Physical flirting with any girl
Physical flirting with any girl

How to flirt with a girl not only with words, but also physically? How to touch a girl, gradually accustoming her to your hands? How to seduce tactile touches of any beauties?

When you see a girl who makes you feel tender, you want to know a little more about her. And so, you met, and you are overcome by the desire to tell your beloved about your sympathy. You can flirt in a variety of ways, even physically, with subtle movements.

1. Don't get ahead of yourself! If you, while walking with a girl, start hugging her without even flirting before, she may not go for a walk with you next time. It is better to engage in flirting gradually, and the beloved will definitely want to spend time with you.

2. Get to know her better, think about her constantly, be generous, considerate and kind.

3. Slowly bring your knee close to her knee until they lightly touch. But you need to touch very lightly, so that the girl does not have the idea that you simply have not enough space.

4. Touch her hand when laughing. And when you are sitting, you can move your chair a little closer to hers.

5. Hug her for no reason.

6. Play with her hair! You can't even imagine how many girls like it. Pay special attention to the hair on the back of your head. Your touch in this place will give her goosebumps. And then (if it doesn't make you and the girl awkward), you can go to the neck and massage it. Also try moving your hand as if you were combing her hair back (but please don't do this if you can see that the girl worked on her hair today. Even if you just tried to flirt with her, she will be mad at you for ruining her hair!)

How to hook up a girl?
How to hook up a girl?
Physical flirting with a girl
Physical flirting with a girl

7. If you notice she has a strand of hair that falls over her face, tuck her behind her ear (this can be very romantic, and if you do everything right, the girl will immediately melt).

8. Hug the girl's waist from behind. If she likes you, then she will probably lean closer to you. But the touch must be gentle, otherwise it can push you away.

9. If you have done all this with the permission of your beloved, take her by the waist tight and sway. If all goes well, this will definitely add up to you (be careful! Some girls are very ticklish and may involuntarily start screeching loudly when touched on their waist).

10. Sitting next to her at the table, always keep your hand next to hers, or even "accidentally" put your hand on hers; if she has sympathy for you, she will smile.

11. And now, you have become friends, watching movies together, reading or just chatting with acquaintances, act further, for example, put your head in her lap when you are sitting next to her. Let her play with your hair. But if the girl pushes you away, just laugh. This will only work if you've flirted with her a lot before.

12. Walking with your beloved, gently push her to the side of the road - and she is likely to respond in kind (but do not do this on a busy road).

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What to give a girl? 111t ideas for a girl

13. When you sit across from the girl at the table, lightly step on her foot. Flirt; it's a little kindergarten, but the girls love it. If she looks under the table and smiles, she wanted to know if you did it.

14. It will be very nice, sitting opposite your beloved, to put your feet on the chair on which she is sitting, or put them so that her legs are between yours, or put your leg between her legs, BUT take note: do not touch her " female territory "with your feet, but just place them next to it. If done right, it will be incredibly cute.

15. Tickling is a great way to flirt with a girl. Tickle her under the ribs or on the sides. As an expression of her sympathy, she will tickle you back by laughing or smiling. If not, then she will simply distance herself from you.

16. If you want to act more slowly - pay more attention to it. In the company of friends, it is sometimes very difficult for a girl to feel heard. Pay special attention to her when she speaks.

17. Compliment her! Girls never get tired of compliments (as long as they don't hear them too often) - and until they turn into what a girl hears from every guy on the street. For example, if she looks 100% (according to the guys), and you say that she is beautiful, gorgeous, and so on, then your passion will simply rate you as another guy who wants to get her. Evaluate in it what is not often paid attention to. It could be her "cute ears", freckles or something else.

How and how to interest a girl?
How and how to interest a girl?

18. Bring her something for lunch. Nothing supernatural. Something like, "Hey, I noticed that you always take something to eat, we bought snacks and I brought you something." that she eats a lot and is overweight). And be careful - your knowledge of what she loves to eat can be creepy for a girl. She may rate this as an obsession on your part.

19. Do not be alarmed if the beloved gives up your kindness. She may feel uncomfortable immediately accepting something from you. For a positive result, it is worth asking her several times.

20. Call her 'just to talk'.

21. Remember that many girls (even very pretty ones) can feel insecure. She can only resist at the thought that you are making fun of her. NEVER make her an object of ridicule, and if others say something bad about her (even if it's just ridicule), say, "Hey shut your mouth," and then quickly look at her. Did her eyes widen? So, she is amazed by this and grateful to you (if she smiles a little, this should also be considered as gratitude).

22. Girls LOVE it when they simply write a message for no reason asking to go somewhere for a walk !! And on a walk, you should not comment on other girls, talk about football, cars or other boyish things if you are not sure that she likes it. Your sweetheart may think that you are treating her like a friend and not a girl. And you need to make her feel special, not one of your buddies.

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Where and how to find a girlfriend?


Don't make rude comments about her figure.

Don't try to make her jealous by flirting with other girls, even if she does the same: if you stop, she may stop too, but only if she has warm feelings for you. When you flirt with other girls for the sake of jealousy, you are sending mixed messages not only to your sweetheart, but also to those you use.

If a girl feels insecure, do not make fun of her - she will only be disappointed in herself.

Use deodorant or a good aftershave.

Don't ignore her if you're with a friend she doesn't know! This is a complete defeat. Imagine her.

Don't hit her. Only if it is playful and very gentle. Otherwise, she will think that you are drunk, or that you treat her like a “buddy,” which is bad in itself.

If she hates being tickled, for God's sake, stop it!

If there is a girl in the class who likes you, but you have no feelings for her, let her know about it and get the one that interests you.

Ask her out on a one-on-one date, or it might seem like you're insecure.

Do not talk about sex in front of her unless you are sure that she is good about him.

How to touch a girl
How to touch a girl

Don't look at her breasts. You can discreetly glance at her neckline from time to time, but not stare.

If the girl is upset or worried, she may feel that you are intruding or coercing her into a relationship. If you notice this, back off. There are still many fish in the sea!

Don't touch her ass!


Pay attention to her body language.

Never talk to her looking the other way.

Make sure she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Do not give her a lot of unnecessary things and do not throw a lot of compliments.

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