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How to make the right decision in choosing
How to make the right decision in choosing

Our whole life depends on previously made decisions and choices that we once made. When we make mistakes, hesitate, or make bad decisions, we make life worse. We choose not the best possible fate for ourselves, and then we suffer. How to make the right decisions? We ourselves create a happy future for ourselves by making the right decisions. "Have the courage to accept the consequences of your decisions." Anastasia Parfenova

Our whole life consists of decisions that we make on a daily basis. Often, even the smallest decisions have a significant impact. By making a mistake, we condemn ourselves to a worse life that is far from our dreams. How to avoid mistakes when making a decision? How do you make the right choice? How to make the right decision in choosing?

1. Get more information

"Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

We often make decisions without enough information. For this reason, we become attached to one of the options, which may not be the best solution. But the problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created it. It is necessary to obtain as much information as possible before making a decision. Search the Internet for your problem and solutions. Study the problem thoroughly from all sides. Ask a specialist for advice. Seek advice and opinion from authorities, not amateurs. The poor man's advice on how to get rich won't help you. And advice on how to find a girl, from an eternally lonely guy, will not work either. Look for information to make the right decision, but avoid the advice of losers. Get more information, and do not rush, like naked into the bath, with a decision.

Human life strategy
Human life strategy

2. Get rid of emotions to make the right decision

"There are no unsolvable problems, there are unpleasant solutions." Vagit Valiev

Emotions often prevent us from making the right choice. We take the path of least resistance when resilience is needed. We are hindered by fear, doubt, laziness, naivety, kindness and other character traits. Emotions block everything, and we make the wrong decision. It is often necessary to make an unpleasant decision, but it may be the only correct one. Breaking up a relationship that has exhausted itself long ago. Leave a job where there are no prospects. Refuse a person's request in order to defend their personal interests. Get rid of emotions to make the right decision.

3. Avoid narrow frames and look for non-standard solutions

"One cannot choose from two evils" English proverb

Yes or no. Often we ourselves limit ourselves to the number of solution options. We choose from a couple of options, refusing to consider others. But life is much wider than black and white. There are always many intermediate and compromise solutions. Sometimes a problem can have an unexpected and non-standard solution. In the ancient Greek legend, about the Gordian knot, everyone tried to untangle it. But Alexander the Great cut the knot with one blow of the sword, making a non-standard decision.

4. Think about the future and look from the outside

"More often than not, the most difficult decisions in our life are the most correct ones." Jared Leto

When making a decision, keep your concentration to make the right choice. Think carefully, and do not rush to make a choice. How will your decision affect you? How do you feel about your choice in a year or five years? What's the best scenario and solution in this situation? What did the perfect person do in your place? What did you advise your friend if he was in your place? Write down all the pros and cons of this solution on a piece of paper, and then analyze it. When in doubt, give yourself more time to think, rather than rush to a decision.

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How to make the right decision? Do not rush, but think well. Even minor decisions can have far-reaching consequences.

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