How to win the heart of a pretty girl
How to win the heart of a pretty girl

Any pretty girl will have a crowd of fans who want to date her. But you are not a bastard either. How to win a girl's heart?

Every day you have to suffer, watching how the love of your life is surrounded by crowds of fans and knowing that only you really love her? Jealousy, hatred and a sense of loss are all the feelings that fill you now. But all you have to do is win her heart. Below you can find out how to do this.

1. Beginning

1.1 Don't rush things. Let the relationship develop gradually. She may be intimidated by your excessive push. Gradually, your feelings for her will intensify and develop, as will your relationship.

1.2 Be bold. Most girls like men who are confident, but not selfish. Just walk up to her and start a simple conversation. She will understand that they are interested in her. Start with some simple phrase:

“You have such a beautiful dress. Did you sew it yourself?"

“Sorry, I'm new here. Can you tell me where the library is?"

“Hi, my name is [your name]. I think you are an interesting person. Can I steal a couple of minutes of your time?"

1.3. Chat with other girls. This is not the same as flirting with other girls, which would be inappropriate in our situation. If you communicate with other girls, your chosen one will understand that other girls trust you, consider you a reliable friend, and that it is easy to communicate with you. If it turns out that other girls say good things about you, then this is another big step.

What about the one whom the girls call "damn good" or "devilish good"?
What about the one whom the girls call "damn good" or "devilish good"?

Make friends with her friends, it's not that hard. We know this can be difficult, but just try. If her friends like you, then there will be a better chance of winning her. After all, girls often consult with their friends. Make sure they have a good impression.

1.4. Always watch yourself. Women love the smell of clean and tidy clothes! This means that if a man takes care of himself, then he will be pleasant to her. Conversely, poor hygiene can ruin all your plans. Believe it or not, fresh, clean-smelling hair is a huge plus. And the smell of a clean body is a must for every guy. Here are three tips to help you improve your hygiene:

Rain or sun, sweat or not, shower every day. If time permits, it is better to be too clean than not clean enough. Keep track of how clean you are and how you smell. Especially if you go in for sports - this is a must for you.

Shave or trim your facial hair every day. Most women like men without facial hair: they are prickly and go only to very adult men. So shave off your stubble every day.

Use deodorant, not cologne. Many guys think they can hide their natural body odor with cologne or eau de toilette. In fact, the mixture of body odor and cologne smells even worse. Girls will love the natural scent more than this perfume horror. If you need to apply cologne, use it very carefully and in small quantities.

111 intimate questions for a girl to help seduce her
111 intimate questions for a girl to help seduce her

1.5. If you manage to make the girl laugh, then you have a much better chance. But don't overdo it. Let her first become your best friend, and then join the battle. It's important for a girl to know that she can trust you, that you won't break her heart because you really care about her. Girls love to laugh and will laugh at all things, even if they are not funny.

1.6. Be sincere. Compliments, flirting, joking, caring - none of this will matter if you are not sincere. If you decide to compliment the girl, think about what you like about her, gather courage and tell her, just tell the truth.

It's okay if you disagree with her, just don't pressure her, respect her opinion and give reasons why you disagree with her. Who knows? She may even start to respect you more, because this will show that you have an opinion.

1.7. Prove that you really like her. Show her that you are not just passionate or want to drag her into bed. Ask her to tell about herself, talk to her. Don't just expect kisses. Listen to her and make eye contact.

1.8. Compliment her. It is difficult for girls to please with compliments: everyone wants to feel confident, but it is very difficult to find the right words. Plus, having a few kind words will help you pave the way for the future. Pay attention to these tips when you're ready to show her that you are more than just a friend:

What is the right way to touch a girl? Tactile communication
What is the right way to touch a girl? Tactile communication

Find out who she feels like. If she has a sporty spirit, encourage her to win and play sports. If your chosen one is a thinker, praise her for clever thoughts. Whatever she thinks of herself, praise her for what she likes best about herself.

Try to compliment her personality more. There is no need to constantly talk about her external beauty; all girls like to feel beautiful, but it is just as important for them that intelligence and character are appreciated in them. If you want to compliment her looks, use themes like this:







Try these compliments. These are just sketches, so come up with more appropriate ones for your situation and your girlfriend.

"Sorry, I'm embarrassed, but I'm always nervous around pretty girls."

"They probably tell you this a lot, but I like the way you think."

