How to learn to fight and win
How to learn to fight and win

A fight can happen anywhere and with anyone at the most unexpected moment. How to take the correct stance, find the opponent's weak points and emerge victorious from the fight?

A fight is a clash of two or more people in which they compete with each other for superiority and honor. While retreat has always been and will be the best option, if you are already in a fight, you need to know how to defend yourself and attack your opponent in time. Whether you are fighting on the street or indoors, knowing how to get in the right stance and find your opponent's weaknesses can save your life. If you want to know how to fight, read this article.

1. Dirty fight

1.1 Hit your opponent in weak spots. If this is a fight without rules, then your only goal is to win. Therefore, if you want to win a fight, you do not need to follow the rules - just try to beat your opponent as hard as possible, cripple, or simply knock down to the ground in order to buy time to escape. Here are some ways to do it:

Knee your opponent in the groin. This is guaranteed to stop him.

Kick your opponent in the groin, knee, or stomach. Do this with the bottom of your leg. Make sure you hit quickly and keep your balance - otherwise you will be easily thrown back during the hit.

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1.2 Hit your opponent in the face. The face is a very vulnerable spot. Injuries to the eyes, nose, and face cause severe pain and can quickly slow an opponent down. Here are some ways to do it:

Hit your opponent in the face with your head. Aim your forehead straight for his nose. If you hit it clearly, you can break your opponent's nose.

Press your fingers into his eyes. This will inflict immense pain on him, and can blind him and confuse him for a while, which is enough for you to escape, or cause even more damage.

Hit him in the nose. Striking this place, you will inflict severe pain on the enemy.

1.3 Neck and throat. A blow to the neck and face of the opponent will stop him for a while. If you want to deal a lot of damage, try these hits:

Hit your opponent in the back of the neck to temporarily darken his eyes.

Hit your opponent in the middle of the throat to damage the airway.

2. Attack

2.1 Get into a fighting stance. If you are going to fight, you need to take a fighting stance. To do this, place your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly. You need to keep your balance so that it is difficult to knock you to the ground. Be agile. Take small steps left and right, and keep your hands in front of your face to defend yourself.

Clench your teeth - this way you are less likely to get your jaw fractured if you get hit in the face.

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2.2 Hit your opponent. The first thing you need to do is direct your fist. For a punch to be effective, squeeze four of your fingers into a fist, and place your thumb on top - not inside the fist, so as not to break it. Punch your opponent in the nose or stomach to deal serious damage. A simple straight punch works well for beginner fighters. It runs like this:

Keep your hand in front of your face, bending it at the elbow at an angle of 30-45 degrees.

Begin to straighten your arm by moving your fist forward.

Apply your body weight to your punch for maximum impact.

2.3 Take the first hit. If you are already confident on your feet, do not hesitate. By taking the first hit, you will most likely unsettle your opponent and take a dominant position in the fight. Don't waste a lot of time walking around the bush trying to find the perfect attack conditions. Instead, aim carefully and hit again.

2.4 Adapt to the fight. At the beginning of the fight, get an idea of your opponent. Base your fighting technique on your strengths and consider your opponent's weaknesses.

If you are taller, keep your opponent at a distance. You can hit him at a distance where he can't even reach you.

If you are shorter, be quick and get close to your opponent. He will try to move away from you to take advantage of his growth.

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If you have good agility, take quick hits and run back. Be dynamic.

If you are slow, take your time. Let the opponent come to you himself; don't run after him.

Know your benefits and use them at the right time. One calibrated movement significantly outweighs a dozen miscalculated ones.

2.5 Fight off the enemy if he grabbed you from behind. You need to get out of this position as soon as possible so that the enemy does not knock you down and dominate you. Here are some ways to fix this situation and get back on track:

Crush his leg. Hit your heel as hard as possible on his leg and wait for him to loosen his grip.

Hit your head back. Try to hit your opponent in the nose with the back of the head. After he feels pain, he will loosen his grip.

Unscrew his fingers. Instead of grabbing his wrists, grab his fingers and start twisting them until he releases you.

2.6 Conserve energy. Do your best when hitting, and don't do too many unnecessary movements so you don't run out of steam in the middle of a fight. Some opponents will intentionally force you to move a lot in order to strike when you get tired. Be prepared to use aikido techniques. Take a few punches, while confidently defending yourself, so that your opponent is physically and mentally exhausted.

