Motivational yet destructive myths
Motivational yet destructive myths

By themselves, myths can keep you from achieving your goal. Unfortunately, there are enough destructive myths that you have been stuffed with all your life. Here is some of them.

You can become whatever you want

It's a lie. Not everyone can be everything they want. Someone has to do what none of us wants to do. Not everyone can become a model, professional basketball player, or movie star. First, you can be short, fat, and ugly. This immediately eliminates the likelihood of becoming a model. And you may not have the talent or ability to become a professional athlete or actor, although I admit that there are tons of mediocre actors out there who are pretty decent at their jobs.

You can become what your potential allows you to become and what you are willing to put your time and effort into, and what you have talent for. It's true - nothing more, nothing less.

You can do whatever you want

Wrong. Like the previous myth, this one can only lead to disappointment. You can only do what you are predisposed to. But you actually have more talent and can do more than you ever imagined.

How to find out the secret? How to find out and get the information you need?
How to find out the secret? How to find out and get the information you need?

You can have whatever you want

If this were true, I would have much more than I really have. The truth is that you can have everything that you think you deserve, and towards which you can take constructive action using your abilities, thoughts and words.

The problem with these three myths is the word "want." You don't get what you want, but what you work on.

You become what you think about

No doubt this is a lie! You don't become what you think about all day. Otherwise, most teenage boys would become girls. Instead of seeing in the mirror a bald, bearded middle-aged guy with earrings in his ears, I would see something much more attractive there.

You attract what you put effort and attention into. The truth is this: you become what you think, talk about, and work towards. Only the combination of these three components makes the goal achievable.

As long as you are positive, everything in your life will be wonderful

Another lie! A positive attitude will not help prevent trouble. It only helps to cope with adversity. You will have ups and downs. You will have car accidents, illnesses, the roof will leak, and the people you love will get sick and die. This is life. It happens to everyone, regardless of their mood. How we deal with these events is important, and a positive attitude helps us in this.

How much to keep up with?
How much to keep up with?

Be yourself

Stupid advice! What if you're a fool? What if you're an idiot? If you are an idiot, then stop being yourself and try to understand how you can become someone else, even if it just means to stop being an idiot.

You are perfect

One could argue about this for a long time, but instead, let me express my opinion on this myth. Yes, spiritually you are perfect. God loves you and accepts you for who you are. I love the thought, I find it soothing, and you probably do too.

So spiritually speaking, this is true - you are perfect. Practically speaking, however, you are not perfect. You probably need to change a lot of yourself in order to become a person with whom other people will enjoy dealing.

As long as the Lord accepts you as you are, everyone else will not accept you. We want you to be pleasant, discreet and easy-going. Otherwise, we won't hire you, we won't buy anything from you, we won't marry you, or we won't marry you, or we won't be your friend. And you will grow old in loneliness and poverty. So understand this and change.

There are no problems, there are only opportunities

Have you heard that? Motivation gurus love this statement. I wonder what planet they are from? I have problems. Point. These are not possibilities. These are problems. And they must be dealt with as problems. Of course, there are some romantics who claim that "every cloud has a silvery glow." But not where I was born. Sometimes the sky is black, and then it rains and thunder rumbles, the weather is terrible. And in this case, there will be only one thing left - to hide. The clouds do not have a silvery glow; better prepare for a tornado!

Indian wisdom
Indian wisdom

The people who say this have good intentions. I know that they are trying to make you understand that everything bad hides something positive in itself. However, swallowing motivational clichés when you really feel bad is stupid.

The problem is the problem. The grievances are real. The pain is there. These are the realities of life. No need to sweeten the pill. While every problem can teach us an important lesson, it still needs to be called a problem and dealt with like a problem.

Live 110%

Of course, that's enough. Just stand up and do something 110%. Doesn't it work? But that's what all motivational gurus say. I heard it myself. Some of them will even sell you small lapel pins with "110" on them, so you can prove to others what a gullible idiot you are.

You cannot do something 110%. It's impossible. 100% is all you can. This is maximum. There is no 110% and you cannot achieve that kind of productivity.

It is as if the pilot announced that the plane would be extremely full. No, this cannot be. It can just be filled. 100% filled. It cannot be more than fulfilled. If the plane is more than 100% full, then someone will probably not fly.

This really isn't a problem for most people. Very few people are ready to take on the challenge and do something more than 100%, because most people are quite happy using only 60% of their capabilities. Most people work long enough not to get fired. If you are getting close to 100%, I applaud you. You are in the minority.

How to stop being naive?
How to stop being naive?

Yes, my claim is that you cannot be 110% effective. But still, I believe that you can do more than you think. You can always give more. But you cannot give more than you have. And you have 100%.

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