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How to be cool, confident and cool
How to be cool, confident and cool

How to build your masculinity and show the world who has steel balls here? Developing self-confidence, communicating with girls, behavior and habits of a tough guy. Many people wonder - why do women fall for tough guys? Not because they are scum - nobody likes scum. Rather, it is because they are confident and assertive - in other words, sexy. This is what you need to strive for in order to build your masculinity and show the world who has steel balls here!

1. Behavior and habits of the tough guy

1.1 First of all, be a man. You have your time, your plans, your dreams, and you don't have to coordinate all this with someone or adjust to someone. If you don't like something, you shouldn't love it. Be clear about your tastes and don't be afraid to tell others about it.

Decide on your values. What do you like? What do you hate? What is unique about you? Know your worth, know who you are.

1.2 Become the center of your world. You live to be happy yourself - the rest are secondary.

Prioritize yourself and your life. If you consider yourself important, others will see it. Many people are drawn to those who are important.

How to make friends: instructions for making social contacts
How to make friends: instructions for making social contacts
Someone else's opinion shouldn't matter more than yours. You need to be confident in yourself - both alone and in public.

Move smoothly and slowly. This will show your serene state and help you to relax yourself.

1.4 Stop asking permission. Good boys always wait for approval or permission before taking action. Be decisive and “take the bull by the horns”. Don't wait for someone else's approval, you don't need it.

When you are with a girl - instead of asking: "Can I kiss you?" - take and kiss! Ask not “Will you go on a date with me?”, But “when will we meet, on Friday or Saturday?”.

Get your opinion on everything from the best restaurant in the area to the most exciting time. Know what you want and get it.

A real man is not a freak or a pervert. Be confident, but don't be bullshit. If a person does not want to kiss, communicate or something else, do not impose on you. Do not forget that as you are the center of the universe for yourself, so the other person is also a king and a god for yourself.

1.5 Be a leader. Don't wait for someone to tell you what to do. If the group doesn't know what to do, make the decision for yourself. Be a leader and lead the weak.

The strongest character traits
The strongest character traits
The tough guy is not afraid to voice his opinion out loud and in the eyes. He, in fact, does not care about the reaction of others - after all, he does not need to adapt to anyone. If you like this girl, say so.

Sometimes girls like rude courtesies. If the tough guy and the good-boy stare at the girl's chest, then when they are noticed, the bad guy will not hide it, and the good-boy will shyly look away. Honesty in such a situation will be perceived better.

1.7 Be independent. Don't need anyone else. It's good when someone is around, but your happiness shouldn't depend on them. The fewer people you need, the more people you need. Create and plan your entertainment.

Have hobbies, hobbies that you can spend time with.

Don't make relationships with people your main or only source of happiness. When you are happy on your own, others will be drawn to you.

Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength
Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength
The tough guy knows that he is important and valuable to himself more than the rest. He knows himself better than anyone else, and therefore his opinion is more valuable than others. He must respect himself, only then will the others respect him.

Determine the standard by which you will or will not accept people. You also don't have to put up with people who don't respect you.

1.9 Be strong both physically and emotionally. As a man, you need to be the foundation on which your family, friends, or the woman you love can stand. Stop whining, because tears will not help the cause. There is a problem - shut up and solve. You are not a sucker.

If you have a problem, remember that absolutely everything is within your power, and you will cope with any obstacle on the way.

Exercise daily (same exercise) can help relieve stress and focus on business.

2. Building self-confidence

2.1 Know yourself. Have principles, ideals, goals. Strive for self-improvement.

2.2 Be fit. You don't have to be a bodybuilder, but a healthy body is a must. Plus, by keeping your body in shape, you'll also take care of your morale. Just that you can stand up for yourself in a rework is already a good base for self-confidence.

A man needs adventure in difficult and critical moments in life
A man needs adventure in difficult and critical moments in life
Work on your career and personal goals. You don't need to have millions to be confident, you just need to be proud of yourself. Success will make you feel like you are the main one at this celebration of life and will give you an incentive to conquer new heights. Never give up: until you give up, there is no failure.

2.4 Don't reject help. If you have psychological trauma or weakness, do not be afraid to seek help from psychologists. Know - this is a sign of strength, because a real man does not ignore personal problems, but solves them!

2.5 Be cocky. Be the alpha male, you must be able to put the interlocutor in place with your weighty word. Do not go too far and do not stoop to dirty insults.

3. About matters of the heart

3.1 The tough guy knows what he wants. If you only want sex, don't hide it. The same goes for long-term relationships.

3.2 You should be a "guy with eggs" relationship. Choose a place where you are going to have dinner, give your hand without being reminded, kiss it if you feel “the very moment”. Be responsible and make decisions.

About matters of the heart
About matters of the heart

3.3 Be original. The bad guy should be able to surprise. Feeling stagnant in your relationship - do something incredible to make your crush squeal with delight!

3.4 Respect your companion. You must be independent from each other. You have a right to your friends, your habits, and your personal time. This will make your time together much more valuable.

How to expand your social circle?
How to expand your social circle?


Becoming a tough guy will take time. You are clay. Change your shape and then you will become firm and unshakable.

Watch the films: Fight Club, 300 Spartans, The Last Samurai, Always Say Yes, Pickup Rules.

Trust yourself first and question the opinions of others.

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