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Female erogenous zones
Female erogenous zones

Let's be honest, not all men can show class in bed. How professional and competent are you in bed? Do you know how to excite and satisfy women? Map of female erogenous zones and the specificity of the impact. Be a professional and a great lover.

The female erogenous zones are much less, like in men, associated with the territory of the genitals. Almost the entire body of a woman is a map of erogenous points that you have to find.

The erogenous zones of every woman can be radically different. One woman loves nipple fondling, while another is crazy about touching her wrists. With each girl in your bed, you will have to focus on your intuition, the sounds she makes and the reactions of the female body. Some women themselves ask for certain affection, while others are shy.

When you make a new girlfriend and start experimenting in bed, you are faced with a new map of female erogenous zones. If you plan to have sex with a girl more than once, and your girlfriend is to your liking, then you will have to give her 100% pleasure. A regular sexual partner allows you to learn habits, which over time affects your satisfaction with sex. When you understand what a friend likes, where to push, how to act, it is much easier to bring her to orgasm.

How to influence the female erogenous zones?

You can work on erogenous points with your fingers, hair, lips, mouth, tongue, penis and breathing. The strength of the impact is purely individual for each point and woman. The impact on erogenous points with hands consists of pressing, rubbing, touching, ironing. With the tongue, you can draw shapes, soak the skin, and make intense pressing.

Erogenous zones in girls: how to become a master of foreplay
Erogenous zones in girls: how to become a master of foreplay

Why do women love hairy men? It's not just about temperament. Male hair has a stimulating effect on the delicate female skin. You can caress a woman with the hair on her arms or head, running them over her body.

List of additional female erogenous zones

Not the most important erogenous zones are usually fondled by women in the preparatory stage of sex - foreplay. Many men are in a hurry and forget about this stage of sex, which has a bad effect on the woman's further orgasm. It may simply not be, or the woman will imitate him, which she will then tell her girlfriends about.

Female erogenous zone number 1. Mouth

Almost all sex starts with kissing. The kiss can be gentle, rude, passionate, French. Kissing usually accompanies the entire sexual intercourse, when partners periodically "meet" faces.

Female erogenous zone number 2. Ears

Women's ears love when something interesting is whispered to them. These can be words of tenderness, love, compliments or vulgarity. You can breathe, whisper or kiss on your ear.

Female erogenous zone number 3. Neck and shoulders

The neck is a woman's “vulnerable” spot. After kissing, the men go down the women, towards the female nipples, passing along the territory of the neck. The delicate skin is good for kissing, nibbling and massaging.

Female erogenous zone number 4. Abdomen and inner thigh

The woman's tummy, as well as the navel, can be covered with kisses or licked. It's too early to reach the genitals, but lingering in the inner thigh is not a bad idea.

Erogenous zones on the body of women
Erogenous zones on the body of women

Female erogenous zone number 5. Arms and legs

The inner part of the hand is more sensitive to exposure and caress. Women's feet love stroking, and some women go crazy with caressing steps.

Female erogenous zone number 6. Back and buttocks

Erogenous points are strewn all over the back. Before foreplay, you can do a massage to relax the girl. The buttocks are less sensitive, so it is better to work with some force. The girl's ass can be stroked, crumpled, kissed or patted.

List of major female erogenous zones

What are the main female erogenous zones that you should pay attention to?

Female erogenous zone number 1. Clitoris

According to research, the most important point on a woman's body is the clitoris. It was named the main site of exposure by more than 50% of women. For fondling the clitoris, you can use about your hands, penis or tongue. A large number of erogenous points require gentleness and accuracy from a man.

Female erogenous zone number 2. Vagina, labia minora

The labia minora are located in the clitoris and are also a significant erogenous zone. About 20% of women are sensitive and like it when a man caresses this area.

Female erogenous zone number 3. Female nipples

The nipples and halos around them are also one of the main erogenous zones of a woman. When aroused, the nipples enlarge. Almost all women love it when men "play" with their breasts.

When caressing a woman, remember that our most erogenous zone is the brain. Arrange the sex itself properly and everything will be fine. Someone cheats in bed, and his girlfriend "plays" artificial orgasms. And someone is a pro in sex. Be a professional and a great lover.

What if the girl does not give?
What if the girl does not give?

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