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How to survive in a relationship
How to survive in a relationship

Anyone can find a girlfriend, but being with her for a long time is much more difficult. Many relationships fall apart in the first months, others after a few years. What you need to know when dating a girl?

She can have a bunch of flaws, creepy infuriate and sometimes lead strange. But you do not want to get rid of her, because she is good enough and can be loved.

To survive in a relationship and not ruin them out of stupidity, remember these 5 rules:

1. Pity her

Do not allow yourself excessive criticism and sarcasm. She won't always act sensibly or look 100% like you. Better support her in difficult periods of life and rainy days. She will reciprocate you.

2. Be two persons

Don't try to dissolve into each other. The union of two personalities is more reliable than an attempt to make one organism out of a couple. Save time for yourself and your friends. Don't spend all your free time together. Meetings will bring more joy, we will have something to share and something to tell a friend about after a short separation.

3. Control fights

Do not swear like the last money on the market. If you want to say something offensive, then count to yourself to 10. Do not say words that you might regret. What is a relationship for, if you vilify each other on what the light is?

I earn less than my wife or girlfriend
I earn less than my wife or girlfriend

4. Have sex

When sex leaves the relationship, they can be considered complete. Find opportunities to diversify your sex life. Role-playing games, sex shop items, specialized literature and porn. You have a chance to explore the versatility of the sexual world.

5. You love her

Whatever happens and no matter how the relationship turns, remember the feelings. Try not to ruin the relationship over petty strife and silly squabbles.

Many couples have broken, and some have loved enough to prevent this from happening.

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