2.7 Never take your eyes off your opponent. Never take your eyes off your opponent. Some will not do anything if you turn away somewhere, but more experienced fighters will take advantage of this and knock you out.

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2.8 Fake an attack. Every time you attack, you become vulnerable. For example, if you strike, your attacking hand can no longer defend you, and your opponent can block the attack and strike back at the vulnerable spot. However, if you fake an attack, your opponent will want to counterattack you and become vulnerable himself. The point is to convince your opponent that you are going to make a certain move, and to predict his reaction.

You can combine fake punches with real punches to make your opponent confused and unable to predict your actions.

3. Protection

3.1 Reception of a blow to the head. Of course, it is best not to get hit in the head, but if you are fighting, you will most likely get hit of some kind, so you should know how to resist them. To block a blow to the head, move in the direction of the blow, clenching your neck and jaws to minimize damage. Try to get your opponent's fist to hit your forehead and hurt him instead of getting hit in the nose, cheekbone, or jaw.

Moving towards the impact instead of leaning back will actually minimize damage because your opponent will have less time to accelerate.

3.2 Taking a punch in the stomach. If the blow hits your belly, you need to tense your abs as much as possible without pulling in your belly. If possible, try to turn or dodge so that the blow hits the side and not the very center of the abdomen to avoid damage to internal organs and serious injury.

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Do not hold your breath, because you will literally be interrupted. Instead, breathe out a little before taking the punch, which naturally tightens your belly.

3.3 Do not fall into the hands of the enemy. If your opponent tries to grab you, he wants to knock you to the ground to dominate you because you will lose balance. Do not try to grab his head, although you will really want to do this. Instead, grab his hips or upper body and try to push him away from you.

After you do this and gain balance, you can try hitting your opponent in the groin or leg.

3.4 Avoid choke hold. If your opponent is behind his back and makes a choke hold on you, do not try to crouch down and throw him over his back. This will only strengthen his grip and cause you serious damage, especially if you are not strong enough to handle his weight. Instead, grab the opponent's hand that is holding your neck, and while holding it, start turning towards your opponent to get out of the grip.

If you manage to turn, you can even knock your opponent to the ground from this position. If possible, try to lay it on your shoulder blades.

3.5 Know what to do if you are thrown to the ground. If your opponent has put you on his shoulder blades, do not try to twist to get up. If you turn your back on him even for a moment, you will surely get hit. Instead, look at the attacker and try to kick him in the shin, knee, or groin as hard as possible. If he is close to the ground, try to punch him in the face. After inflicting damage on him, you can start to get up.

After you hit your opponent, push him away and start getting up.

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Keep looking at your opponent, even as you stand up. You might think he's damaged, but he can still resist you, even after being hit.

3.6 Don't let your opponent knock you to the ground. If you find yourself on the ground with your opponent, you need to avoid at all costs that he was on top of you. If you are lying on your stomach, or on your side, you are more likely to get out of this position than if you were lying on your back. In this case, try to get out and get up as quickly as possible.

If he succeeds in putting you on your back, he will most likely pin you down and hit you in the face. Avoid this at all costs.

3.7 Shout. If you want to end the fight as quickly as possible, start screaming. Thanks to this, the chances that someone will come to the rescue will increase, and your opponent will be frightened, which will undoubtedly be in your hands. Even if there are no people in this place, still keep screaming as loudly as possible, in case someone does pass by. Screaming will also scare your opponent off as he doesn't expect you to start screaming in the middle of a fight.

Even if no one comes to help, yelling can confuse your opponent, and he will be afraid that someone might come to the rescue.

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The main mistakes people make in a fight


Fake kicks are a very useful technique, but difficult to use if the opponent is experienced.

Try to see how your opponent is fighting before going up against him. This can give you a tactical advantage, although this is not always possible.

Don't look at your opponent's legs or arms. To read the movements, you need to look at your knees and shoulders. If the opponent is looking at your legs, jerk them and hit him in the head.

Don't hesitate. In other words, if you decide to hit, hit it all the way. Otherwise, they will hit you back if you stop.

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