Is it possible to start life anew
Is it possible to start life anew

At a certain moment in your life, you can understand that almost everything that happens around you does not suit you. Hateful work, disgusting relationships, and generally disgusting life. Why the hell are you at this point? Where did you make a mistake and where did you turn the wrong way? How to start life anew?

Sometimes life brings you where you don't want to be at all. How did it happen? This is a series of small decisions and events that turned out to be a mistake in the end.

Many suffer and suffer as they try to come to terms with hated jobs, unsuccessful relationships and life. They complain about life, but they don't change anything. But maybe it’s enough to make a good face on a bad game?

How to start life from scratch, try again and get another chance to be happy? Easily. Cut this Gordian knot. Just change what doesn't suit you.

I have always been surprised by people who are trying to get used to "sitting on a sharp button." What the heck?

Not satisfied with your girlfriend or wife, and you feel unhappy in the relationship? To hell. Better to part than to suffer all your life. Find yourself a cute new girlfriend and enjoy.

Work shit and no prospects? Look for new and gain new knowledge. It's more effective than moaning and complaining about life.

Take your chance without delay when the opportunity arises
Take your chance without delay when the opportunity arises

Or maybe even start a new life?

If the city is small, then what prevents you from changing it? Maybe it's time to leave for a larger city, capital or another country? It will be a new life, where you, already wise by experience, can try to live anew.

Almost 10 years ago, I left my disgusting work, relationships, city and life for a completely different place. This was my best and most courageous decision. Would you like to change what does not suit you and start life anew? Or listen?

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