Men's rules and men's laws
Men's rules and men's laws

To be a man means to stop being everything that is not a man. Willpower, authority, self-respect, humanity, initiative and other traits of a man.

First the mind, then emotions - to make decisions and act guided by reason, not emotions. But do not be insensitive and suppress all emotions, but take them into account.

Willpower - to overcome all difficulties and fears to achieve the goal.

Self-respect and authority - do not let yourself be humiliated or humiliated yourself.

Keep your word - people who keep their word are trusted and respected, they can rely on him.

Thinking for yourself - constantly thinking about your actions and decisions, looking for stereotypical thinking in yourself, and not repeating after others and doing what is supposed to. Do not take anything on faith without understanding and not letting it pass through yourself. Always remember that you can be wrong, otherwise you will remain with your probably false opinion.

Independence - being able to do everything yourself, make decisions, provide and support yourself. The more independence, the more self-confidence, respect and authority. Dependence on others allows them to manipulate and use you. But you should not do everything yourself, sometimes it is wiser to ask or instruct someone else. Helping each other is great.

What is male happiness?
What is male happiness?

Responsibility - taking responsibility for your words, actions, deeds and position in life, and not blaming other people and justifying yourself by circumstances.

Blame no one - no one is to blame for anything, everyone does what he can, because of his convictions, upbringing and many other circumstances. Everyone has the right to make mistakes. It is wrong and there is no need to blame someone without having lived their life and without knowing their true motivation.

Not to beg - to beg someone to humiliate himself in front of him and be dependent on his decision. You can just ask.

Initiative - in a relationship to be a leader, a leader. Not asking, but offering, but not imposing or demanding.

Humanity - “treat people the way you want them to treat you” - think about others, put yourself in their place and try to make everyone feel good, not just you. But also remember that people may have a different worldview and other goals and desires.

Appearance - if you want loved ones to be neat and neatly dressed - match. In addition, grooming gives self-confidence and respect from the outside.

Caring but not serving - helping others do what they cannot or find it difficult to do themselves, but not do what they themselves are good at. Serve only to the superiors, parents, bosses, teachers, and even then not always.

The meaning of a man's life
The meaning of a man's life

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