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How to manipulate girls
How to manipulate girls

Women will give us a head start in manipulation, tricks and tricks, but this does not mean that you are defenseless. Several male tricks for manipulating girls.

They create scandals, exert psychological pressure, act up, manipulate and blackmail. No, these are not bandits, but the girlfriends of men. How to use psychological techniques yourself when communicating with girls, and emerge victorious in a moral battle? How to manipulate girls?

“Manipulating a person is a delicate matter. You will spare him - and he will follow his whims. If you are too strict, he will turn against you "The Dark Project

Confession of feelings

The phrase "I love you" means: "It's time for us to have sex!" This is the most common method of manipulating girls. This method can be used in several situations:

The girl wants to meet for a long time, and then reward with sex. You definitely don't like this. What to do in such a situation? In the early stages of a relationship, confess your feelings. This will cloud the girl's mind and remove the protection, and you will get what you want.

If a girl is sulking, offended or naughty, then confess your love. This will prevent a quarrel or an impending conflict. In addition, you can immediately have sex with a girl on the wave of "surging feelings".

How to control women and manipulate girls
How to control women and manipulate girls
How to manipulate girls
How to manipulate girls

Conversation translation

In any relationship, there are often conflicts and quarrels. But you yourself are to blame. You have no arguments or excuses. Or maybe you're just tired of arguing? Try to move the conversation to another topic. Do it instantly and effortlessly. The girl will face a dilemma. She can return to a quarrel, but at the same time she will look like a brawler, hysterical and a nervous fool. And you will turn out to be a noble gentleman, although you were to blame for the cause of the conflict.

Recognition of individuality

A compliment is the best weapon and manipulation against girls. Use the language of compliments and flattery to lull her vigilance. Let the girl feel that she is the only one in the world. Your girlfriend is unusual, unique and special. After such an attitude, the girl believes that she has found a man who finally appreciated her. And you found yourself a devoted girlfriend and sex.


Hike to cafes, flowers, small gifts and other romantic nonsense does not give her a chance to retreat. The feeling of guilt, before romance and courtship, brings a girl to bed with a man. But do not overdo it in manipulation. There are no hints of closeness and the process itself - no romance.

Girl programming

Manipulate her mood and behavior. Set the girl up for the right wave of emotions and thoughts. Tell the girl: "Don't you dare kiss me." She will think about a kiss. “I'm not handsome” - she looks for good features in you. "I'm a bad guy" - she wants to personally fix you. "I'm not addicted" - she will think about how to get her hands on you. “Don't touch me” - the girl dreams of hugs. She will resist, but you've already planted a time bomb in her mind.

How to tell if a girl is using you: 25 signs of divorce from girls
How to tell if a girl is using you: 25 signs of divorce from girls

There are many ways to manipulate a girl. Take advantage of her fears and self-doubt. Appeal to her feelings, stereotypes and behaviors.

All this is pure manipulation. Manipulating girls is ugly, dishonest and wrong, but I like …

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