How to be a good friend and be interesting
How to be a good friend and be interesting

Selfless relationships between people based on trust, sincerity, sympathy, common interests and hobbies. This is true friendship. How is a good friend different from just a good person or friend?

Let's explore three of the most popular misconceptions about best friends and find out how a good friend differs from a bad one. Now you know if you are a good friend and if you have one.

1. Favors

A popular theory is that a good friend is someone you can call at three in the morning and ask him to come to the forest with a shovel. And a good friend will come. Of course he will come. But actually, if you think about it, a good friend would do the same.

Remember how many times you have had to do some strange favors for people with whom you may be close, but not enough to call them your best friends? How many times have you dragged yourself somewhere for the sake of which you absolutely did not want, simply because you could not refuse in time? Borrowed money? Have you sat with a sick child? Met from the airport? We went to the same forest with unclear intentions.

This may make you a good person, but it doesn't necessarily make you a good friend. Conversely, not all people who do you a big favor can be called your best friends.

How to find a group of friends
How to find a group of friends

The difference between a real friend and a good person is that the friend does not need to be asked. The friend usually proposes himself. And even more often, a friend does good to you in silence.

Not all the time, not every day. But there are times in life when a person does not ask to be saved, but in fact he needs to be saved. Only a best friend can do that.

2. True

Another not the most successful, but very tenacious folk wisdom - a friend always speaks the truth. Besides the fact that truth is generally highly overrated, in the hands of a professional it can become a weapon of mass destruction. The truth can hurt a little, seriously injure or just finish off a person. Not to mention the fact that truth is a very subjective and relative thing.

Of course, it's good when there is a person who always tells you the truth. Only for some reason most often this person turns out to be your relative, with whom you have a difficult relationship. All this does not mean that a good friend should lie to you and that you, as a good friend, should lie to you.

The secret is that "truth" has nothing to do with friendship at all.

A good friend doesn't always tell the truth, but a good friend always says exactly what you need to hear at that particular moment, no matter what.

Think about it, a person who, if not always, then at least very often manages to find the right words, you, as a rule, consider your best friend. Sometimes a good friend has to tell the truth. And sometimes a good friend has to shut up and not say anything at all. And just hug.

Gentleman. What will it give you to be a gentleman?
Gentleman. What will it give you to be a gentleman?

3. In sorrow and in joy

A person's lack of a best friend most of all feels when something bad happens to him. We all need support. We need a person who, in this difficult moment, when you are weak and helpless, will not let you down, will not leave you. These are the people we consider our best friends, and more often than not we are right.

But only a good friend is not tested by grief. A good friend is tested by joy. Of course, it is important that the best friend in trouble does not leave, does not ask too much, and how is it sung further in the children's song. But people who think that this is the end of their friend's duties have never experienced real success.

Those who have gone through this will tell you that more often they lost friends not when they were in trouble, but when they were at the top.

A person is so made - it is much easier for him to be a reliable and loyal friend in relation to the weak. At that moment, when you feel bad, quite a lot of people will gather to support you.

And you, of course, should be very grateful to all of them. But when you stop feeling bad and, on the contrary, something amazing happens to you, take a look around and see how many good friends you have left.

The hardest thing to endure is not someone else's grief, but someone else's joy.

Here is the person who did not abandon you in trouble, but then did not abandon you at the peak of success, and is your best friend.

The unspoken rules of friendship that everyone should know
The unspoken rules of friendship that everyone should know

And you don't need to think that you yourself are bad because you envied your friend's success. You are not bad. You are just a human being. Your best friend may envy you dearly, but he will still be much more happy for you than you are for yourself.

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