How to meet girls and look for a girlfriend
How to meet girls and look for a girlfriend

In order not to while away days and nights alone, you should find yourself a girlfriend who will brighten up the harsh men's everyday life with her presence and warmth. Where to find and how to meet beautiful girls?

Whether you are looking close to home or have already climbed far away, there is always the opportunity to meet interesting women interested in you.

1. Finding suitable women

1.1 Internet. Online dating sites are a common way of meeting people with similar interests these days. Find a site you like and create a profile. You can view women who are already registered on the site and who have similar interests to yours, or you can wait for women to find you.

In a profile photo, you should look neat and friendly. Also, you have to be dressed, naked bodies - and no matter how trained and well-groomed - this is not what such a site should be.

Avoid lying. If you are older and in worse shape than you would like, there is no need to hide it. A woman who could go on a date with you will not be happy if, in a personal meeting, she discovers that you were lying to her.

If someone has written to you, please reply immediately. You don't want women to think you are lazy or disinterested.

Be open to everyone who is interested in you. If you put age or other restrictions on your wishlist, you can skip women who do not fit a little into these conditional criteria, but who would ideally suit you. Setting such restrictions is too domineering and unrealistic, it can scare off many women of your type.

How to approach a girl to meet a girl: 120 phrases for dating a girl
How to approach a girl to meet a girl: 120 phrases for dating a girl

1.2 Ask your friends. Friends, both men and women, are good intermediaries when you want to meet someone. Friends will inform you about a single woman who would like to go out on a date, it could be their sister, or a colleague, or some acquaintance.

Organize yourself, or have friends organize, a party or dinner where you might meet.

Consider a blind date with this woman.

Be sure to ask a friend or girlfriend why they think you could date this woman. This will allow you to find topics for conversation even before the meeting.

1.3 Try a dating agency. If the idea of going online seems a little too demonstrative and impersonal to you, then maybe you prefer a dating agency where agents take on all the worries of determining compatibility and organizing dating.

Many sites act as one thing and the other. So, after going to the site, pay attention to the details, you may be able to try both ways.

1.4 Think about women from work. It's up to you whether office romance is taboo or not, in some cases company rules strictly forbid anything like that. But if this is not a problem, then there are pros and cons to meeting with a colleague.

On the plus side, many of the women in your job have similar interests, schedules, and are available around the same time. What's more, you don't have to scour bars and clubs to meet them.

How to make a girl jealous and run after you?
How to make a girl jealous and run after you?

The biggest drawback is that a breakup can negatively affect work, office gossip can be very angry, and the costs of favoritism are common.

All of these problems can be solved, so if you like someone at work it might be worth giving it a try.

Never go after a woman. Don't say or do anything that she might misunderstand. Be clear, open, and considerate. Avoid profanity and ambiguous language.

Give up the idea of having a relationship or dating a woman going through a divorce.

Make personal communication personal. Don't use your work email address to serenade her. Use personal email or speak directly.

IT professionals in the firm can get whatever they want from work letters, so send only what you can safely share with the entire office.

Think hard before trying to date your boss, manager, or supervisor. You can easily be accused of favoritism, and the discrepancy in the level of power at work can cause imbalances in personal relationships, it would be harmful to both of you.

1.5 Go somewhere where the lonely spend their time. There are many opportunities to meet a single woman in the city. Some examples:

Clubs, nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

In noisy clubs, be on the lookout: opportunities to strike up a conversation are very limited, and it may turn out that you first tag a woman, and then, having already talked with her, you will find that you two are like day and night.

How to meet a girl? Tips for a successful pickup
How to meet a girl? Tips for a successful pickup

Speed dating

Parties for singles

Themed or sporting events ending with a party or get-together.

Dinners, tastings (wine, chocolate, or something else)

Cruise or some other unusual activity for singles.

1.6 Attend courses or classes. If you have a passion for something, be it cooking or sailing, then by signing up for the appropriate classes, you can meet the same "obsessed" women. You will definitely have something to talk about:

Go to the gym. Not only will you reap the benefits of training, but the gyms are often full of … yeah, you guessed it, women.

