How to love life, the world, others and your soul mate
How to love life, the world, others and your soul mate

How to love life, the world, others and a soul mate? What is love, feelings and relationships? A short course in love, if you do not understand anything in this life. Love is expressed by actions and experienced by feeling. However, love is a feeling that defies one single definition - it includes empathy, determination, tolerance, reliability, support, loyalty, and more. If you are in the dark about how to love, this article will give you food for thought and perhaps teach you a little about loving yourself, loving the world, and loving other people a little more.

Method 1: What is love

1. Realize the breadth of love. Love is not only romance - to define it so narrowly is to deprive yourself of the beauty of love to the fullest. Love is that feeling, drive or emotion that we usually have for people, but we can also feel for activities, for animals and for nature in general. If you're looking for it, love can be found in many places, situations, and relationships.

People share love - our parents and children, brothers and sisters, spouses and partners, halves, friends, neighbors, community members and humanity.

She is found in addictions to what they do in life, including work, hobbies, community service, and the like. It can be found in the creative process when you are “in the flow”.

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Love happens when you realize the amazing wonderfulness of life, when you realize how incredible this world is, how complex and multifaceted life is.

Love is found by observing nature, spending time with pets, studying other living creatures of this world.

Love manifests itself most when it is altruistic, when it manifests itself to a stranger whom we will never meet again.

Love cannot be postponed or classified - it is always different and always happens when your heart opens up to the beauty and awesomeness of people, things and events around you.

2. Begin to understand what love is not. Since love cannot be classified, it is sometimes difficult to tell what it is and what it is not. But in general, people believe that love is disinterested, durable and stronger than you. In general, people also agree that love is not the same as:

Sexual desire (eg, purely sexual interest)

Desire for control or a sense of ownership (interdependence or manipulation)

Excessive anxiety (excessive parental care or constant control of the other half)

Need (lack of security or low self-esteem) and so on.

Love is not a tool for using people or a way to win them over to your side. If you understand what you call “love,” it may be helpful for you to learn what love means to others.

How to love
How to love

Method 2: Learn to Love Yourself

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1. Start by loving yourself. You can truly love another person only when you love yourself properly. Otherwise, you risk spending most of your life reflecting insecurity, upset, and other negative emotions on other people. People who do this tend to see only the worst in others in order to avoid acknowledging this insecurity, upset, or negativity in themselves.

Loving yourself does not mean putting yourself above others - this is another delusion. Loving yourself means having self-respect, finding out what you really like, and being true to your real talents.

2. Forgive yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. Don't be too hard on yourself. Life is short and we must learn. And you won't learn if you don't make mistakes. Let yourself be wrong and then love yourself for all your flaws.

If you love yourself just because you are perfect, then you are probably making two mistakes:

Think that you are perfect, although you probably are not. Unless you are a new super-breed of person, you are probably a little misled.

Adhere to double standards. You don't think anyone else can be perfect, so how can you be perfect? Treat everyone, including yourself, by the same standards.

3. Learn how it is to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you will not be intimidated by other people's success (real or apparent). You will not constantly compare yourself to others. You will be able to freely share love with other people. You will feel good about yourself even when you feel depressed. You will be proud of yourself, but not arrogant, optimistic, but not blind, and free, but not paralyzed by freedom. You will not be afraid to cry.

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To truly love means not only being able to give love, but also good-naturedly opening your heart to receive love. Know that you deserve love. You are worthy of love. The more love you carry in your heart, the more you are able to give it to others.

Method 3: Start Loving Others

1. Actively show love with words. Ultimately, it is you who must take action to find love. Actions can sometimes be misinterpreted or have unclear motives, so it is often important to turn your actions and feelings into words. Often times, people do this by saying "I love you."

Tell the people you love that you love them as soon as you feel love. Say “I love you” regularly to your child, parent, loved one, or friend.

When you say the words “I love you,” say them with confidence. You don’t tell a person that you love him just to make you feel good - you say this to make him feel good!

Know also that there are other ways to express love when “I love you” does not seem appropriate. “You are very important to me”, “You inspire me”, “You are the most amazing person I have met” and “I get better when you are around” are some more ways people say “I love you”, without saying it.

