War of the Future: Scenario of a Future War
War of the Future: Scenario of a Future War

A scary scenario of what the theoretically possible with the aggressor will look like through the eyes of an ordinary man in the street. War of the future.

From time to time, both hamsters in LJ, and people quite experienced in real life, express the same idea. Like, "if this country is attacked, then it is n *****, no one will fight for it, the army is in disarray, there is no one to fight, the people will sit and wait."

My dear friend. Let me tell you a similar story.

For example, NATO struck the first blow. Partly nuclear, but mostly not. Well, ours responded sluggishly there, it turned out badly, the tanks crossed the border, the forward units were overturned, crushed, partly destroyed, fleeing to the east. The resistance is minimal, "Abrams" stick to the capital.

This is where some discrepancy begins between the ideas of hamsters and reality.

In fact, the following will happen. Your door will ring. Opening it, you will see a hangover cop, an even more hungover summer, and a couple of soldiers.

You will be handed a summons and told that by order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief you have been called up for military service. And I must pack my things and leave the hut right now, otherwise you will be arrested.

Realizing that there are more of them, and they are stronger together, you obey, and dressed in whatever, you will go out into the yard with a couple of changes of underwear and socks.

How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

There will be a bus there. Old and battered. Or two. Your neighbors will sit in it - the same ones you saw in the parking lot every day when you came there for your Corolla in the morning.

You will be taken to the next school. They are now not considered training, but they will not be restored for a long time. True, the barracks will not have enough windows, and you will have to hide with a mattress at night, but this is not fatal.

You will be taught hastily. You will dig five or two trenches "in height". You shoot three or four hundred rounds from the AK, stab a withered scarecrow with a bayonet several dozen times.

War of the future. AK-47
War of the future. AK-47

Once you have to run across the field to the explosions of firecrackers, firing blanks on the move.

Then you will do the same at night, under the lighting shells hanging in the sky - not fully understanding what you are doing.

True, there will be guys who will make two dozen shots from the border. But you are not.

And then you will be driven to war.

People like you, at the appointed place, will meet others - who fired from cannons pulled from storage warehouses - on one of them you will see the “1956” stamp.

Then the third will catch up - they will have confiscated in "civilian" KamAZ and ZIL, which hastily repainted with brushes in olive color.

Among you will be senior commanders - cadres who were sent to command you, and when you manage to see the eyes with which they look at you, you will see fear and pity.

How can you change your environment? Who are you friends with? You look like those around you
How can you change your environment? Who are you friends with? You look like those around you

Nearby there will be those mobilized who have already pulled an urgent one, and you will eagerly ask them about everything, instinctively realizing that you do not know what you need to survive.

You will have a shabby steel helmet - not the one you saw on TV before the war.

You will not have armor - you simply will not have enough. You will have tarpaulins instead of boots. But even though you will get a non-Soviet uniform, there will be those among you who were given an overcoat, and maybe even riding breeches.

On the last day, a gloomy gray-haired general with a fat belly will arrive. He will hand over the banner to your commander, say that now all of you are the 105th Motorized Rifle Brigade, and must proudly bear this name. He hopes you will do your duty.

The regular army, where there were real tanks and real soldiers, who had normal Kevlar helmets and boots, have already died, except for you there is no one

In the morning you will be given anti-tank weapons - lucky ones, disposable RPGs, old and heavy anti-tank grenades, two pieces.

The system administrator, who will be next on the list after you, will generally have a SKS carbine instead of a machine gun. And he will not be alone.

Then you will go to the deployment area in your requisitioned trucks, towing the old guns.

Neighboring columns will be bombed, you will see burnt cars and corpses, but you will have time to turn around and dig in.

Myths about men
Myths about men

You will be given vodka, and you will take turns kissing a fusel bottle, because they forgot to give you mugs.

And then your army along the line with the world will stop hordes of high-tech tanks, robots, helicopters, and airplanes. There will be a fiery hell around, at the last second before the first explosion in your positions, you finally realize with horror how much the enemy is stronger.

And then they will go on the attack, and you will stop them with your machine gun and a couple of grenades. And the system administrator - with a carbine and one grenade. And it will seem that everything.

And you know what a guy? You will stop them. Yes, yes, that's exactly what you will do
And you know what a guy? You will stop them. Yes, yes, that's exactly what you will do

Painting by Alexander Deineka "Defense of Sevastopol" (1942).

And you know what a guy? You will stop them. Yes, yes, this is exactly what you will do, and then you will stop them again in another place, and then you will drive them back, and remember my word, plant a flag in the ruins of their capital

And if they kill you, the sysadmin will do it. And if he is also killed, then the one that looks like a n **** a tipok who sold phones in the store opposite. And if they kill him, then the bastard whom you f **** l for pissing at the entrance. If not you, then one of them will definitely do it.

Simply because they SHOULD be stopped, because on the day when they are not stopped, darkness will cover the Universe, because this will be the end of humanity. Because it will be the end of everything.

55 tips from men for men
55 tips from men for men

Remember, they were always stopped. Despite the fact that they have always been stronger. And this time this honor will fall to you, hamster.

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