Self-development and achievement of the desired goals
Self-development and achievement of the desired goals

No one will pull you out of the hole and help you climb to the top of success except yourself. Self-development is what you need to achieve your goal.

This is a selection of tips to help you grow, not stand still. How to be productive? How to get rid of unpleasant feelings? How to part with the old and take a step towards the dream?

1. Be flexible

Is it hard to abandon your plans? Don't like to postpone events? Being principled and not adapting can lead to stress and bad moods. Do not stand your ground to the last of the principle, do not stick to the schedule, so as not to seem like a mattress. Be flexible and things will get easier.

2. Don't surf the internet during your productivity hours

Many are worried about the question: how to deal with Internet addiction? It's very simple: determine your most productive hours, and during this time, do not surf the Internet. It can be as little as two to three hours a day.

3. Listen to your biorhythms

One small effort can make a big difference. After all, it's not difficult to drink coffee not immediately, but two hours after waking up? Or rearrange an important meeting and workout on your schedule? Always On Time provides tips on how to synchronize your social and biological schedules to be more efficient, healthier, and happier.

Tibetan Monks' Wise Advice for All People
Tibetan Monks' Wise Advice for All People

4. Make your choices consciously

Every time you need to make a choice, think: "Will it bring me closer to my dream or away from it?" Always choose what brings you closer to what you want.

5. Stay on course

How often have you answered “yes” to someone's request, personal or work, without even thinking about what you were actually asked? How often have you hated what you are doing and thought, "Why did I just sign up for this?" Constantly ask yourself the question: “Am I doing this?”, And then there will be no problems with saying “no”.

6. Use any minute

There are almost fifteen hundred minutes in a day. The secret is to learn how to use small chunks of time for your priority tasks, while reducing the time spent rocking and preparing. Are you in line? Read the post on our blog. Are you taking an elevator? Set a priority for today and take action!

7. Make the effort

We grow only when something is difficult for us. Giving a book to a friend when there is no extra money is more valuable than giving a plane, being Roman Abramovich.

8. Change your T-shirt

You've probably met people who play the OKD card - Blame Someone Else. The author of the book S. U. M. O. calls it "the victim's shirt." Imagine for a moment what it says on your T-shirt how you feel. Victims wear T-shirts with the words “I’m not to blame”, “Life is not fair”, “I have never been lucky”. What is your shirt today? Maybe it's time to change it?

Kill the enemy within you! How to stop being your own enemy?
Kill the enemy within you! How to stop being your own enemy?

9. Remove excess

Sometimes just changing your shirt isn't enough. It happens that you need to get rid of a thing once and for all. In The Agile Mind, there is a tip: Imagine that an obstacle has taken shape in one of the items you are wearing: a hat, ring, scarf, sweater, or shoe. Remove this item and you will feel freer and calmer.

10. Put things in order

The mess in the house is read by the brain as a feeling that you are not in control of the situation. This leads to stress, and stress often leads to overeating and other problems. Start tidying up your life from your desktop.

11. Challenge

Try Hell Week. It's a very energizing and inspiring thing. It reveals everything that is valuable within you. After all, every person has great dreams that speak of who he is - or at least who he wants to become. Over the years, we forget about them. We stop believing.

12. Go for an interview

Are you not going to leave your seat yet? Does not matter! Try going for an interview where you are most likely not to be taken: it could be a position above yours or a related profession. This exercise is liberating and allows you to see what you are missing for your dream job.

13. Dissolve Old Ideas

Is your head full of ideas, but not "the one"? Maybe it's time to put things in order? Write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper and tear it apart. You must be open to new ideas and solutions.

How to unleash your potential? 5 habits of the mighty to learn
How to unleash your potential? 5 habits of the mighty to learn

14. Ask questions

The next time you are busy with something ordinary, think a little about the following questions. Do I feel peace of mind? Do I need to get rid of unnecessary things, change, grow or strengthen something in myself? Do you listen to your feelings? Sherlock Holmes was able to distinguish 75 smells - what smells do you smell right now? What do you hear? How does your pulse beat and how do you breathe? What's the most beautiful thing you see right now? Do you have any taste right now?

15. Get creative

Several years ago, the Journal of Public Health published the results of a study in which scientists tried to understand how creative activities affect the state of the body. Patient observations have shown that therapeutic programs related to painting, writing and theatrical arts significantly reduce anxiety levels, help cope with stress and relieve depression.

16. Identify competitors on the way to the dream

One of the main reasons why people do not cope with the task at hand is the presence of competing goals (without realizing it). For example, someone loves to eat, but wants to lose weight, and some athletes, while exercising, feel guilty because they do not spend this time with their family. In difficult times, competing tasks slow down or interrupt the process of completing one of them. Therefore, you need to make sure that the test is important to you - and this is the first step to achieving the goal.

Different sides of life or how to please yourself
Different sides of life or how to please yourself

17. Good in small

Find good in small. Perhaps today you are grateful for a bright and sunny day. And another time - for the snow! Rejoice and enjoy all the variety and all the little things in life. Answer the question right now: what makes you happy at this moment?

18. Get Rid of Anxiety Before Sleep

Complete all difficult tasks a few hours before bedtime and try to get rid of disturbing thoughts. Find some routine activity, listen to calm music, do not be loaded with unnecessary information. During the night, the brain consolidates the information received the day before, so your morning mood depends on the evening one.

19. Drink lots of green tea

According to scientists, phytonutrients contained in green tea slow down the aging process, and also reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Thanks to the polyphenols that this drink is rich in, hippocampal cell renewal is accelerated, and as a result, memory and learning ability are improved.

20. Plan your reading

Decide which book will be next before reading the previous one.

Create a queue of books "to read" and / or "to download" in the reader. If you are interested in a book, it is better to immediately, this very minute, add it to your wish list.

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