The beauty and attractiveness of a man
The beauty and attractiveness of a man

What is the beauty of a man? Is it physical, charm, slight negligence, power, money or character? Opinions and statements of famous people about male beauty.

What could be stranger than the expression "masculine beauty"? This is everything and nothing in particular. These are not female curves of the body and beauty of the face. This is something more. What is hidden not so much outside as inside a man. 20 best quotes about male beauty from famous people.

The beauty of a man

1. Clever facial expression in men is the same as the correctness of features in women; it is a kind of beauty that even the most conceited people would like to have. J. La Bruyere

2. Woman is the power of beauty. Man is the beauty of strength. A. V. Ivanov

3. Beauty is power, for, being a promise of good, it attracts the love of women and strangers to men. Thomas Hobbes

4. To make your lips beautiful - say only beautiful words. To make your eyes beautiful, look for only good in people. For a slim figure - share food with the hungry. To make the hair beautiful - let the child play with it every day. To keep your posture even - remember that you will never be alone. Audrey Hepburn

5. Masculinity and femininity are two faces of beauty. Ilya Shevelev

Gentleman. What will it give you to be a gentleman?
Gentleman. What will it give you to be a gentleman?

6. Beauty - for women, the rest - for men. Vadim Mozgovoy

7. Women pay attention not to handsome men, but to men with beautiful women. Arthur Bloch

8. Beauty is a woman's wealth. And wealth is the beauty of a man

9. Women who are beautiful to the point of disgrace often prefer men who are ugly to the point of beauty.

10. The beauty of a man is the mind; beauty is the mind of a woman. Ilya Shevelev

11. A man should be "smelly, powerful and hairy"

12. Male beauty is a useless thing. The attractiveness of a man is not in being beautiful himself, but in convincing a woman that she is beautiful next to him. Eric-Emmanuel

13. There is nothing uglier than a man who fancies himself handsome Frederic Beigbede

14. A man with great dignity and intelligence is never ugly.

Jean La Bruyere

15. Talent in a man is the same as beauty in a woman - just a promise. In order to be truly great, his heart and character must be equal to his talent. Honore Balzac

16. Ugly! What does it matter? The beauty of a man, you are such a fool, not in person, but in character, in social status, in wealth. Have you ever seen a rich man ugly. Jorge Amadou

17. Male beauty - in hobby! Olga Khamkova

18. Personally, I am distrustful of all handsome men. Doubtful pleasures seem to find them themselves, and they go around the world, as if they are personally responsible for their attractive appearance. I don't mind if the woman is beautiful. This is different. But male beauty, you will forgive me, is completely offensive. Roald Dahl

Tattoos in people's lives
Tattoos in people's lives

19. The exception to the rule is always beautiful. Sergey Lukyanenko

20. There is no such thing as beauty, especially in the human face, in what we call physiognomy. This is all calculated and imagined fit. Like if the nose does not stick out too much, the sides are in order, if the ears are not too big, if the hair is long … This is a mirage of generalization. People think that certain faces are beautiful, but in fact they are not, mathematically equal to zero. Real "beauty", of course, comes from character, not what shape the eyebrows are. Charles Bukowski

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