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Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

Who chooses a man or a girl? Initially, a man chooses, but if the girls do not reciprocate, then it's rubbish. Often, girls do not want to date, avoiding, ignoring and not wanting to communicate. Why is it like this? Why do all the girls break off and don't love you?

You may like a girl, but if she doesn’t go to a meeting, then you are left with a nose. You choose her, but she refuses. Puncture. But sometimes the case takes on a massive scale, when all the girls almost always ignore.

Girls don't like me! Very often we hear this from men who are constantly unlucky in relationships. All girls ignore and dislike. Everything. A worldwide female conspiracy not to communicate, not to meet and not to give you. It's a shame.

Is the world and relationships broken? It's not about the depravity of the girls or the celibacy crown that your enemies have imposed on you. Everything is much simpler than it seems. There is a reason why girls do not want to chat and date with you. Spoiler alert: everything can be solved.

Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

Why do girls avoid? Real life examples

Here's an example from the series: "Why Girls Don't Like Me." Recently I talked in a motley company of young people, where there were many guys and girls. We had fun in nature, where we had the opportunity to communicate and get to know the opposite sex. In such a greenhouse and comfortable environment, it was easy to find an approach to many free girls, but not all guys were able to take advantage of this.

We need to talk seriously. How to argue in a relationship?
We need to talk seriously. How to argue in a relationship?

Drew attention to some guys who tried to roll up to girls and experienced Spanish shame. What is Spanish shame? This feeling of embarrassment for others when they behave so badly, which is embarrassing even for you. Some of the guys were awkward and awkward to roll up the chicks that it was just awful.

One guy boasted so that his ears curled up into a tube. It was obvious that he was lying too much, but those around him did not want to get involved, so they were silent, avoided and ignored. The guy tried to show himself as a playboy, millionaire and philanthropist all rolled into one. But in reality, an ordinary balabol and yap, which does not have any of this behind it. It looked funny and repulsive.

Another guy complained about a hard life, lack of money, bad and selfish girls. He complained to girls about girls. What could look more pathetic and ridiculous? The guy caused asexual feelings in the girls. He did not look like a man in their eyes, but quite a rag.

The third instance was the average cattle. Poor clothes, stereotyped phrases, low level of culture and lack of intelligence. He had zero chances of hitting a normal girl. The girls ignored him and quickly ran away.

It was difficult to understand what these specimens were counting on. They swaggered a lot, puffed up and circled around the girls. But they all quickly got a turn from the gate. They even wanted to hug and cry. Their chances of passing on their genes further were extremely low. Not even zero, but negative.

How to cheer up and cheer up a girl?
How to cheer up and cheer up a girl?
Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

Why don't girls like me?

Everything is clear with those guys - losers who were not in demand among girls. They have an obvious diagnosis and reasons for loneliness. But what about you? Why do girls avoid you if you're good enough? Why do girls avoid you?

Girls don't like me? There is a reason for this, or even several. Many guys and men do not pay attention to their red flags, which they use to scare girls away. From the point of view of a man, everything is fine, but from a woman's point of view, a complete fiasco.

It is always difficult to notice a log in your eye, when even a knot is visible in the other. What is your disadvantage that women do not want to hang out with you? What is the main reason. Right now. Which?

Do you think it's just about the money? Not at all. Money is important to girls, but not only that. Look around. A lot of poor guys are crazy popular with girls. So that's not the point. There is something else that interferes with a successful meeting with girls.

Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

Ask an expert for advice

The best way to find out your negative traits is to ask for advice. Find someone who is older and more authoritative than you. And then ask for advice in your personal life. It can be a man or a girl, and the latter is sometimes even preferable.

Ask not to feel sorry for you, but to give an adequate assessment. Tell us about yourself and your past interactions with the opposite sex. It will be good if an expert evaluates your communication skills with girls. Go and talk together somewhere in the company.

Flirting correspondence with a girl: a list of messages
Flirting correspondence with a girl: a list of messages

Be sure to ask for advice from someone who can provide valuable advice. Right now, think about who can analyze you and your image. Ask not to spare you, but to help in your personal life.

Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

Find your flaws that prevent dating

Girls don't like me? What do you do to make them love you? Be a good guy and hope for reciprocity? This is too naive. This is too little. Girls are looking for something more. What are you like? What are you worth?

Analyze your possible shortcomings that may prevent you from finding a soul mate. What can scare girls away in you? Just answer yourself honestly. It's too stupid to lie to yourself.

  1. The man is not well dressed and looks unkempt.
  2. A man has problems with his teeth, hairstyle, smell.
  3. The man is not familiar with sports and does not have a sports figure.
  4. The man is too insecure and worried.
  5. A man crawls too much in front of a girl, trying to please.
  6. The man is boring and gray, with whom it is not at all interesting.
  7. The man is a good guy who looks like an obedient dog.
  8. The man is too thin, weak, fat and physically repulsive.
  9. A man behaves like a whiner, weakling, or a woman.
  10. The man is unreliable, nimble and slippery.
  11. Low temperament, low energy and apathy of a man.
  12. A man hates all women after meeting a couple of bitches.
  13. The man does not have a sense of humor, or does it too stupidly.
  14. The man tries to remake the girl and gets her with lectures.
  15. The man is too preoccupied and wrapped up in sex.
  16. The man is too greedy and stingy.
  17. The man is an egoist, know-it-all, bore or infantile type.
  18. A man does not know how to flirt and communicate.
  19. The man talks a lot and does not know how to listen.
  20. A man does not behave like a man. Buy eggs.
Success with women. How to be successful with girls?
Success with women. How to be successful with girls?
Girls don't like me
Girls don't like me

If girls don't want to date you, then it's not about them, it's about you. It's hard to admit it, but it's a fact. You can try to date great girls without having much to offer in return. Evaluate yourself soberly and upgrade your level. Girls don't like me? First, become the one the girls are looking for. Then the beauties themselves will rush to your feet.

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