If you find yourself one of several (or even the only) men, then you will be considered something special!

1.7 Don't yawn. Life every day provides opportunities to meet women - don't miss the opportunity.

For example, while standing in line at the supermarket, talk to the woman you like behind you.

On the way home in the transport, catch the woman's gaze, make some witty remark, and then introduce yourself.

You can talk to a woman at the bus stop, in the self-service laundry, while shopping (say hello to that pretty saleswoman), during training in the gym, when you are doing something in the garden, and she walks by in the library, at the disc store (you will already know which films she prefers), at outdoor events and at sports or walking.

How to intrigue a girl?
How to intrigue a girl?

Church and local community group meetings can also help you meet women with similar ideas and beliefs. If you regularly go to such events, opportunities will surely turn up.

2. Introduce yourself beautifully

2.1 Watch your appearance. Although they say that "they are greeted by their clothes, they are escorted by their minds," but nevertheless the first impression is extremely important. It's always best to look good.

You may not like it, but already in the first moments of acquaintance you will be appreciated with an experienced eye and immediately categorized depending on what you are wearing, how well-groomed you look and whether your shoes are polished. To make it easier to meet women, watch your appearance and dress stylishly, but in accordance with your taste.

When you want to meet someone, you must be well dressed. Clothes should be in good condition, unworn, ironed if necessary (not everything should be ironed, so trust your instinct), free of holes or stains.

Watch your hairstyle. In the morning, do not be lazy to shave and comb your hair, and also go to the hairdresser at least every two months.

Leave dirty work clothes at home. Dirty, shabby clothing makes you feel insecure and certainly doesn't help you stand out from the crowd. Dirty clothes are always a signal for the opposite sex: "Thank you, I'm not interested in anything right now."

Don't go overboard with cologne. She doesn't have to catch your scent across the room.

Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship
Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship

2.2 Take action. Be the kind of man with whom the woman will feel good. Demonstrate good manners. Then chat with her about something.

Did you see a woman carrying something with difficulty? Offer help! The courteous stranger is sure to pique her interest.

You can start a conversation in any situation. Tell us about the bus schedule, tell about a good store around the corner, offer her a change if she frantically rummages in her purse at the checkout. Do not expect anything in return, even if she herself decides to reciprocate.

3. Your manners

3.1 Look friendly, it is great for meeting people. This includes friendly gestures, a smile, and a generally positive attitude.

Like grooming, gestures have a big impact on whether someone wants to approach you. What's more, your tone, speed, and speech volume also have an impact.

Look and hold yourself confidently. People immediately feel indecision, prepare mentally, if necessary, pretend to be confident!

Be positive - no one wants to listen to complaints the first time they speak to you. Even if you're not doing well right now, you don't need to tell her right away.

3.2 Look at the woman's face, not at the chest. She can be stunningly beautiful, but if you stare at her breasts, she will turn around and leave. You must show interest in the person, listen to her carefully. Make eye contact from time to time, but don't stare like crazy.

150 questions to get to know the interlocutor or interlocutor better
150 questions to get to know the interlocutor or interlocutor better

Remember the name and refer to her by name, she will subconsciously feel more comfortable.

Appreciate light, small talk. It may be just a few phrases, but it’s easier to recognize the person. Moreover, at this stage, it is not what you say that is more important, but how you do it: warmly, friendly and showing interest.

3.3 Be relaxed. Everyone gets nervous when they meet and wants something more than a light handshake. However, it's important to work through your anxiety whenever possible by reminding yourself how interesting you are.

Don't treat the meeting like an interview. It makes you show up too much and treat her the same way. If things don't go according to plan, things won't end well. Relax and treat it as a fun opportunity to meet someone without worrying about what it may or may not lead to.

If you think that you would be good for this woman, she will feel it and support it. If you act as if you are not worth her, then most likely, this is how she will treat you. Be confident and focused on the moment, this will provide the right answer.

3.4 Find some common ground. Find out what really interests her and let her talk about it. Say you share her point of view, but don't overdo it. It is important to demonstrate diplomacy, and maybe gently disagree with some point of view.

