks it's funny, she laughs. But don't expect her to roll with laughter after every joke you make - and never say something like, “oh, don't you think this is funny?” If she isn't laughing. Everyone will just get embarrassed.

Prepare yourself. If you do not consider yourself a naturally cheerful guy, watch comedy performances on TV, pay attention to funny characters from films. Watch them joke, but don't memorize the jokes so you can repeat them, or they will seem awkward and strained.

Use situational humor. Saying funny or witty lines, you will make the girl giggle, but try to decorate your humor - make funny comments on the situation or those around you.

Pickup master. Pickup tips
Pickup master. Pickup tips

Laugh when you really think something is funny. Avoid feigning laughter because it is usually very noticeable. Real laughter from the heart can be very attractive.

Don't be cruel. While a little teasing can be fun at first, don't overdo it. No girl wants to spend time with a guy who constantly insults her with words, even if he is joking. On the other hand, self-irony (that is, ridiculing yourself) will quickly help you feel comfortable with a kopeck piece. After all, you show that you have enough confidence to laugh at yourself.

1.2 Try to excel at what you like. If you show a passion for what you do, chances are good that you will catch a few feminine looks on you. Passion and ability to do something attracts - it shows that you are worried about something other than yourself, that you work hard and you are a passionate person. It also proves that you are not devoid of ambition - you do not just want to do something, but do it as best you can.

If you are a member of a sports team, try to be a sports star or team captain. If you are involved in a discussion club, do your best to lead the discussion. If you're attending photography or art classes, don't be afraid to show your creative side (and skills).

Don't hide what you like. If you are happy, confident, and enthusiastic, people will become interested in the same things you are. Don't act like you hate what you do; just let us understand that this is nothing special and show the best moments of it.

1.3 Show her that you have emotional depth. You certainly don’t have to cry when a sad topic pops up, but don’t be an emotionless robot when you’re around her. This sometimes means discussing what made you feel. Saying something like, “Wow, that movie that we watched in class today made me think about how it feels to be trapped in the Titanic. It’s so hard and scary to think about it”, you will show your ability to empathize - you are able to understand how others feel and experience feelings yourself.

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Hidden sexual signals of girls. 20 signs that a girl is seducing

1.4 Show good manners. Most girls like polite and suave guys. Do not do or say anything that many would find offensive, including swearing and sexist, racist, or other inappropriate jokes and comments. If you behave like a gentleman, showing your respect for women and all people in general, girls will tend to happily accept your company.

Saying what you know is likely to offend some people is not the best way to make friends or maintain friendships. It may look “cool” to your male friends, but the girls will definitely turn their backs on you. Easy to be rude and criticize; it is much more difficult to believe in something. Be a man and believe.

1.5 Show the girl that you have an adventurous spirit. You don't have to be a ship captain or world-class climber, but be capable of literally anything. Invite her on hikes, tourist trips, a day off in the nearest town. Give in to the flow if you are walking with her and suddenly something fascinating appears.

1.6 Respect all girls equally. You have a chance to make a much more favorable impression if you treat girls you are not interested in as well as those you like. This doesn't mean you have to talk or flirt with every girl, just don't ignore or dismiss them. You never know when a girl will suddenly become attractive to you or with whom she will make friends. It is best to treat all girls the way you would like to be treated.

How to breed a girl for sex?
How to breed a girl for sex?

Don't talk to a girl about the attractiveness of another; this is considered a sign of bad taste and can hurt her self-esteem. In addition, it is easy to just say too much or you may be misunderstood. It's safer to talk about other girls with your boyfriend friends.

Usually, you shouldn't talk about your past relationships you had or other girls you might be interested in with the one you like the most. No girl wants to compare herself to your past relationships, and she certainly doesn't want you to do such comparisons. Let her feel like the only girl in the universe, and the universe will smile at you favorably.

1.7 Be careful. When talking to a girl, give her your undivided attention. Listen carefully to what she says, and you will learn a lot of interesting things about her, identify your common interests.

Ask her many questions. So the girl will understand that you have a sincere interest in her, and not only carried away by her appearance. Ask what she likes to do, what kind of music she listens to, what films she has watched lately. Ask about her family, her aspirations and hopes. Any question asked sincerely and with respect would be appropriate.

Give her a chance to speak up. If you ask questions, give her time to answer and don't be discouraged if she talks a lot. Remember that her talkativeness is a good sign.

1.8 Be confident in yourself. Confidence works like a magnet for most girls. If you walk with your head held high, without hesitation discussing what you are good at, and just approach the girl without unnecessary hesitation, you will not go unnoticed. Know that you are a great guy; when you show self-confidence, it shows, and girls quickly notice this.