“I love the way your eye color matches your dress. Do your parents have blue eyes too?"

How to win a girl's heart
How to win a girl's heart

2. Getting to know her better

2.1 Remember the color of her eyes. It's easy to do this by looking her in the eyes as often as possible while you are talking.

2.2 Flirt with her. You've probably already started flirting with her, giving her compliments and just talking. It's time to take it to the next level and show her what you want.

Whatever you do, imagine only good results and success. Flirting will not work if you are not confident in yourself and that you can win the heart of your beloved. Do what you like or wait until you win an important match or get first place in the exhibition and start flirting.

What is love
What is love

Break down barriers. Start with safe touch. Touch her hand when you say something important or joke; pat her back gently as you cheer her up; touch your shoulder whenever you want to get her attention.

Tease her. It’s best to joke about what she’s confident about so that you don’t get the impression that you’re trying to hurt her, not tease her. For example, if she has good grades, say something like, “I don’t want to do this assignment with you, but I’ll have to do everything myself.”

2.3 Do not play games. This will only waste time and the relationship will go nowhere. If you try to start a relationship with lies (for example, by saying that you just ended a long-term relationship, but in fact you did not have any girlfriend), then most likely everything will end in tears. If you see that a girl is looking for one thing in a relationship, and you are looking for a completely different one, you do not need to pull. Tell her what you are looking for and explain what really matters to you.

Don't pretend to be touchy unless you are sure it will work. Believe it or not, some guys try to look unavailable. And in most cases, girls mistake this behavior for indifference.

2.4 Be a trusted friend. Most girls want to trust someone and know that they will be supported in difficult times. Even if she is doing well, let her know that you are wondering how her day went. If you know she has plans after work or school, ask her how it went. If you let her know that you like her, she will take all the hints. You don't even need to talk about it directly.

A girl doesn't respect a guy or a man
A girl doesn't respect a guy or a man

If you talk about your plans, do what you say. If you are just chatting, you will not be trusted. Girls (and guys) don't like it when people talk a lot, but they never keep their promises. Don't be like that.

Monitor your reputation. Try to be the guy she would like to date. This means:

Treat girls well and not hurt them.

Have friends who support you in difficult times.

To be someone that everyone loves and respects.

2.5 Offer her your jacket if she is cold. You will be even more impressed by removing the jacket from you and throwing it over her shoulders, first making sure the jacket is clean and smells good. By doing so, you show her that you care about her. She will feel safe.

2.6 Take an interest in her mood. Ask her how the day went. This is an easy way to show her that you are interested in what she does and that you care about her. When she starts talking, all your attention should be on her. Look into her eyes. Most importantly, don't interrupt. Ask questions to show her that you are listening to her and give your opinion.

3. Time for decisive action

3.11 Share your emotions. If she gets an excellent mark on her test, celebrate together! If she's having a bad day, let her know that you understand how bad she is and want her to feel better. Ask her if there is any way she can be helped or reassured.

How to meet a good girl who is not familiar with clubs and dating sites?
How to meet a good girl who is not familiar with clubs and dating sites?

If you know a way to cheer her up, use it when she is upset. Maybe she likes that special kind of ice cream that is only sold on the other side of town. Maybe she likes teddy bears. Whatever it is, take a step to show her how important she is to you.

3.2 Love her weirdness. Nobody is perfect, but if you see too many flaws, we have a problem. You must love her for her features, for her uniqueness. Tell her about it.

If she is not sure of something, this is the moment when the girl should be encouraged. Say something like, “I love your freckles. They highlight your beauty. " Simple words like these will cheer her up and show that you like her the way she is.

Be especially careful if she is not very confident in herself. Most girls (and guys) are not completely sure about their character or appearance. The better you get to know her, the more you will learn about her fears. Do not draw attention to them, talk about her merits more often.

3.3 Make her feel the most beautiful. You can say so directly. Girls love to be complimented and to hear that they are beautiful, but don't overdo it, especially if you know each other recently. Just say something like, "You look good today" more often to cheer her up. But only say it sincerely. If you are lying, she will no longer trust your opinion in other matters.

Sex solves most male problems. Why do you need whores and where can I find them?
Sex solves most male problems. Why do you need whores and where can I find them?

3.4 Develop your communication skills. Talk about all the interesting things that come to mind, or share the story of someone you know. You've probably already asked her a bunch of questions, but she probably doesn't know a lot about you. Tell her about something that you can easily talk about, or maybe even something that has always been embarrassed to say.

