Powersliding - Powersliding
Powersliding - Powersliding

This article is for informational purposes only, any actions for self-study of these techniques are performed at your own peril and risk and will most likely lead to a fall.

But let's talk about paversliding and just want to make a small footnote to the fact that I can judge about this material solely from my own experience and based on my own attempts to master this technique.

I'll make a reservation right away that we will call any wheel slip slide, in this case we mean that the front one follows the selected trajectory, and the rear one rotates faster than the actual speed, be it acceleration or deceleration. …)

You can immediately make a reservation that this technique has a lot of varieties. The most common is the initiation of paversliding during braking. In this case, there is braking force on the front wheel, and the speed of rotation of the rear wheel is much higher than the speed of the motorcycle. In this case, the rear wheel starts to slip, or the front wheel starts to slip, which is scary? It depends on the conditions in which the slide starts. That is, when the motorcycle decelerates (front brake), the gas remains open, the motorcycle runs in a loaded state and waits for a change in the vectors of forces acting on the motorcycle. When entering a turn, the load from the rear wheel gradually goes to the side (the vector of forces is directed outward), the rear tire begins to slip. Therefore, by changing the angle of the front wheel, it is possible to gain control over the steering. It is noteworthy that shutting down the gas will lead to a highside. This is the case in which you only need to get out of the slide with the weight, moving it to the rear of the motorcycle until the tire engages and the speed synchronization.

In the first seconds, you can see how the motorcycle goes into sliding when braking. The next type is sliding out of the corner, this is generally a very simple and common technique:). It consists in opening the throttle while the motorcycle is still tilted. If the angle is already close to the right angle, then the slip will not occur, but instead the motorcycle is lifted onto the rear wheel. An excess of gas in the slope can lead either to a lift of the front wheel, or to the demolition of the rear one (which is likely to happen). Here, too, the main thing is not to shut down the gas for the above reasons.

But if you combine these 2 exercises together, you can get what we see in the video in this article. That is, slip at the entrance and slip at the exit. I don't understand how to control the demolition of the front wheel at all, the main thing is that all the forces acting on the motorcycle are balanced.

Now let's look at how forced sliding is done. Not all motorcycles have enough engine power to turn a wheel at speed. So in this case, a sharp blow to the rear brake and blocking the wheel is what we need, the main thing is to do it while entering the turn, at this moment the gas must be open and the clutch throw will lead to the desired result. The rear wheel will go into demolition and the gas will enable it to spin faster than the driving speed.

In this video you can watch the slide in slow motion, sometimes very useful. Now let's see in the picture how the wheels go when paversliding:

Wheels for paversliding
Wheels for paversliding

1. When driving in a straight line, the front wheel and the rear wheel rotate at the same speed, the rear wheel is ready to stall due to strong gas

2. The front wheel turns, the motorcycle begins to tilt, the rear wheel continues to move straight, relative to its center, that is, there is a wheel breakdown

3. Front compensates for rear skid and guides the motorcycle along the selected trajectory in sliding

4. A motorcycle slides against two wheels Well, for dessert, motorcycle drifting..

N. B. This article is for informational purposes only, any actions for self-study of these techniques are performed at your own peril and risk and will most likely lead to a fall. I would say they will be guaranteed. Because you can only feel the edge by attacking to your heart's content. Therefore, deciding to try to make paversliding, please evaluate your level of motorcycle ownership adequately.

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