1 date with a girl. Girls' tips for the perfect date
1 date with a girl. Girls' tips for the perfect date

For example: "Yes, I am also impressed by Van Gogh's painting, but Monet is much easier." Thus, you not only agree all the time, but also diplomatically express your own point of view.

At first contact, do not talk too much about yourself, you may seem too annoying and sociable. Act like a lonely working man with a lively mind.

Women are unusually sensitive to "personal space": don't get too close. A good example: if she is sitting in a chair, sit opposite, not next. If she leans towards you - hurray!

3.5 Know when to end the conversation. If you go on too long, she may seem desperate or scheming. If you would like to meet her again, say something like, “I would like to talk more, but I need to get back to work. Let's talk some more salsa on Tuesday. " Give her the opportunity to continue. Don't exhaust the conversation - an awkward situation will arise or she may lose interest.

Don't let her end the conversation or date: if she wants to leave, say something yourself and end the meeting. She may stay longer if possible, but also come back and ask for her phone number.

Of course, there are always exceptions. If you feel like things are going well and you like each other, let the conversation flow quietly. Sometimes it will happen that way.

4. How to deal with rejection

How to get your girlfriend back after breaking up?
How to get your girlfriend back after breaking up?

4.1 You must understand that rejections are inevitable. Some women will not feel the spark and will not be interested. Treat this with respect. There is no need to force anyone, the warmth of communication will definitely not be there. Do not take refusal to heart, it is just a step towards finding the very one.

Sometimes a woman will refuse you simply because at this stage of her life she is not ready for some kind of relationship. Maybe right now she's going through a difficult divorce, maybe some kind of career move looms on the horizon, or she needs time to move away after the break. If she's worth it, give her the freedom she needs, stay friendly, and be patient. If not, wish her luck and keep looking.

4.2 Listen to your heart. Refusal does not mean that something is wrong with you. However, if you are often faced with rejection, think about your appearance, your behavior with women, or even your whole approach. You may be doing something wrong, but it's easy to fix.


Don't assume beautiful women aren't available. They have the same needs and desires as everyone else. Don't judge a person by their appearance.

Read books on how to date women. Neil Strauss' "game" is perhaps the best that can be advised. You can read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. You will learn a lot about communicating with people in general. You don't have to take everything you read on faith, but try some tips.

Cool compliments that a girl can't resist
Cool compliments that a girl can't resist

If you have a dog, take advantage of this. Walk the dog, meet other dog lovers.

Maintain concentration and tune in to the conversation. Be confident and don't forget about your goal. It is important for a woman that you are good at conversation and that you are friendly with other men. They want to see confidence without importunity, unfriendliness and anger.

Be patient. It can take time to date the right woman.

Borrow a cute nephew for a few hours and head out to the mall together. Women love men looking after a wonderful baby. Women smile and express sympathy. It will be easy to start a conversation, just point out that you are with your nephew first.

Work on your career. Success in your professional life increases the number of women who are interested in you.

If you use an iPhone or Blackberry, download the ice breaker app.


Don't overdo your analysis of the situation. Make eye contact, say hello, and talk about some innocent topic as if she were one of your buddies. Do not fall into a stupor from over thinking.

Don't press too hard. You need to be able to clearly identify if she is interested. If she touches you, takes your hand, starts shooting with her eyes, laughing at your jokes - it's all about the ointment. Do not overdo it (as, for example, for an hour thinking about what to talk about), just say the main things that she wants to know: age, who you work, education, where are you from, your motives, do you have children. A new person in life can be a challenge for her, let her get used to it.

Why are you still alone? How to find love?
Why are you still alone? How to find love?

Demonstrate good conversation skills.

You don't have to use well-worn pick-up tricks like a waitress bringing her a drink from you. You need to keep cool, and this kind of cinematic behavior does not work in real life. Respect a woman as much as you respect yourself.

Don't try to blend in with the crowd and look like everyone else at the party.

Be careful with phrases like, "you're okay." This may or may not show interest. If a woman offered to dance, then maybe she just needs a partner to dance. If she takes you off the dance floor to talk, you are in the game. If she said “I'll be right back,” and she's not back in five minutes, just shut it up.

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