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Where to meet a girl for a serious relationship

But get it in your nose - don't be too cocky. Confidence and arrogance are two different things. If you feel confident in yourself, then believe in yourself, and do not transfer it to others. If you are impudent, then you want everyone to know about this confidence (that is, everyone in general). Arrogant behavior often scares girls away. They need someone who believes in himself and at the same time does not try to prove it to everyone every minute.

2. Pay attention to yourself with your actions

2.1 Maintain eye contact. If you want to be noticed by a girl, start by being the first to notice. Sitting in a classroom or in a bar, glances are your weapon in capturing the girl's attention. Look at her, but when she notices it, look away. Do the same, hold your gaze for a second and smile if you think this is the right moment, and then look away again. This will pique her interest and also hint that you like her. If your interest is mutual, she will occasionally glance at you to catch your eye again. This will validate her in the belief that you are interested.

If she doesn't make eye contact with you or doesn't respond to your gaze, then she is either very humble or uninterested. You will have to apply the other methods listed in this article to determine the specific cause.

When you are talking to girls, try to maintain constant eye contact with them as much as possible. This will show that you are confident and that you are giving it unremitting attention.

Short compliments to the girl. How to turn a girl's head with killer compliments?
Short compliments to the girl. How to turn a girl's head with killer compliments?

2.2 Behave like a gentleman around girls. Girls usually have a slightly different point of view and humor than boys, so being aware and sensitive about these differences is very important when it comes to getting (and holding) a girl's attention.

Do the usual gentlemanly things, that is, open the door for the girl, skip the queue in front of you, and apologize. It's very easy to do these little things and girls pay a lot more attention to them than guys.

Don't joke or comment on the topic of sex. Girls are already convinced that guys are obsessed with sex, so don't make your situation worse. Be mature and respectful of sex when you are around girls and you will definitely grab their attention.

2.3 Do not treat women as objects, and do not talk about them as if they are below you. It seems to be understandable, but many guys assume that women will not notice or they do not care when men do not treat them as equals. This is completely wrong, and you won't have many female friends with this attitude. Think before you say something negative about all women in general. The golden rule: Imagine that when you say something about girls, your grandparents are standing in front of you - this will keep you from inappropriate words.

2.4 Be relaxed around girls. Even if you are all on pins and needles on the inside, calm and cool behavior around the girls will give the impression that you are confident in yourself and it is easy to spend time with you. If you are tense or nervous, you are more likely to feel embarrassed about your little missteps. This discourages most girls. Calmness will allow you to fully enjoy the girl's company, remain confident and show her your true self.

How to stop being jealous of a girl?
How to stop being jealous of a girl?

It can be difficult to maintain confidence, but try to imagine that the girl you are trying to impress is just a friend. You're not nervous around your friend, so why worry in front of her? If you feel confident and can look cool and relaxed, then you will breathe popularity. You will immediately grab her attention.

2.5 Smile sincerely. Smiling is a universal sign of happiness. If you show people in general, and especially her, that you are a happy guy, she will want to become closer to you. Girls like guys with a good sense of humor who smile easily. Smile more often, be carefree and open.

2.6 Help others. Maybe her, or someone else in the room. Helping others means that you are humble and a genuinely good person. Be kind and generous. This will not only draw her attention, but you will also be pleased with your right actions. Girls are attracted to guys who empathize with others - be the guy to help her carry the heavy box and she won't forget it.

Is she carrying something heavy? Say, “Let me help you with this,” and carry the thing for her. Hold the door for her when her hands are full. Give her your jacket when she gets cold, or invite her to share an umbrella space with you if it's raining.

Someone lacks money? Lend some money so that the person has enough for lunch.

But don't pretend to do good only when she's around. Help people constantly, in a variety of ways. She will notice, and also those whom she knows, and if your name comes up in conversation, people will say: "He is such a wonderful person!"

One thing that holds many guys back is the fear that she will misunderstand you. For example, you are afraid to offer to carry her item. You worry that she will think that you are imagining that you are a real macho, hinting that she herself will not cope. But leave all fears behind and think about what you are really doing. You are just helping her because you sincerely want it, and what's wrong with that? If you are not trying in any way to question her abilities, then maybe she is not such a nice girl, if she understands everything like that? If your actions come from the heart, a decent girl will see it.

What is the right way to touch a girl? Tactile communication
What is the right way to touch a girl? Tactile communication

2.7 Give a sincere compliment. For example, you might say that she has beautiful eyes or a wonderful smile. But only say these things if you want to make it obvious that you want to go beyond flirting. Choose something nice, especially for her; she will feel very special, adored and beautiful.

2.8 Invite girls to your classes. If you are doing something and there are only guys in the company, be brave to invite those girls that you like. You don't have to do this all the time (sometimes it's only important to spend time with guys), but don't be afraid to add a few girls to the company.

