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How to grow up quickly and be an adult
How to grow up quickly and be an adult

In modern society, there is an illusion that growing up is bad, but staying in childhood is good. But in reality, it's time for many to take off their rose-colored glasses, childhood is over! Otherwise, you will miss all the colors and beauty of adulthood, remaining on the bench of losers. Stop sitting in the nest. You are not a chick. You've already grown up.

“It would not be entirely correct to say that some time ago I was wild and reckless, but now I have calmed down and become an adult. In fact, now I am even bolder and stronger than before. I make more risky and more responsible decisions. It seems to me that over the years my life in all its manifestations becomes more and more extreme "Angelina Jolie

“Don't grow up. It is a trap!" - argued the most staunch lover of childhood, Peter Pan. But is it really so? Memories from childhood always warm our souls, but this is how it should be. Memories from adulthood will be no worse, but better, if you can grow up in time. You don't have to kill the child in yourself to become an adult. Just think it's time to move on. New peaks, new victories, new successes and new impressions await, and you stomp near the front door, clinging to the past.

This is your world. If you become an adult, you will see all the possibilities and the roads. You will be able to make plans and fulfill all your dreams. You can become yourself and who you have always dreamed of. It's time to grow up! Whoever does not do this will remain on the losers' bench. Stop sitting in the nest. You are not a chick. How to grow up?

Life and growing up

“Growing up means one thing - independence. We all want her. Sometimes we use other people to get it for ourselves, sometimes we find it in each other, sometimes our independence comes at the price of something else, and this price can be high.. Because more and more often, in order to gain independence, we need fight. Never give up, never back down … "Gossip Girl

Sitting under your parents' wing is nice and cozy. They decide everything for you and protect you from dangers. But you can't sit in the nest all your life. It's time to be independent and learn to fly. At first, you will be cold and uncomfortable, but everyone goes through it. It's time to learn to make decisions on your own, learn to be yourself, understand yourself, achieve goals and follow your path. It's time to grow up!

Life Tips
Life Tips

• You are responsible for everything that happens around

• Being lazy and lacking in initiative is the lot of losers

• Nobody owes you anything, you build your own happiness

• Bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, etc. don't make you grown up and cool

• Every decision you make has far-reaching consequences

• Narcissism, selfishness, shortsightedness and stupidity are synonymous

• Be yourself

• Set goals, make plans and achieve your dreams

• Another's opinion is the least that should worry you

• Be bolder and more active

• Don't hang your nose, smile more and be positive

How to grow up
How to grow up

Love and growing up

“At different times and with different people, but it happens to everyone. The worst part of growing up is a broken heart, but it's part of life …”Angela Calderon

We usually feel like we’re starting to grow up when our hearts are broken. But there is nothing wrong with that. As children, we broke our knees and scraped our hands, learning to ride a bike. It hurt, there were tears, there was a desire to quit. But we have learned. Parents and friends helped us. But how much joy began to give us the ability to ride a bike. We drove with friends around the courtyards for distillations, enjoyed the speed of movement, rolled our comrades, traveled to the river and into the forest. There were falls and then, but we learned to endure the pain. Falls are part of cycling. So it is with love. Over time, you will learn and have fun.

Improving performance
Improving performance

Adult relationships and love are different from teenage ones. It's time to be more experienced, judicious, careful, and smart.

• Cute face or length of legs is not the main thing in a person

• Sex cannot be the only engine of a relationship.

• Don't waste time on hopeless love and relationships.

• Relationships are responsibility

• Fear of commitment is immaturity

• Excessive jealousy is not love, but your insecurity

• Selfishness and pulling the blanket in a relationship will not end well

• Understanding and willingness to find a compromise is vital

"It seems to you that you are growing up gradually, but damn it, one day it will whip you like a branch in the forest, released by those in front" Fall in love with me if you dare

If you don't grow up on your own, then one day life will hit you like a twig. Grow up yourself. It is in your power to become what you dreamed of being since childhood. Your dreams are only in your hands. Stop sitting in the nest. You are not a chick. You've already grown up. You are an eagle …

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