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How to date a girl and win her over
How to date a girl and win her over

Tips from women who reveal their secrets. How to win, fall in love and have sex with a girl? How not to experience difficulties when meeting, communicating and building relationships? How to date a girl?

“All women are different. Basically, they seem to be a combination of the best and the worst - both magical and terrible. I'm glad they exist, nevertheless "Charles Bukowski

A man's appearance is not that important

How to approach a girl? Afraid to meet? Men choose girls for their physical attractiveness, but they act differently. Girls also pay attention to how a man looks, but only for the first 10 seconds. If a man takes care of going to the gym and to the store of normal clothes, then he will easily pass this test. Therefore, it makes no sense for a man to be afraid to approach girls for fear of being rejected because of their appearance.

Further, women consider other masculine qualities. Ladies appreciate masculine character, strength and prospects. These will be the main criteria for whether to give or not. But not only a phone number, but also something else.

How girls like it
How girls like it

Hide your dick, and even more friendship

How to date a girl? Everyone has heard the story of the guy who got into the frenzone. He helped her with advice and deeds. Rushed at the first call of the girl. Listened to her love stories and complaints about her boyfriends. He ignored other good girls, hoping that she would pay attention to him. One day the girl exclaimed: “Why didn't I notice you before? You understand me this way and you are always there. I seriously love you! I want passionate sex with you 3 times a day. Take off your pants urgently!"

We saw this plot of a romantic idyll in the movies and read it 1000 times in books. Do you want to know why you haven't heard anything like this in real life? This does not happen. That's bullshit. Stop watching romantic comedies that won't help you in real life. To reach for the girl and run after her? This is another romantic movie cliché that doesn't really work. Love in cinema and in reality are diametrically opposite things.

Don't act like her friend. She won't see you as a boyfriend. Try to be friendly, but do not show your cards so as not to get into the friend zone. Get the girl interested, but talk not about yourself, but about movies, music and other similar things.

Accentuate in the little things that you are not her friend, but a potential man. Hug, shake hands, kiss, flirt with the girl and heat up the intimate atmosphere. But be sensible. Women are well aware that men are primarily attracted to their sexual bodies. It's too obvious. Do not put too much pressure on the girl and pretend to be a playboy. She often met such losers and turned them off. Be fun and spontaneous.

How to refresh your relationship? 70 ways to improve relationships
How to refresh your relationship? 70 ways to improve relationships

Girl is not better than you

As soon as you decide that the girl is better than you, then you lose. Yes, she's beautiful. Yes, she constantly receives invitations to meet and have sex. A girl can easily find someone who agrees to sleep with her in five minutes. But it is not easy for her to find that real, good and loyal man who respects her.

You are no worse than her. Play on equal terms, and do not try to be a slave. Servants are not loved, but used. This is a hopeless frenzone. There is no need to run after the girl, beg or coax her. Girls love the strong, not the weak.

Not all girls are bitches

How to find yourself a girlfriend? How to date a good girl and not a bitch? You were offended by girls, used and abandoned. But this is not a reason to take offense at all women in the world. There are many bitches, bitches, fools, whores, gold diggers and other scum among the fair sex. But there are also good girls. It’s your fault that at your age you didn’t learn to choose and check girls for suitability. If you think all women are bitches, then you are a weakling who could not resist.

How girls test men

How do I get female tests? Girls do not test men in full understanding of the word. The test is a symptom of insecurity that has matured inside the girl. Girls, in most cases, want to make sure they make the right choice. That a man is reliable, loyal, unshakable and able to take care of everything.

How to meet a girl on the street?
How to meet a girl on the street?

A man shouldn't do anything at all. It is enough for a man to be unshakable and unflappable. Women feel when men start to panic or give weakness. The trick is to stay calm.

Be the leader and the girls will reach out

Men are masculine and girls are feminine. The man is the leader and the woman is the follower. A man who gives the steering wheel to female hands finds himself on the sidelines in a wrecked car, and the girl catches the next car with a more experienced driver.

A man must be able to take on the responsibility of a leader. The man decides where they will go and what they will do. If he runs after the girl and asks what she wants to do, he will lose all male attractiveness.

Girls do not want to make the first kiss themselves, make dates, crawl with hugs, molest and seduce. Girls are not lazy, they are trying to be weak. Let the girl be feminine. Take the initiative. Be a leader, but listen to her desires. Play the male role. The girl expects you to have a plan of action. She will not invite to walk herself. She will not ask for a visit to have sex. This is normal at the initial stage of dating.

Are you a leader or henpecked? Some girls can command you if you are weak. But it will be like this all my life. It's up to you to decide.

Girls want good guys, not bad guys

How to date a girl if girls want bad guys? The bad guy cliché has put a pig on a lot of men. Girls do not dream or discuss with their girlfriends that they want to meet a bad guy. Do you think they can't wait until they meet an asshole who will use them, despise and humiliate them? That's bullshit.

What to do if you want a serious relationship
What to do if you want a serious relationship

Bad guys are sometimes popular with girls, but the reason is different. Girls mistakenly perceive rudeness as strength, and arrogance as self-confidence. But what's stopping you, good guy, from being strong and confident?

Be a man

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Dwayne Johnson. Whatever role these actors play, they are individuals. Even in makeup and as bad guys, they are incredible. They can be seen a mile away. Have you seen them where they are weak or mediocre? A man is always visible, even if he is ugly, poor, old or in a difficult situation. If you want to date a normal and good girl, then be a man!

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