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How to get smart and have brilliant mental abilities
How to get smart and have brilliant mental abilities

How to amaze others with brilliant mental abilities? How to improve memory, be more attentive, think outside the box and calculate everything in advance? How to pump your intellectual potential?

The question of how to develop the brain has been worrying a person for centuries. And for good reason. We all want to improve memory, be more attentive and focused, read quickly and a lot, think outside the box. And in general, to amaze others (and ourselves, to be sure) with brilliant abilities.

And it is possible. People are not reaching their full potential. In this article, we've compiled helpful tips from Roger Sipe, trainer, self-improvement consultant, and author of Brain Development.

How to get smart

1. Read with wind speed

You know that the fastest readers in the world have a constant rate of 5-10 thousand words per minute (the standard rate for adults is about 200-300 words / min), and the understanding is almost perfect. Yes, that sounds crazy; but the potential of human thought is truly amazing. You probably don't need to read at that speed, but learning to read two or three times faster would be nice too.

Here are two tips to help you get closer to that goal.

Don't let your thoughts wander. How often at the end of a page have you caught yourself not remembering anything you read? And all because the thoughts were somewhere far away. But this is not due to inattention. Your mind is distracted mainly by boredom. In fact, he is able to perceive material more and faster than what you give him. The main "cure" for this habit is simple: move faster!

How to become the smartest?
How to become the smartest?

Stop saying what you read in your mind. At the same time, the reading speed does not exceed the speed of oral speech: about 150 words / min. This is handy when you are reading fiction. But it interferes with reading non-fiction. Try running your finger vertically down the page (for example, along the left edge of the page) - a little faster than the pace at which your eyes can move. Don't stop and don't come back. This will speed up your reading. And over time, you won't need your finger.

2. Make life a game

This strategy relieves fear of some important goal, unnecessary thoughts, and at the same time - from fatigue and overexertion. It's simple: turn life into a game! One of the main obstacles is excessive stress. So less seriousness. So, a game called "Thermometer".

Disassemble the goals in detail: break the big ones into small ones.

Take small, intermediate and final goals and turn them into marks on the thermometer - from zero at the bottom to the final desired figure at the top.

The essence of the game is to raise the mercury in the thermometer as quickly as possible.

Sounds silly? But it works! Your powerful, image-oriented subconscious mind correctly understands the task of "raising mercury in a thermometer" and it's fun. Try it!

3. Use your subconscious mind correctly

A person has an inclination that we cannot overcome. This is the "habit" (let's say) of the subconscious mind to be sure to focus on some object. In other words, we attract what we think about. But we can independently choose the object on which attention will be concentrated.

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Financial stability advice. 12 secrets of rich turmeric

Roger Sipe illustrates this example: “My friend Dave taught his daughter Hannah how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. When she was just beginning to succeed, Dave ran out onto the road ahead with the words: "Everything is fine, just don't hit the pole!" You know that the bike usually goes where the rider is looking? Naturally,Hannah immediately looked at the post and drove into it. This was repeated several times until Dave made a small change. Running out onto the road in front of his daughter, he said: "It's okay, Hannah, now go straight to me!" And the problem disappeared."

The only alternative is “negative attraction”. If we do not give the subconsciousness anything suitable, it finds something negative and actively seeks like this, like a homing missile. By deliberately offering your mind a clear and positive picture, you direct the rocket towards the desired target, not towards what it finds itself.

4. Speak the language of your memory

The language of your memory is visual images. The better you imagine something to yourself, the faster you will remember it. For example, if you were asked to name 20 hallmarks and features of your bedroom, what would you think of? Right. See a mental image of your room! You will probably remember a lot of details, although you probably did not learn them by heart.

The next time you need to remember something new, create useful associations and logical connections.

The power of the human mind
The power of the human mind

5. Increase by subtracting

The most unproductive, ineffective, and waste of time is doing what you don't really need. So make a list of things to do that you will give up permanently. Well, or at least for a while. It may seem strange to you, but in fact it is almost more important than the plan of affairs for each day. What is "put under the knife"? Social network? Long morning sleep? Working without clear goals? Perhaps there are people who are best to stay away from and devote your time to more pleasant acquaintances?

Write down anything that needs to be removed from your life. And do it.

6. Thinking and doing are different things

Moreover, each action has its own time. There is a time to think and a time to let go of thoughts. When you are immersed in business with your head, there is no time to think. Very often people pay attention to the wrong thing: when the time for action comes, they, on the contrary, stop and start thinking about everything. As a rule, the reason for this is doubt. The person says to himself: "I'm not ready yet, I still need to get ready." And this is quite a good excuse for him.

Think everything over within the allotted time, and then pull the trigger.

7. Don't give in to stress

Of course, there can be no life without minor troubles and worries. But still, if you try, then most of them can be ignored. Just try it. Stress is the biggest killer of our cognition. A little tension can be energizing, but stress or anxiety can turn off your brain. If you regularly succumb to its insidious and, worst of all, pernicious influence, the brain does not say "thank you" to you. We have all heard about accepting something that cannot be influenced. But this cannot always be done. And you try to do it differently.

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Decrease the degree of voltage. If you get stuck on something or get stuck, just breathe in and say to yourself: "I'll deal with this later" - and forget. Come back to this later.

Remember that achieving goals does not depend on magic, luck, or circumstance, but on your way of thinking and acting. So don't sit back. Take action!

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