The irreplaceable have been replaced, the unsurpassed have been surpassed
The irreplaceable have been replaced, the unsurpassed have been surpassed

2. Love unconditionally. Love is something you shouldn't expect in return. Sometimes you have to give without receiving. If you cannot love another person without demanding reciprocal love (this is often called “emotional bribery” or simply bribery), then love is out of the question, this is a deal.

If your love for a person is not a desire to make him happy, but rather how that person can improve your life or ensure your well-being, then you are confusing love with something else.

Not expecting anything in return does not mean that you should allow someone to treat you badly or underestimate yourself. This means that giving love does not guarantee receiving love. While it can be helpful to understand that people show their love in different ways, if someone misuses your love, be aware of what's going on.

3. Be tolerant. You cannot say on the inhale that you are a loving and caring person, and on the exhale that you hate a certain person or group of people. This is contrary to love, which accepts even those things that are difficult for you to love in another person.

Let other people be who they are. Accept them as they are, not as you want them to be. Healthy love is a steady understanding of who other people are.

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Love is not petty - it is a vision of a person as a whole, not a focus on what you do not love in this person and the transformation of this fad into the main feature of this person. Love does not judge, it is tolerant of differences, accepts the choices that people make for themselves in life.

You may have heard from someone that he loves a person, but they do not like this person. In this case, the speaker informs you that he accepts this person and respects his dignity in general, but cannot get along with this person. Love is not asking you to befriend a person. She asks you to be tolerant, to think outside your own notions of what the world should be, and to accept differences without judgment.

Use your imagination. Imagine the various possible options that await you. Don't just find out who you are. Create yourself the way you want to be.

4. Love those who do not love you. When someone hates you, reflect that hatred with love and use it as an excuse to show that tolerance, kindness, and acceptance are more effective ways to settle down in our society.

Love teaches us that angry people are often driven by a lack of self-esteem and that they get excited about what they don't like about themselves. This causes them to reflect this hatred on others. Of all people, the people who hate need your compassion the most.

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Method 4: Spread Love

1. Take risks. You cannot love without accepting the fact that there is always the possibility of loss and disappointment. This is exactly what makes love so strong: the stakes are high, so the reward is much higher. Sometimes, by losing love in life, you will learn to appreciate the love you have even more.

Don't let the loss of love destroy you, make you angry, emotionally stuck at the breakup. Instead, learn the hard way, no matter how difficult the lesson may be, and move on as you discover many more people who will not reject your love and will freely give you theirs.

Realize how lucky you are in life to have people you love and who love you. The love of even one person is a wonderful feeling.

Never seek to make an idol out of the person you love. Ultimately, you will lose this person, because it will be difficult for him to constantly reach for what you have imposed on him.

2. Empathize with other people. Put yourself in the shoes of the other. Instead of imposing your own expectations or trying to control another person's point of view or lifestyle, seek to understand their feelings and who they are. Realize that he can also love you if you open up to him. If you find it difficult to be empathetic, try these suggestions:

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Be interested in the world and people. Curiosity is a desire to know something, and empathy is not too different from that.

Become a different person. Not literally, but figuratively. Put yourself in the other person's place for a while, see how it is to be that person. This empathy will give you a new understanding of the adversity (or joys) that he faced along the way.

Listen to other people. You don't have to put words into other people's mouths. Don't assume you know what they are trying to say. Let them say what they want and pay attention to their words.

How to love
How to love

3. Never stop loving. By constantly sharing love, you create an atmosphere of love and inspire others to do the same. You also show your best reflection of your dignity to others when you love.

If more and more people in our world show love, it means that endless forgiveness will come, the willingness to give people a second chance, the obligation to move humanity forward, the eternal striving for greater harmony.

Jean Anouil once remarked that "love, first of all, is a gift to oneself." By giving your best to others in the name of love, you transcend selfish motives and self-observation and truly strive to value others.

Love is the vehicle by which you together begin to see things more clearly, make compromises and cooperate, and create space for finding a path of development that includes others, not just your ego.

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