3.5 Ask her out on a date if you haven't already. Getting into the dating phase will be the hardest part of the plan. If you go out on a few dates, you can tell very quickly if she really is the girl of your dreams. But it is not so easy to decide on an invitation. Fortunately, you are confident, calm, and have a plan:

You don't have to say it's a date. It can be embarrassing for both of you to call a date a date. Instead, say something like, “I have two tickets for that new movie on Saturday, but my friend is sick. Would you like to come with me?"

Increase your chances of a successful date by coming up with something exhilarating, something that will increase her heartbeat. It could be a dread room, a rollercoaster amusement park, or a horror movie. Dating such an exhilarating date will make you feel like you went through something together and help you create a special bond.

Be a gentleman. Open doors for her, pay for lunch, and don't expect her to kiss you on your first date. Let everything take its course and she will be comfortable. If she feels calm, she will melt in your hands.

On the choice between girls, temptations and a beautiful field
On the choice between girls, temptations and a beautiful field

If she reveals her weaknesses to you, don't be afraid to show her your weaknesses.

Put yourself in her shoes. What does she like to talk about? How does she react to criticism? How is she different from other girls? What is she proud of? Answer these questions from her point of view.

3.6 Always let her know that you love her. Love her for who she is. And show it. This is the most important step. If she knows that you love her, she will try hard for a relationship.

How to win a girl's heart
How to win a girl's heart


Be honest.

If a girl takes you away from your friends to a quiet place, chances are she wants to ask you out on a date. Still, there is a chance that she will ask a completely different question.

When you talk to her, look at her lips, then in her eyes, then again at her lips (when she speaks). Subconsciously, she wants to kiss you.

Be confident in yourself. Walk, speak and act with confidence. Be a leader. Become her protector.

Don't be overly assertive. Let her sometimes call or text first (but still send her SMS from time to time to show that you think about her, but do not overdo it).

If you like it, wait for it. Each end is the beginning of something new and a new opportunity for you; but if you really like it, you will wait for it.

How do you know when the relationship is over?
How do you know when the relationship is over?

Respect her. First of all. She is special and unique. Even if your best friend offends her, don't tolerate it. After all, you love her, don't you?

Flirt with her. Tease her a little, and when she responds in kind, give her a joke. It's very funny. However, girls are touchy, so make sure you don't hurt her and let her have the final say.

Speak to her politely, especially if you are having an argument. Be a calm man; it will become your best feature.

Be interesting. Always speak cheerfully and energetically, no matter the topic. Never look down when talking to her. Even if you're sad, show your enthusiasm anyway.

Sometimes methods of indirect communication (for example, texting) can give the impression of mystery and intrigue, but nothing beats face-to-face communication. May you have more such communication.

Don't be petty. Don't complain about everything.

The first step doesn't always work, but it can help if you know her well enough. Wait for the right moment, for example, if she is upset, or say something nice if she is scared.

If you are trying to win over a girl you barely know, you will of course need to develop your relationship gradually. If you want to immediately become a friend or a soul mate from a friend, then most likely you will earn yourself adhesion fame.

How do girls flirt? How do you know that a girl likes you?
How do girls flirt? How do you know that a girl likes you?

If she takes the first step, react and flirt with her.

If this is your first time asking her out, give her a red rose.

Be persistent and keep things as natural as possible. Be calm in any situation. Even if she has a boyfriend, they won't date for long if you're better than him. Be faithful. The test of time will show who has always been with her.

Moving on to serious conversations can be difficult. It will be embarrassing if you force things, so be patient. The best way to get ahead in a relationship is to not always make her the center of your attention. For example, go camping with friends, do anything together to get to know her better. You can bring a friend to a meeting to feel more confident.

Get closer and talk to her relative. Make a good impression of yourself, and may next time she hears only good reviews about you.

Make sure you have fun together. Relax and have fun with her. The worst thing is to watch a couple in which a guy tries to make a girl laugh, and it looks unnatural.

Knights exist! Open doors. Help her wash the dishes. Take out the trash when you visit her. She will love it! So you will be able to win her heart.

Don't be afraid to talk about your feelings. She will see that you are not ashamed of her.

Don't spend your entire life on one girl unless you are confident that you will be happy in your marriage or relationship. Always remember to burn yourself.

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