Why women cheat and instruct the horns
Why women cheat and instruct the horns

Forewarned is forearmed. To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is necessary to find out the main reasons pushing women to change. Why do women cheat?

There are a lot of reasons for female infidelity, and many of them are purely individual, because all people are different. This article lists only the most common reasons women cheat. And, of course, you should not suspect a woman of treason if there is one of the factors of treason listed here. Far from it. Everyone has different attitudes towards cheating, and if a woman does not want to be cheated on, then she herself is unlikely to be able to go for it.

Why women cheat. Reason # 1 is just a chance

The main factor in female infidelity is the very possibility of committing infidelity in all sorts of studies of the issue of adultery. A woman, as a rule, in 40% of cases commits such a betrayal when she is given the very opportunity.

It turns out that even a married woman is not difficult to seduce. It all depends on the case.

Why women cheat. Reason # 2 - at work

Women who work are more likely to commit adultery than those sitting at home. The office is a great opportunity for this, because there are a lot of men who seem attractive. Of course, this does not mean that all working women are constantly cheating on their husbands, but it is just that it is much easier for them to commit adultery without arousing any suspicion.

Signs of female infidelity. What betrays the traitors?
Signs of female infidelity. What betrays the traitors?

The history of "office romances" has been going on for a long time. As a rule, such a relationship is started most often by married women. If we turn to statistics, then a third of such women have romances at work. Probably the workplace seems very sexy.

Why women cheat. Reason number 3 - unfaithfulness of parents in marriage

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and physiologists believe that people often imitate their parents' patterns of behavior. So if the child witnessed the betrayal of his father or mother, then he may consider such an action to be quite adequate.

Why women cheat. Reason # 4 - a woman is the initiator of sex in marriage

According to sociologists, a woman who is inclined to initiate sex in the family is much more likely to cheat. This applies most of all to women over forty. Such women have a different view of sexual initiative, in contrast to women who are used to waiting for the first step from a man.

Why women cheat. Reason # 5 is an excuse for infidelity

A woman who is unhappy in marriage often justifies her infidelity by this failure. Excuses may include such moments as the upcoming separation from her husband, a woman's falling in love with someone else, dissatisfaction with sex, etc.

Such circumstances often give a woman a reason for betrayal, because she believes that she has quite "legal" excuses.

Why women cheat. Reason # 6 is an example of treason

One of the fairly common reasons is the example set by her friend to a woman. It can even be an ordinary gossip or a conversation about someone's husband. The more a woman has various friendships, the more acquaintances she has, the more examples of cheating, including marital affairs, appear.

The Shocking Truth About Nice Guys
The Shocking Truth About Nice Guys

Why women cheat. Reason # 7 - in a big city - there are more opportunities

It is very convenient to start romances in big cities, because few people know each other in them, and it is much easier to hide a secret relationship with a lover here than in any other small-scale town, where everyone always knows everything.

Why women cheat. Reason # 8 - the woman is the head of the family

Women who have a leading role in family relationships have a good chance of cheating. Such women, as a rule, are very proactive, unlike those who are used to obeying their husbands in everything. And they, of course, are much more confident in themselves and in everything else.

Why women cheat. Reason number 9 - the husband loves his wife more

The less dependent man who loves less is more likely to put his marriage at risk. However, a very loving man, who is much more dependent on his partner, values marriage much more, and even too much, to look for something on the side. The same applies to women who are married for money and do not love their husbands.

Why women cheat. Reason # 10 - young people cheat more

According to sociologists, the greatest number of female infidelities occurs at the age of 26-30. Young women have much more such connections than older women. And studies of recent years have generally shown that in our time young wives cheat much more often than husbands.

The unspoken rules of a happy and good relationship
The unspoken rules of a happy and good relationship

Between the ages of 30 and 40, women who are married are more likely to commit adultery.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the marriage of a woman who has extramarital affairs in her youth often falls apart. In addition, young wives who cheat on their husbands tend to get divorced much more often than women of mature age. The most common age for adultery is 35.

Why women cheat. Reason # 11 - a woman's rich sexual experience before marriage

Research by sexologists has shown that premarital sexual experiences are directly linked to adultery. The more this experience, the more likely the woman will change. Thus, referring to today's data, we can conclude that the number of female infidelities in marriage has increased, because the number of women who had premarital sexual experience in the 90s increased to 90%.

Why women cheat. Reason # 12 is education

Studies have shown that women who are superior to their husbands in education commit adultery more often and often have many sexual partners. The connection between education and infidelity is often traced in a fairly mature age.

It has been noticed that women with low education are more often attracted by highly educated men. In addition, the risk of female adultery increases when the difference in education between the wife and the husband is sharply outweighed in favor of the wife.

Why women cheat. Reason # 13 is a critical period or streak of failures

Sometimes a woman may think that she really lacks something new, that everything is boring and tired, and she wants to embellish this monotonous life a little. At such moments, a woman is able to have a lover.

How to please a penpal girl: simple tips
How to please a penpal girl: simple tips

If the husband cannot grasp such a moment and fails to pay due attention to his wife, then the likelihood of betrayal is extremely high, because in search of diversity, a woman can have an affair on the side.

Why women cheat. Reason number 14 - frequent separation

The possibility of adultery is also influenced by such factors as the frequent departure of the husband on a business trip, irregular working hours, or the work of one of the spouses in different shifts.

If a husband and wife spend a lot of time separately from each other, their lives are isolated, then the risk of entering into extramarital affairs increases by 20%.

Why women cheat. Reason # 15 - sexual dissatisfaction

A greater likelihood of betrayal also arises when the frequency of sexual intercourse in the family decreases. This factor has become important for women since the era of freedom of sexuality and the realization that any woman is worthy of fulfilling her desires in the sexual sphere began.

Why women cheat. Reason # 16 - Dissatisfaction with marriage

Women who are dissatisfied with their marriage are more likely than others to cheat. Although this factor can be called quite generalizing, it still has a place to be. Most often, nonmarital affairs are entered into by women whose marriage is over twelve years old. Mature women usually compensate for a failed marriage with love affairs, in contrast to younger women who prefer divorce to infidelity.

Why women cheat. Reason number 17 - Long-term friendship with a man

Signs that you are being taught by the horns. 50 signs of female infidelity
Signs that you are being taught by the horns. 50 signs of female infidelity

Often, the friendship of a woman with a man can develop into a love affair, because a strong emotional attachment is formed among friends. According to statistics, 82% of the women surveyed confirmed that they were able to find lovers in men, who were initially reliable and loyal friends for them.

Men! Even if everything is not good in your family, believe me, this phenomenon is temporary. If you can find even all these reasons for female infidelity in your relationship with your wife, you should not make hasty conclusions. After all, most likely your wife loves you and is devoted to you with all her heart.

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