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How to Build Willpower and Build Confidence
How to Build Willpower and Build Confidence

Without willpower, absolutely nothing will come of it. All businessmen, athletes, stars and other successful people have reached the top thanks to their willpower. How to develop and strengthen willpower?

Self-development, motivation, proper nutrition, daily sports … - these words are scary if your willpower requires support and support. Therefore, before moving on to full-fledged work on ourselves, let's start with the basic principles.

Collected the most effective ways to help strengthen your willpower.

Iron willpower

Set goals for yourself

Don't set goals that reflect the benefits or values of others. For example, if you become a doctor just because your parents wanted it, then you choose a goal that is relevant to them. Try to formulate your goals based on what you want and what your own values tell you.

Avoid intruders

Oftentimes, confidence in our willpower is undermined by … our friends. If your friends are preventing you from following new habits, then your job is to figure out why they want to hinder you. Is this because they have an idea of the changes you want to make in your life and are seriously concerned about your success? Or is it because they are not that reliable friends?

The qualities of a real man. Who is a real man and how to be?
The qualities of a real man. Who is a real man and how to be?

You don't have to turn your back on all your friends just because from now on you are becoming a different person. You can get into the habit of interacting with positive people. For example, make it a rule to communicate only with those whose company you value and with whom you want to become even closer.

Bet on the future

The strength of a habit is equal to its cumulativeness. While smoking one cigarette, you will not do much harm to health, but smoking thousands of cigarettes a year, you not only destroy it, but also successfully form one of the most disgusting habits that a person can have. An action whose single execution has a low magnitude becomes a problem if it is repeated regularly.

The same principle underlies good habits. A cup of green tea will not have a significant effect on the body, but drinking enough green tea regularly over the course of several years will have a beneficial effect on you.

When you tend to think in the short term, your inner voice often tells you something like "Today I am ready to push myself to the limit and give my best 200%." As a result of this approach, we do not get enough sleep, we eat whatever we get, and the rehabilitation period takes quite a long time, during which it is impossible to work normally. It may be that these efforts lead to quick, good, but short-term results, but in the long run, working in such a mode robs you of productivity.

Better to be aggressive. How to get aggressive?
Better to be aggressive. How to get aggressive?

Ask for help

You will be surprised how happy people will be to help you and how much benefit it will bring them. You can go even further and involve social structures. Whether you like it or not, your friends, family, and coworkers are seriously affecting your life, but you probably haven't wondered yet how to use this to achieve your goals. But again, you need to remember that it's not just you. Asking others for support gives you the opportunity to support them.

If we recognize this, then we will come to understand how successful teamwork helps in achieving personal goals.

Don't overdo it

The process of forming new habits is effective, but requires a lot of effort. New patterns should be inextricably linked to some specific important mission, and not just exist for their own sake. In other words, don't eat healthy foods because it's generally accepted as good, but choose the right foods because you want to live longer, prolong years of physical activity, or start looking your best.

Plan your business correctly

How often it seems to us that time flies forward. One can only wonder: where does it disappear to? Life sometimes turns into chaos. Especially when we do not know how to manage our time and plan things correctly. And if we know how to plan, then we increase productivity, reduce stress levels and are able to get things done.

The unspoken rules of friendship that everyone should know
The unspoken rules of friendship that everyone should know

If you need to visit the gym three times a week, finish a large project on time or not be late for a business trip, organizers will help you. By planning, you create a roadmap for yourself that you will follow. If we do not save time on planning things, then we get a solid reward in the form of not having to keep everything in our head so as not to forget something important. And since when planning we operate with real time and allocate the necessary amount for each task, we reduce the danger of not doing something simply because "we did not have enough time."

Monitor your physiological condition

One day you manage to resist, the next day you give in. Perhaps you are asking yourself: "What was I just thinking ?!" But it's better to ask the question: "What was my body doing?" According to scientists, self-control is a matter of physiology, not just psychology. It is the transient state of mind and body that gives you the self-control and self-control so that you can overcome your impulses. Researchers are gradually beginning to understand what this attitude depends on and why it is often hampered by the complexity of the modern world. The good news is that you can learn to induce this physiological state when you especially need willpower, and even train your body to stay in this state, so that when temptation arises, your instinctive response is self-control.

How to be really strong? It's time to rebel
How to be really strong? It's time to rebel

Report to your friends

In many areas of life there is a place for the eternal confrontation between actions that will help to quickly solve one problem here and now, and others, the effect of which does not come soon, but at the end of this path many problems can be solved. For example, building willpower is an incredibly time-consuming process, but once the desired effect is achieved, you are able to successfully complete any difficult tasks outside your usual responsibilities. if your willpower is weak or is not better than most, then you will have to rely only on habits to cope with all matters.

Therefore, you can develop the habit of being accountable to yourself in all your actions, but if you are unable to keep yourself in check or are fighting a very difficult, ingrained habit, then you can account for your actions to a friend.

Use accountability only for the most challenging and critical challenges. This increases awareness of the approach and diligence, but only through interaction (albeit minimal) with someone else. However, it is also a good way to ditch your self-confidence, so use this method only when you are seriously concerned about the success of the venture.

Don't be overly self-critical

A little constructive self-criticism never hurts as it encourages us to grow and become better. But self-criticism that is too strong or wrong can be extremely harmful to us. People often become the fiercest critics of themselves. Sometimes we go too far in self-criticism.

Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen?
Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen?

We can only scold ourselves with the last words for forgetting the keys. Or when we are given time off, we begin to think that, apparently, we are not considered very valuable workers. These kinds of negative thoughts can be very addictive and have extremely negative effects on us. They prevent us from feeling satisfaction in life and become the main cause of our low self-esteem and loss of self-confidence.

Reward yourself

When determining the path to a goal or developing motivation programs, add a playful element by linking the successful completion of individual stages with rewards and creating conditions for competition between people or teams. Small rewards on the way to your goal will help you develop good habits.

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