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Why am I failing?
Why am I failing?

This will be a rough lesson, but a rewarding one. Is nothing coming out in your life? Do you constantly face difficulties, problems and various troubles? How to become happy and start moving towards your dream?

Do you have few friends, do not stick to relationships with the opposite sex and are bad at work? Often we are faced with the fact that we feel like a fragile lifeboat during a devastating storm. We lose faith and hang our noses. Why are we failing? Where is the mistake? God doesn't love us? Is it bad karma or damage?

We know how to help you when nothing works! There are several reasons why you are not living the life you want. It's time to stop making a few mistakes. This will be a rough lesson, but a rewarding one.

Why doesn't it work?

1. Stop relying on others

“You should always believe only in yourself. Even those people who are at the top did not fall there from the sky."

Why doesn't it work? You rely on others, which is stupid. Nobody owes you anything. No one is obliged to make another happy according to his dreams, plans, dreams or illusions. Stop looking to blame for your failures. Many young people rely on their parents, but the older generation is not omnipotent, and their opportunities are limited. Others hope to find a soul mate that will solve all problems. Especially girls who are waiting for the husband of a billionaire suffer from this. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues and other people do not owe you. Stop hoping for others or a miracle from heaven. If you really want something, you have to make an effort yourself. People are very naive creatures. They believe in God, miracle or luck. They forget only to believe in themselves. Only you yourself can change your life. Myself!

Why is there no motivation?
Why is there no motivation?

2. No one promised that it would be easy

"They beat their foreheads against a concrete wall, beat, beat, break their foreheads into blood, heal wounds, then beat their foreheads again and break again, but this time concrete"

Why doesn't it work? You think it will be easy and simple. Even the most successful millionaires doubted their strengths, suffered failures, struggled with difficulties, overcame obstacles with their last strength, groaned in despair and wanted to admit defeat. But they didn't give up. This is where they differ from most other people. The gray mass of people resigned themselves to the fact that their dreams are unattainable, they are mediocre and complete losers. And they were right. And successful people, despite the difficulties, went to the end. They tried, bumped, gained experience and knowledge, and then moved forward. No one promises that it will be easy, but the dream is worth it.

3. There are no rules

"The rules are for the right ones, the exceptions are for the exceptional"

Why doesn't it work? You think that there are rules in life, but they are not. It's time to go beyond the generally accepted framework, learn to overstep the principles, stop accepting the circumstances and avoid playing by someone else's rules. Stop breaking under other people's charters and requirements. Be exceptional. Thoughts are bigger in any situation. There are always many options for the path to your dream. Make different action plans and try. Even the XIV Dalai Lama said: "Study the rules so that you know how to break them correctly." Life is a game. If you can't win, change the rules. Dreams are achieved by those who are bolder and more desperate than others.

How to Become Famous: A Beginner's Guide
How to Become Famous: A Beginner's Guide

4. Stop waiting and hoping

"The biggest obstacle in life is the expectation of tomorrow and the loss of today."

Why doesn't it work? You are still waiting instead of acting. Stop waiting and hoping! Did you even try or try a couple of times and give up? You write yourself off before others do. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment that never comes. You will never be younger than today. Only today you have ideal opportunities and chances. Try it, fight it and never give up halfway. Remember what the tortoise Tortilla taught you as a child: "Young friend, always be young, do not rush to grow up, be cheerful, impudent, noisy, you have to fight - so fight!"

Why doesn't it work? You now have an answer. You know what to do, and if you don't understand, then read the article again …

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