If the guys react negatively to this, it means that they are jealous, because they did not have the courage to call the girls. There is no reason girls shouldn't be part of your group.

2.9 Find a way to establish physical contact with the girl whose attention you are trying to get. Touching is a great way to spark sparks between you and this special girl. However, do not go too far out of your way to stay close to her - you can scare her if she is not aware of your feelings. Stop at something small - touch her hand when she says something that makes you laugh.

If she has an eyelash or fuzz on her face (and even if she doesn't), lean towards her, look into her eyes and slowly brush it off the girl's face (but be very gentle!)

Funny phrases for dating girls. TOP best pickup phrases
Funny phrases for dating girls. TOP best pickup phrases

3. Get attention with your looks

3.1 Get yourself in order. Depending on your style, this step is different for everyone, but the basics are: Shower and brush your teeth regularly. These are the very basics, but they will also propel you far ahead in capturing the attention of this special girl. No one wants to snuggle up to a guy who sweats and has breakfast stuck in his teeth. Splurge on good shower gel and quality toothpaste.

Aside from the basics, there are many ways a guy can maximize his looks. Hair mousse transforms your messy hairstyle after sleep into a work of art. But do not use whole balls of lather on your hair - for many, oily hair will become a repulsive factor.

If you let go of your beard, take care of it. Some women love facial hair, but even the most masculine beard will seem long and ridiculous if you don't look after its shape and attractiveness. Get a beard trimmer.

In addition to grooming your beard, don't forget about the rest of your body hair. Pluck excess hairs between your eyebrows, and trim your nose and ear hairs. Most girls - even those who like beards - have no fondness for excess hair unless it's on the chin, chest, and more intimate areas.

Clip your nails. Girls often pay attention to their hands, so do your best so that they do not resemble the paws of a forest monster. Trim your nails and remove any dirt from under your nails.

Don't forget to moisturize your skin. While it doesn't seem like a man's business, when you hold the girl of your dreams in your arms, those hands shouldn't be dry and chapped. Soften your skin with lotion and she won't resist the urge to touch.

Hot wife - happy life?
Hot wife - happy life?

3.2 Remember your closet. Everyone has their own style and that's okay, but it's best to avoid the 'messy' style. Don't just wear sweatpants every day, and try changing your shirt every time you leave the house. Also, remember that girls love it when guys put a little effort into their looks - even if it means just wearing stylish flannel, skinny pants, and a pair of trendy thick-rimmed glasses.

If you want to win the attention of a girl who works in the same place with you, try to play the card of professionalism. Invest in classic suits and smart ties. If you are unsure how to do this, enlist the support of your best friend.

3.3 Watch your body language. Posture plays a big role in how a girl perceives a guy. If a guy is hunched over in a corner, avoiding meeting someone's eyes and talking, he is unlikely to come up and start a conversation. Stand up straight, look people in the eye and smile. Remember that you need good posture and posture, but don't try too hard or it will look like you've swallowed a mop. Keep at ease.

If you don't know how, look for a good role model. See the main characters in films as they find their way to a mysterious female heart.

Pay attention to her body language too. If she shifts from foot to foot and does not look you in the eye, she is most likely uncomfortable. Maybe it's the topic of conversation, how close you stand or sit or something else. Respect her feelings: change the topic or take a step back if necessary, depending on what is bothering her.

3.4 Keep yourself in shape. While you're probably a great guy, it's important to remember that a lot of girls like guys with athletic builds. Plus, the gym is a good place to get that special girl's attention. If you want to attract that stunning lady that you are so passionate about, you need to keep yourself in good shape. Start your workouts with cardio and strength training to pump up your muscles and keep yourself in incredible shape.

Making eye contact with a girl
Making eye contact with a girl

Keep in mind that most women admire toned guys, but they're not attracted to jocks like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he became Mr. Universe. If it’s already hard for you to raise your arm in class because the muscles are almost tearing your shirt, maybe it’s time to reduce the load in training a little.


Don't panic if you did something wrong. A lot of girls find the awkward guy very nice, especially if you are able to come out of the situation with a sense of humor.

Don't let past negative experiences get in the way of new opportunities that open up before you. If you've had a relationship that isn't good, take a lesson from this and put it all in the past. It won't do you any good to keep mulling over a failed relationship, and it's not very attractive either. Accept what life gives you now, not what you might have done in the past.

Don't pick your nose, scratch your bottom or other parts of your body, don't fart, restrain belching, and so on if you're just starting to recognize it. Do not disgust her, otherwise she will never look in your direction again.

Careful - don't place all your hopes on a single girl; it will only hurt you more if things don't work out the way you would like. Remember there are still many fish in the sea. If you didn't succeed with this girl, just switch to another one. Maybe she will still regret that she did not reciprocate you.

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