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How to avoid failed relationships and unhealthy love
How to avoid failed relationships and unhealthy love

Stop paying for sex. It is easier not to fall into the trap than to get out of the environment of troubles with difficulty and losses. How to avoid a bad relationship with a bad girl?

You can understand a girl by looking at her actions and desires. Men ignore these elementary signals and fall into the trap. They want sex with a pretty chick and don't pay attention to the girl's dangerous traits. But already at an early stage, girls are seen who are not suitable for love. Unsuccessful girls will use sex as a weapon against you. Stop paying for sex.

How to avoid a failed relationship

Good girl

An ordinary girl dreams of the most obvious things. A good girl wants:

  • Take courtship
  • Succeed at work
  • Chat with girlfriends
  • Feel cared for and protected
  • Receive tokens
  • Give tenderness and love
  • Planning a family
  • Travel
  • Thinking about children

Negative girl

The mercantile bitch is completely different. Unsuccessful girl wants:

  • Not to work, but to have everything
  • Entertainment at your expense
  • Immediate fulfillment of your desires
  • Indulging whims and whims
  • Expensive gifts, many and often
  • Meeting the needs
  • Sit on someone else's neck
How to avoid a failed relationship
How to avoid a failed relationship

In most cases, unsuccessful girls give themselves away. But the men attribute this to the mysteriousness, mystery and unpredictability of the girls. Maybe stop lying to yourself and pay for sex? A good girl makes your life happier, and a negative one brings problems. The choice is yours.

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